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Name: Karen-Alyssa
Nicknames: Kaw, Kawy, Kawoo, Aly, Alyz
Age: 12 years old
Eye colour: Bluish-Green
Hair colour: Blond with red and black meches
Fan of: Johnny Depp
Loves: My boy friend Jim. To be just alone and to breath... life is 4 me a... what's life meaning ?
Hates: My sister Cath... she is a fukin' gurrrrl ! She destroys me life. Her, and her horrible chum Marco the macdevilishhhhhh ! [i'll kill them one !]
Country: In my world...

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Messy Kawy

This layout represent my world, this world of death and panic. 404 error, do never try to understant me... cuz I can understant myself. I'm not a suicide-lovin' gurl. I just like to stay alone with my deep secrets. Respect me, my world. I'm not a goth, not a punk, not me... I'm a dark spirit, I'm just the lil' webmiss of this website... Karen, nicknamed Kaw, the sorceress of death. Welcome into my own lil' world.

Thank u

-I just wanna say thank you yo Mizuya who really helps me to do my web site and to see the good parts of this world. Thank you very much !
-Tx to all people who didn't try to understant the lil ununderstandable gurl I am ^^

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Thank yah to Digik.net 4 making me this so nice layout who represent me very well ! Where there's my two pretty banners !


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