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I no longer have time to update this page and research people.
Please see the triple j people page for general information & contact information of triple j employees.

Wil Anderson - Regular on the breaky show.

Karen Barlow - News presenter. Proved very popular in the 'sexiest j-person' poll in June 99 - the only news reporter to get many votes. Very sweet voice & just generally a great news reporter to wake up to every week-morning.

Rosie Beaton - Born: 29 May 19??. Net 50 presenter. Rated the sexiest female dj in recent polls on this web site! Well done Rosie (or should I say Rosemary). She has a little pet dog called 'Muttonchops'. Rosie has been known to order takeaway rice from a Chinese restaurant to feed Muttonchops. Very spoilt little puppy.

Paul Brent - originally from Canberra and Bathurst this wanna be film maker, blues singer and frank sinatra impersonator (it's all in the voice) now lives in Darlinghurst and frequents anywhere where there are martini's and loud shirts. [Thanks Josh for that info]. He's been with the station for a couple of years, and had quite a bit of airtime during the 99/2000 holiday period.

Robbie Buck - The fantastic loveable Weekend lunch presenter.

Dan Buhagiar - (graveyard and floater) is the current broadcast co-ordinator of FBi radio (96.9) in the Sydney region. FBi is an aspirant broadcaster fighting for one of the community licences that the ABA are giving out. You might have heard of Free FM or Wild FM? Well they are in competition with 11 different stations trying to get one of the possible 2 licences. Umm.. besides that, she obviously broadcasts from the Sydney studios and she's absolutely lovely. She's also in a band called 1224.

Gaby Brown -

Daniel Browning - News presenter.

Tony Connelly - News presenter. Has gone to ABC TV as the sports reporter on ABC news for a few months.

Matthew Eaton - News presenter.

Nicole Foot - Fills in occasionally.

Sharif Galal - Presenter of Groove Train on Tuesday nights. Sherif galal is also a "dj-dj". Last gig i know of was at big day out, in the essential room which was like the mini boiler room for aussie artists. (info from spud).

Jaslyn Hall - World music show presenter.

Peter Helliar - Born: 16 June 19??. Commedian. Takes regular challenges from Merrick & Rosso on their show each week. One of the challenges was to write a song about Bevan, and is now known as "Bevan (the musical" by Peter Helliar and Gatesy from Tripod. The song became quite popular in the Net 50.

Dr Hex - Producer of the Super Request. He usually answers the phones, fetches CDs, and makes all the decision maing and organising on the Super Request program. He doesn't talk much on air, but he does make the odd comments every now and then.

Fynella Kernabone - Occasionally does shifts on triple j. She is also doing some shifts on the current FBi broadcasts doing the afternoon rider from 12-3pm. She does Thursday brekky on 2SER Sydney as well as trains new volunteers at the station. She's been doing radio for some 6-7 years, straight out of high-school.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - Film maker, television presenter, bio-medical engineer, roadie, cabbie, author - Dr Karl is a man of many talents who says his IQ is only a little above average. "It ain't the meat, it's the motion. It doesn't matter what you've got, it's what you do with what you got". Probably best known today for his scientific prowess, Dr Karl can cause the ABC radio switchboard to crash with his talkback show Great Moments in Science.

Richard Kingsmill - The King has been working with triple j since 1988. He does Saturday avo from 2pm, "1999", the oz music show, and j-files. Richard seems to know everything there is to know about music, etc. He writes for Rolling Stone (the buzz - a column about new local oz bands). He used to write CD reviews for "jmag". He has also written for RAM, JUKE, On the street, and X-Press. He has interviewed dozens of the biggest and greatest bands. Kingsmill also gets a mention on the credits on the Custard - We Have the technology CD (we don't know why though). He's got some thing about falling in love, headaches and panadol (all in the same equation, of course). see winter 96 jmag for more details). Richard Kingsmill wrote "Triple J's internet music guide" with Stuary Coupe in 1998 (which I won a copy of in a Net 50 competition *yay*).

Sara Lando - triple j news reporter since '95. She has now left the station, and is now working as an ABC rural reporter in Canberra.

Francis Leach - Presents "Creatures" on Sunday nights. Also regularly fills in on the Morning Show whenever Sarah Mac is away. He will be replacing her for 6 months in 2000.

