Welcome to CeeBar's home on the web.  At CeeBar  we are dedicated to always striving to improve on what we put in the ring, our homes and in our hearts.
  We are a very small kennel, and our dogs live in our home with us, usually we have 10 or less dogs at any given time, not to exclude our two precious house mouses, which are spayed and nuetered.
  All of our dogs are tested for eyes, hips, kidney diease and Von Wilderbrahns.  No dog is bred with any major faults, and typically have 3-4 litters per year.
  We fill Shih tzu's have enriched our lives and manu others.  Feel free to email or call anytime if you would like to talk about this wonderful breed.


CeeBar Shih Tzu

Melanie McGee

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