Katrina and Rita disinformation


Ilan Vardi

I just heard on the news today that there was the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history, and that this year had a record number of powerful hurricanes. In my constant quest to understand media distortion, I immediately set out to understand what the hidden trick was behind this alarming turn of events in the world climate.

Here is my conclusion: These hurricanes are classed according to their wind speed which reaches its highest numbers when the hurricanes are out in the ocean. But how do you measure 200+ kph winds out in the open sea? As near as I can figure, you can't do it safely by boat or airplane, so the only good way of tracking a hurricane is from a satellite. Since the first weather satellites were launched 45 years ago, this significantly reduces the period of observation of ocean hurricanes. A further minute's research reveals that a complete system of weather satellites was first established in 1975 with the GOES project. In other words, recorded data on Atlantic hurricanes only goes back 30 years. Since other climatic effects can have a period extending decades, I conclude that there is insufficient historical data do indicate a permanent change in global climate.

As a final remark, note that 30 years of data should be enough to correlate hurricane speed on land with their maximum force over the ocean which could therefore give realistic extrapolations as to the maximum wind speed of hurricanes over the ocean for the recorded period before satellite data. This would give a clearer understanding of whether this year's hurricanes are truly exceptional.

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