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The Watching the J's message board has been running just about since this web site started (October 1998). A couple of years later the message board has seen over 10,000 messages posted!

The Message Board is a place where everybody is welcome to post their thoughts and enjoy intelligent conversations with lots of other fans of triple j & music.

There are some rules you must abide by when posting (otherwise your message may be deleted or/and you may be banned from the message board).



* Topics should be kept loosely related to triple j or triple j music. This may include any bands or music related to triple j, or any festivals or live gigs that people may be interested in. Other topics which are of interest to the audience of the message board are usually accepted.

* The message board is meant to be a positive, happy place! Please keep those excessive insults & flames to yourself. Constructive criticisms are usually fine, but saying something sux or how much you hate it just annoys everybody else and wastes their time (as well as makes you look stupid).

* No immatating other people on the board. ie. do not use a nickname that somebody else uses. Some nicknames already in use can be seen on the message board regulars page. Any messages posted in somebody elses name will be deleted immediately. If you see a message posted under your name which you did not post then please email me immediately.


* The message board currently accepts HTML coding. Do not post offensive material, javascript, or advertising.

* Do not use the message board to advertise! This means you are not allowed to advertise businesses, unrelated web sites, etc. You are of course allowed to tell people about upcoming gigs or new CDs, etc. And please don't use the message board just to plug your own homepage. If you have a homepage that people may be interested in then let me know and I can link to it on the links page. I may even feature your link on the main page of the web site. It is fine however to put your URL at the end of your message, or to tell people that they can find more information at your homepage, etc.

* Swearing is allowed, but excessive swearing is not necessary so may be removed.

* And of course you cannot post anything which is unreasonably offensive to anybody... Keep in mind that some members of bands, as well as many of the great triple j staff do visit the message board, so don't say anything that you wouldn't say to their face. And also remember that we want to keep this a happy place! Anything I consider unreasonably offensive will be removed.

* The Message Board is not censored. Messages are posted immediately. However I and a small panel of regulars review all messages posted, and messages which do not fit into these guidelines may be deleted.




Below are statistics for the message board for the period 3/11/98 to 16/10/99

Total messages posted: ~2600
Largest post: by spudlee: >2000 words (but the message had to get split into two because it would not fit in one message)
Frequency: Some days we have had no posts, other days we have had up to 40-50 posts a day
Record postees: Chay (myself): 258 posts, spudlee: 231 posts, Steve: 102 posts, jjj girl: 100 posts,
Rob/jez/spiritulized: 95 posts, astronorton: 87 posts, Case: 84 posts, BUG: 81 posts, jgwr: 82 posts, Jaymin: 60 posts, Bob: 56 posts, drop city: 50 posts.


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