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Searching for the hidden Phoenix
A cop's life is in his blood, passed down from his father and grandfather. So why would it be a surprise that John Leung decided  be anything different? Living in a police oriented family was both a blessing and a curse. You had all the members of the force watching over you at any time, helping out, just a big happy family. But under the facade of warmth and comraderie  always stood that unshakeable dread... Would dad be coming home tonight? Is my husband alright?
John lost his father in the line of duty. His was one of the families who had succumed to the darker nature of the force, losing a loved one. The loss hit his mother hard, sending her in fits of depression. Through it all John remained strong and helped his mother even more as he grew older. Those closest to John's father, established a trust fund to help him and his mother in their time of need. John's mother recovered from her loss, but she never really healed from it. She never remarried. When she learned her son was aiming at joining the police force she fell deeper into depression the worries of losing her only child gnawing at her. She passed away while he was away at the academy. When word got to him, he cried, yet continued on in a more driven pace to honor both his parents. After graduation, John swiftly made a name for himself in the department, being appointed to Detective Sergeant within a couple years of his graduation from the Hong Kong Police Academy. His willlingness to take any risk to get ahead of the criminals gained him respect from his fellow officers and a fast way to promotion. On his seventh year anniversary, John was promoted to Inspector and given a position  within one of the most important divisions on the force, the Organized Crime & Triad Bureau. Here he went head to head with the drug smugglers, gun runners and any other group that wormed its way into the seedy depths of the underworld. John found his niche in life, found his destiny. He excelled in his operations against some of the more commited gangsters, never giving an inch, standing firm against almost impossible odds. The respect and admiration of his fellow officers grew leaps and bounds, And garnered him the attentions of a beautiful rookie Detective named Teresea Cheng.
Things looked well for the two loverbirds as they progresed in their relationship. But turbulent times soon came crashing their happiness. John would make a mistake on an operation that would haunt him for the rest of his life. During an undercover sting of some gun runners, a gun fight ensued between the smugglers and the police. In the midst of the spray of bullets and smoke, John inadvertantly shot an undercover bureau officer defending himself. He didn't know until it was too late... he had killed a fellow officer..... what good was he now? John tried to come back afterwards but the feelings and thoughts of the event followed him whereever he tried to go. No matter what he would do, it was always there. Teasing him, torturing him. Teresea was always there for him, trying to help him through the tough times.
He began a rigorous training regimine while taking some time off becoming even more versed in the ways of Tai Chi Ch'aun than he was as a boy growing up. Upon his return to the OCTB, the old Hero of Hong Kong seemed to be back in the seat again. The discipline, the training of Tai Chi and his support and love for Teresea brought him back to full glory and he began a new drive against the criminals. Medals and ribbons began to decorate John and the men under his direction as they systematically broke down the Triad gangs they came across. But as they took one group down another would always sprout up and take up where the last ones left off. There seemed no end to the ongoing struggles to keep Hong Kong clear of gangland violence. John would later lose a close friend and comrade during a sting operation against some petty gun smugglers. This too hit him hard, but his determined resolve saw him through to apprehending and imprisoning those responsible.
Some of the Triad bosses became disgruntled by the ever present actions of Leung and his band of Triad Busters. They began to plot a way to get rid of John, to demoralize him in the eyes of the force, taking the wind from his sails and making him an easy target to clean up. They wanted the Hong Kong Hero out of their business for good. Rumors started to rise regarding John, stating he was involved in underhanded dealings to keep himself in power and to help certain Triads stay on the streets. Word of payoffs became more and more frequent, ultimately ending with false evidence being planted. John was framed.
Everything began to crash around John. The unimagineable was thought to be true. Those who most trusted the well decorated officer began to question his loyalties and worth. His engagement to Teresea was broke off by her when even she began to believe the stories copped out by the Triad bosses to dishonor him. John's fall from grace came hard. Knowing his innocence, but in the light of the betrayal of both his men and his love, John went out in search of the truth, in search for his redemption. His investigations took him to Chicago, to a seedy section of Chinatown. In the midst he found what he was looking for but was ambushed. Escaping narrowly with his life he happened onto a scene in an alleyway he would never forget. Chilling him to the bone, he watched as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen drank the blood of some man. The man seemed to moan in an estatic glee in her arms. John could not move, his body wouldn't listen to him as he screamed for himself to flee. She turned to look at him, a gleam of something dark in her eyes. Finally control came back, and he fled further into the city streets and alleys until exhaustion over took him. He awoke later in a warm bed, undressed and tucked away. Quickly he moved from the large bedroom and made his way through the immense loft he found himself in. Something wasn't right, something felt really bad....
Turning a corner in the large abode, he came across the woman he saw the night before. His eyes went wide, he tried to back away yet he couldn't move again. She smiled sweetly at him as she appraoched... "I've been watching you for awhile John... watching you perform your matial arts in your hotel room, following you around in your endeavors to free yourself from those who wronged you. I can give you that. Give you your freedom and more. All you have to do is say yes. Will you say yes my dear? I would hate to waste such talents as you show....." She seems to moan softly as she smiles, licking her lips watching him. He looks on into her firey eyes, wanting to run yet at the same time wishing he could be with her, stay of his own volition. But his instincts scream to him to run, run as far and as fast as he can. "My name is Samantha... Samantha Holiday. And you my esteemed and gorgeous man will be mine.... all mine" He blacked out again.
He awoke later in his own hotel room. He jolted from the bed and ran through the suite looking for any evidence of what had been happening.
Was it a dream? Yes, it was. It had to be... I've been having too many nightmares lately to believe it was nothing more. He rested that day, spending several hours immersed in Tai Chi, trying to regain his sense and composure. But the image of the woman always stayed on the periphery of his mind.
Searching for the Phoenix...
To the Dragon's Lair...