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Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds. Most Gracious, Most merciful. Master of Day of judgement. Him do we worship and from him we seek all help.
May His Peace, Salvation and Blessings be upon His noble Prophet and Messenger, Mohammed ibn Abd'Allah and also upon his family friends and all his oummah.
To attain its main objectives of promoting the quest and propagation of Islamic Knowledge, reinforcing the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and solidarity between Muslim Students, the Cameroon Muslim Students' Union (CAMSU) this year, will centre its actions around three essential aspects:

- Da'wah, education, training and research,
- Da'wah, communication and information,
- Socio-cultural activities

1- Da'wah, education, training and Research

a)- Da'wah, education and training

* Organisation of Islamic classes (Qur'an, Hadith, Tawhid, Figh and Arabic
* Bayan, and preaching in Mosques and in Campuses,
* Conferences, round table conferences, debates, seminars and symposiums,
* Further equipments of libraries,
* Organising special classes during the first and second terms to prepare
brothers and sisters for National competitive examinations,
* Organising academic and professional orientation of Students.

b)- Research

- Negotiate for Islamic scholarships
- Organise Vaccination Campaigns
- Organise Scientific symposiums and conference
- Organise Scientific expositions.

2)- Socio-Cultural Activities

* Exchange of gifts and instructive contacts between students.
* Video and cinematographic projections
* Organisation of cultural weeks, debates, conferences, and seminars and
transmit Islamic messages through drama,
* Organisation of Iftar (breakfast) during the month of Ramadhan
* Renting of rooms for poor serious Muslim Students
* Visits to the sick, prisoners, administration and religious personalities
* Encourage marriage between Muslims students,
* Reinforce the Islamic brotherhood between Muslims and members of
* Organising sports encounters,
* Organise excursions and working visits through out the country
* Affiliate CAMSU to some Islam International organisations especially
finalising the affiliation procedure to WAMY-Riyald,
* Establish and manage canteens and stands during the university games,
* Electrification of CAMSU Mosque in Soa-Yaounde II and provision for
atleast a room to accommodate two Muslim students in the Mosque

3)- Da'wah, Communication and Information

- Organise Bayan, preaching's in Universities and secondary schools.
- Production of Islamic brochures and news bulletin,
- Production of at least two journals of our ''CAMSU Infos'',
- Organise video and cinematographic projections,
- Production of Islamic Radio programs on Fridays through ''Islam at our Service'' on the National Radio Station
- Multiply other Radio programs in some private Radio Stations in the country.

However, due to the need to accompany these means of achieving our noble objectives with some finance and material, we will not neglect the economic domain. As such:

4) The Economic and Financial aspect.
- Production and sales of Islamic calendars,
- Production and sales of pamphlets, handouts and news papers,
- Putting to place of a computer centre in each State University,
- Appeal to Islamic International Organisations to finance micro projects for Muslim Students such as mosques, Muslim Students residences, Islamic library equipment
- Financial contributions and gift
* Memberships cards = 1 500 F
* Annual contributions of members
- Active members = 3 500 F
- Adherent members = 2 000 F
- Honorary members = 10 000 F
* Sympathisers' contributions
* Collection of Zakat and Sadaqat
* Aids from Islamic organisations and other NGOs

All the Regional branches are called upon to exploit this programme to their maximum. However, this not being all that could be done, and being just a projection of what we wish to realise for this year, Insha'Allah, the regions are also expected to forward their programmes which will contain the regional particularities.

We further advise all the regional Branches to put a particular importance on Da'wah, education and training as achieving and propagating the Islamic Knowledge is not only one of the three main objectives of CAMSU, but the most important.

We pray that Allah (swt) gives us that Spirit of responsibility,, determination, brotherhood, sincerity, tolerance and patience so that we realise our noble objectives. May Allah(swt) pardon our weaknesses as far as our efforts to realise this projection is concerned. May Allah(swt) give us full rewards for the efforts we make to keep up the flag of Islam. May Allah(swt) guide us and give us the courage to project and even realise more than this.


The National Secretary General
The National President