Foxycath Goes to London


Catherine Vardi AKA foxycath

As every year, I wanted to do something special for my birthday, so this year I went off to London, with my husband, of course.

We took the Eurostar train which usually takes 3 hours, here I am with Chilly Willy, chunnelling the English channel.

Our travel agent found us a really nice hotel near the Lancaster Gate, which is right opposite Hyde Park. There was a balcony, which we enjoyed due to the very nice weather.

Oh yes, hubby is a Canadian...

As usual, we made sure to see the sites, just the ones we care about, of course. First stop was at Harrod's, to check out the Harry Potter section.

There's Ilan in the recreation of Diagon Alley and me next to Owl Post.

I had to pay my respects to La Princesse Lady Di, since work two blocks away from where she met her unfortunate demise.

We also visited Camden Town, and walked down the canal there.

That walk got our appetite and thirst going, which meant: Pub Time!

Here I am with Chilly Willy, who usually frequents these places with Linux, who knows all the good drinking songs.

Poor Ilan has a drinking problem: He can't hold his liquor, even when it's lemonade!

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