Word of the originator of this Web page

I make a point of letting know with all those which visited or which visits for the first time this Web site, which:

1. being given the lack of evidence of the veracity of the assertions which was on this Web site;

2. following the reception of two letters (of the authors of information which this Web site contained) whose contents went against the last wills of the Venerable Master Rabolú;

3. answers to my questions as well as the justifications which were given to me about these last were not considered to be satisfactory;

4. the contents of these last letters uncover the true source of these pseudo-doctrines.

For the stated reasons, I took the initiative definitively to withdraw the contents of this Web site, and not to bring anymore my support to these individuals.

I publicly make a point of excusing myself near all those which visited this Web site for the error that I made by transmitting these false doctrines by the means of the Internet. Gnosis taught by the Venerable Masters is, was always and will always be for eternity. Unfortunately, due to the lack of conscience and ignorance, it easy for hallucinated ones to throw us powder to the eyes.

"If your next sows in you confusion, consults your own heart."

"Seven times fall the just, and if he is really right, seven times he raise himself."

Stéphane Benoit


Words from the V.M. Rabolu

Q. Master, the practice of the death in motion could also become mechanical. How can we do in order to make it conscious, so that it does not become mechanical?

V.M. At the time a detail mani
fests, however minute it may be, one appeal to the Divine Mother; if it does not manifest itself, why are you going to appeal to the Divine Mother? If none are manifesting in those moments. It is with a manifestation, in order not to mechanise, otherwise it becomes mechanical.

Q. Or even though we do not feel anything, which means, that we see anger arising and we ask the Divine Mother, although we haven't felt the more subtle...

V.M. Yes, but it is the beginning of anger, because someone has done something to you, or because you saw or heard something, already, there is a way of appealing to the Divine Mother because there, there was a beginning of a manifestation, but without any manifestation, why?; like that it does not become mechanical.

The Rebel Eagle, V.M. Rabolu
Chapter IV, The initiation and the tests

Q. In the moment of temptation, we have to ask out Mother, "My Mother, I plead with you to destroy..."

V.M. At the moment you feel like picking up something, well, however minute, or you feel that you are going to do something and the idea of picking something up comes, or, to whatever else arises, you say, "My Mother, remove this defect and disintegrate it", like this, "disintegrate it".

Q. It is to say that every subtle thought which appears, it is a detail?

V.M. A detail which have to take at once to the asking of the Divine Mother for its disintegration. All those minute things which we believe are nothing, yes, because they are the food of the ego. It is the food of the ego.

That is what I said to you yesterday. The ego is a tree which has its main root. It has thick roots, it has them to support from the wind, and to support itself upright. However, from those ones are joined all those minute little roots which every tree, every plant has. Everything has those minute little roots in order to extract nutrients from the soil in order to feed the trunk. If we start to take away all those tiny little roots from the tree which the tree uses to feed itself, then the three has to die. It dies because it doesn't have a way of feeding itself. That is our ego, these are the details about which I speak to you, that's how we starts to die. That's why i'm telling you, there is no other way for death if it is not by that, because we go for example: it is an I of anger - we will suppose -, it has its various ramifications of alimentation, a lot of details to feed itself, so that was what people had understood of the Master, that they had to understand, comprehend the defect and all these things. But who will comprehend a main defect, from wich depends quantities of details, who will comprehend those details?, no, one remains with the drift there, one does not know what to do, because we cannot enter by death like that. Then, that is why one goes to the details to remove the food of the trunk and the tree dies; otherwise one cannot reach death.

I'm telling you that because me that on the details, since I begun with gnosis, that was my method to die and the conscience that I have today I owe it to this work, on the details. Then for me this is not a theory but a fact, a fact that I am proving with facts that yes I recovered conscience and the conscience that I recovered it is by the elimination of all those details. I eliminated them, by that I recovered some conscience; one recovered some conscience which return to its starting point and it allow us like a cane to impel itself.

The Rebel Eagle, V.M. Rabolu
Chapter V, The first mountain