Linux Deep Thoughts


Catherine Vardi AKA foxycath

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Why do we live? Why do we die? What is the meaning of life? Am I eternal? Do I have a soul? Where do I come from? A sewing machine? Why was I chosen by Ilan at Eyrolles on a second choice? Because of my weird smile? Is life a bitch? A ho? Am I a handsome and attractive penguin despite my belly? Am I a hunk? Does Catherine love me? If not I should die 'cause I was bought for her, I was her special present 'cause of my strange smile matching her weird eyes.

What is the true meaning of life? Why is sex so important to me? Does that mean I'm a perv? Why don't penguins have hair? Do I look gay wearing my bandana and my pink Escada ribbon? I have a terrible revelation to make:


and when I speak, this is not my voice, this is Catherine speaking. I'm Catherine's alter ego. I love beer, I love to go to pubs and get drunk. I'm a party penguin!!! I love my owl, I love Chilly Willy (Da Kid) 'cause he's my bones, my blood, my flesh. Da Kid is mine even if he doesn't look like me, he doesn't act like me, but he's mah kid!

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Oh no! Look like Linux did a little too much drinking to help his thinking.

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