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Pre-paid cell phones have many advantages.  They are a great option for people looking to avoid the typical one year contract that is required with post paid cell phone plans.  They are also good for people that have no credit or bad credit.  A prepaid cell phone works exactly like a post-paid cellular phone.  Your digital phone will be assigned its own cell phone number with local area code.  Most providers like AT&T Free2go Wireless will provide you with voicemail and caller ID.  Best of all unused minutes will roll over to the next month.  Minutes typical expire with 90 days, but once new minutes are added your current and your new minutes will acquire a new expiration date.  It's a great alternative to the basic cell phone plans that only allow for 60 minutes of usage per month. 

The cost of a pre-paid cell phone plan can be as little as $8 a month, you can refill more minutes as the need arises.  There is no obligation to continue.  If you currently have a digital cell phone that is unconnected you can try and connect this phone to a pre-paid plan by calling the wireless provider and purchasing a pre-paid refill.  This will save you the money of purchasing a pre-paid phone kit which includes a new cellular phone.

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