You have to download Talisman from here ->
           (There is a little download on the top of the page)
     Run the talisman.exe to  install.


    To install a Theme you need to dezip the .zip file to the directory
who is at C:\Program Files\Talisman 2\themes
    With WinZip ( download it at )
    Once you have dbl-click the .zip file, WinZip will open showing you the files.
Normally you should have under Path, the title of a directory. If there isn't, you
will have to give one after clicking Extract. 
    Give a title for the theme after \themes look like this:
       C:\Program Files\Talisman 2\themes\Title\

Nota: Without title all the files will be at the root of the themes directory 
and you will not be abble to start the theme.                                        

    If you see a the title of the theme under Path, you only have to send it to
the themes directory:
       C:\Program Files\Talisman 2\themes

    Start Talisman and with the right button of your mouse follow to the Themes directory 
to find your theme, and click on the image of the Theme. The theme will install.
    Inside it Right click again, but go upside click "Set as default".
Now Talisman will always start with it.

RightClick to Help\About Theme to read the Readme.txt of the theme.