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I can't beleive it! More than a year without updating Image Garden, and it has not been deleted! ^^; Thankfully, in a sense, because I really like this little site of mine, even if I don't take care of it as I should. And many things have occurred in a year: Loveless is now 8 books long, Nabari no Ou is being adapted into an anime, I'm slowly losing my English and Japanese due to lack of praticising... If I don't want Image Garden (and KonekoTachi) to disapear, I'll have to take time to make a revival...
It's been a very long time since I've last created a new section for a manga: say hello to a new page about Nabari no Ou! I've just started it, so it's quite short for now. Enjoy!
Guess what? I was about to start translating another chapter of Yorozuya, and I even had created the html file, when I disvocered that it was licensed! Hahaha... Okay good news after all, it means everybody can discover another good manga. I didn't expect it to be licensed though lol.
I guess I'll drop the Yorozuya project and start something else. ^^; (gotta check if other manga hasn't been licensed in English first).
Ha! By the way! Loveless book 1 was finally released in France too~
Happy New Year minna-san!
2007 should be the revival of Image Garden: I can finally surf on the net from my flat! *yaaaaay* So now what I'm wondering is: what do I do first? Do I continue translating Yorozuya? Or do I start another manga? I don't have a scanner yet, so I'll have to work on manga I already have the pictures...
I should be back on the net within 4 or 5 weeks! ^______^ Can't wait to be able to chat with friends again!
Just a few words to say that I'm still alive, but having troubles with having a new internet connection. I hope to be able to update Image Garden more frequently by december...
Long time no (real) update! I've just created a new section, Other Manga, where I'll scan the covers of the manga I buy in Japanese (it would probably be full within a month if I also put those of the manga I get in French). I hope you'll enjoy these few hints to manga I find interesting.
Happy New Year! May 2006 be sweet with you! Another small update to add the volume information for Loveless book 6 Special edition.
Hisashiburi desu~ Sorry for the long absence, I had no internet connection for over a month... Thus only a little update today: I added the information for Your Eyes Only on the Loveless page. I finally got to buy it! And I didn't even have to travel to Paris, I've bought it to the bookstore I work in! ^____^
Hello Minna-san! Okay, so don't beat me, I know I'm late and extremely slow and you waited for this chapter much too long, and my only excuse is that I hadn't much time to work on it (I actually really started to translate it only last week), but now it is here, edited and available on Image Garden! The final chapter of Loveless book 5! (Don't forget there are extra chapters too) And now we just have to long for the day we'll get our hands on book 6... (on December the 24th for the luckiest among us)
Here's the translation for chapter 8 from Loveless 5. We're getting close to the end of this book... ^___^
Sumimasen... I've been really busy recently, so I could achieve chapter 7 only today... (couldn't work on it for a few days, and I had started on the 21th...). An interesting chapter... (once again you'll say)



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