So far we have :

A calendar

A Map and a list of named place(west side up)

A Fauna

A Flora

Some writting

Some gods

Base of society(CSS example)

How Gods created the world?

An ASCII map(North side up)

Naming the characters politic

A galery of photo

You want to see how we imaginated the world...go there

Stories and Legends

Unit of distance

Welcome to

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** ***  **        **   **     **    *
** **   **       **      **   **
****    ****  **       **   *****
* ***   ****  **        **         *
*  ***  **       **      **         **
*  **    **        **    **          **
****    *****    *****    *****

Where Fantaisy meet SciFy in the most peculiar way!

Conquier the World!

The email address for questions about the MUSH is -->


Use create to create a character.

Use connect to connect to your existing character.

Use QUIT to logout.

Use the WHO command to find out who is online currently.



For the moment, this place is use as a deposary accesible to all the Wizard of Beos.

It is to allow us to correct each other and work collectively in a single place rather than in million place.

Please treat the work of the other wizard with respect by ALWAYS working on a copy of the page rather than erasing the originale one.

That is NOT a display of html or css coding, but you are free to experiment.