Chibi Marcus Giles We are into week 4 and I still haven't put up week 3! Oh MY! Chibs is supposed to have learned the litter box thing by now, but I haven't had one that has been little enough for him to get into! He's still a little kitten and has LOTS of growing to do! I manufactured one out of a box today and he is in the bathroom with his mama, who, will hopefully, each him excactly what it is for and that he needs to use it. By the way: did you know that there are kits out on the market to teach a cat to use a human's commode? They will always lack the opposable thumb, but you can't have everytrhing. Marcus has a little sore on his neck because mama carries him around. It's not time for him to be weaned yet, so I kinda wonder about that. In related news. My other Preggy has yet to deliver. you will be notififed when she does. Chibi Marcus should be ready for a new home by christmas. He IS for Sale! But be ye forewarned, I spoiled him terribly! he comes when you call him and his walking has signifigantly improved. I will post pictures shortly. This one was so cute, I HAD to get it!