Ok, Chibi means little in Japanese. So that's why I call them chibis. Each Chib has his or her own page, plus info. This is the page where you can find the chibis together. Just so we are straight on this, the chibis are kittens that are named after the Braves. The pages will be updated once a wek for six weeks or until we sell the kittens, whichever comes first. So be sure to check back. Sometuimes, It may take until Wednesday of the week to do an update, but it will be done. Promise!

Status on females

Ying--Delivered! 4 kittnes, 2 boys, not sure if the rest are boys or girls.

Ling: Just had a litter, all born living, 4 deceased, 1 male survivor. Chib Marcus is 4 weeks old.

Chibi Gillian (Named after 2B Marcus Giles) Ready for Sale!