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Almost a year ago I bought an Math-You Namie painting, it is an image of Coco Chanel, hand painted on a vintage fabric, I was so awe-struck by the beauty and sophistication of it as we both talked in front of the piece, that I just knew I had to have it...well my dear gazelles, that was then...and now my advice is that if you somewhere in the next months come across one of these paintings, you better get one...from hundreds of dollars yesterday to thousands of dollars now and who knows how much soon will cost, his bold pieces are becoming a must!!
  Math-You who is from Charleston(South Carolina) has been in New York for nine years has Andy Warhol as his idol. This young and refined artist uses high-detail both vintage and modern fabrics as canvas to reach with oils and acrylics a pop vision that is mature and peaceful.
  I spoke with Stacy Vogel during Art Expo 2008 in New York that ended in March 3rd, and she was telling me about that Math-You has been picked up by art galleries in San Francisco, and his work will soon be in London and Paris. Stacy is his agent, and she also represents the talented Olan, who I spoke about in this column already.
The music issue of Gazelland Magazine(2006) had an image of an Asian girl with red headphones on that was created specially for that issue by him. Math-You Namie is 28 years old.    /     /