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Welcome Back to the Sixties!!! (and a few from the Seventies) Remember some of these?

Chapleau in the 60's
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Set002 CHS Hockey Teem and School crowds.

Set003 CHS People & Things.

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Set005 - CHS Hockey...
Set005 - CHS Graduates...
You can see Frank Braumberger, Terry WayWhite, George Evans, Rick Selin, Lucy Bignucolo, Mike Cecile, Len? Harris and several others..
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A Chapleau MNR Hockey Team 0f the Seventies: Some of the people in this photo are; Ronin White, Dennis Ladoucer, ?Ron Riley?, Lionel Corston, Randy Corston, Darryl Ritchie, Bill (Esher) Ritchie, Coach.. Drop me a line when you recognize the others...
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