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Our puppies are the result of quality coupling. Our stallions descend from champions lines.
We are members of the French Retriever Club and listed in the "Société Centrale Canine".
Our breeding is under veterinary control.

Some Photos of our Puppies


Sugar and Speeding Tom

Sugar and Speeding Tom

Sirius and S'max




Available Puppies


1/ Dam: Obviously a Lady ; Sire: Rock Steady, born the 08 of December 2002

2/ Dam: Pink Champagne ; Sire: Peeping Tom, born the 12 March 2003

3/ Dam: Pick and Choose ; Sire: Blondella Bold Spirit, born the 01 April 2003

4/ Dam: Symphonie; Sire: Spike'son, covering on 01 April 2003


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