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Articles & Reviews

I no longer have time to keep adding new articles.
The back-log of articles will be kept on this site however, which pretty much goes up to early 2001 is available below.
Please see the links page for links to pages with more recent articles & reviews.


triple j in the news
CD Reviews
Live Concert Reviews


1999 Survey Results (the results to nearly 300 surveys that you guys filled out) -- October 99

Watching the J's Competition (sexiest DJs & the best CDs) -- July 99

Shonky Songs (the 10 shonky Custard song covers) -- June 99

Sydney stripped of 2000 games (Adam Spencer's April Fools joke) -- April 99

Last Breaky Show Pictures (a few web cam captures) -- December 98


Brian, Stephen, Steve (Placebo) with Adam Spencer -- 9 August 99

Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) with Rosie Beaton -- 7 August 99

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