Kirileigh Lynch - Originally from Coffs Harbour. She was one of the youngest graduates to come out of the Australian Film Television and Radio School, which is also where Caroline Tran came out of. Kirileigh now lives in Leichardt, and also works on 9inety6ix.1 in Sydney, as the traffic reporter "special K" during brekky and drive.

Sarah Macdonald - The great morning show host. Hosts the 3 hour talk show each weekday morning. She will be going on long service leave during the first 6 months of 2000. She'll be replaced by Francis Leach during that time.

Rove McManus - Regular guest on the brekky show for the 'know your millenium' segment.

Alison Ray - News reporter.

Dana Robertson - the new (started Nov 15) National Affairs Reporter for JJJ in Canberra.

Tim Ross - (see Merrick [Watts] & Rosso)

The Sandman (Steven Abbott) (43) - Born: 24th March 1956. One of the funniest people on triple j. He used to have our attention every morning during the brekky show, but Adam Spencer took over Sandman, Jen, and Mikey in 1999. Sandman still does his regular dramas (eg. 204 Bells St) each week morning, which would have to be the slowest moving drama in the world. You can also catch this funny character, who refuses to use his reveal his real name, on GNW and GNW nightlight. You might even catch him in the nude!! LOL. Sandman managed to conjure up enough votes in recent polls on this web site to claim the title 'sexiest j-person', as strange and unbelievable as it may seem! Apart from his morning few minute drama shows, on triple j, Sandman also helps out in promos, and does many other guest appearances on triple j. He has also put out a couple of books which are available from ABC shops now.

Adam Spencer - Adam took over the breaky show in 1999. With a degree in Pure Mathematics, Adam Spencer is a debating champion and a Belvoir Street Theatresports veteran. Adam is also the host for Quantum, ABC TV's science program and he regularly appears on the satirical Good News Week and attempts to complete the Times Cryptic Crossword in the Australian Newspaper each day.

Megan Spencer - Movie reviewer.

Roy and HG - Roy Slaven & HG Nelson - Triple j's sports reporters.

Jim Trail - Does weekend breakfast on triple j. He's also a keen mountain biker who often organises rides in canberra on his days off (his weekend falls on monday and tuesday). He regularly posts on a mountain biking email digest called mtb-oz. He broadcasts out of Canberra.

Caroline Tran (26) - Fresh out of radio school. She first came to Australia as a Vietnamese refugee in 1975. Triple j is her first job on the radio, and she seems to be settling in very well! She presents Super Request from 6 pm - 10 pm every weeknight, with the help of Dr Hex (who doesn't speak much).

Michael Tunn (early 20s?) - "Tunny came out in 1994 when he marched in the G & L Mardi Gras.....bet you didn't know that! But it's pretty obvious when you listen to him regularly, as he drops hints about his sexuality all the time." Did afternoons in his earlier days, then did 'Request Fest' which was extremely popular, probably the most popular request show triple j has had. Tunny did the lunchtime shift from 12-3pm weekdays for a couple of years but then surprised us all when he suddenly quit close to the end of 1999. Used to hose The Afternoon Show and the Vidiot kids in his earlier years.

Myf Warhurst -

Matthew White -

Justin Wilcomes - Born: 16 April 1979. Currently hosts the Net 50 with Rosie Beaton on Saturday nights. Also does a lot of other shifts on a non-regular basis.

Mike Wilcox - the games reporter on JJJ and does a lot of the sound stuff, eg putting promos together and i also think he does a bit of computer stuff, etc... He's also in a band called Lazy Susan in which he plays the drums. They've had a little bit of airplay on JJJ but not much. He's also a really nice guy.

Merrick & Rosso - Tim Ross aka Rosso (28) & Merrick Watts (25) - Official Merrick and Rosso web site. These guys started off as guests on Helen Razer & Judith Lucy's Ladies Lounge in 1997. They started their own program in 1997, on Sunday afternoons, called Hair of the dog. Then in 1999 they got onto the Drive program. Merrick has a bit of a crush on Catherine Zeta-Jones. And Rosso often watches Dawson's creek. Merrick is known as the good looking of the pair - coming third in the sexiest j-person poll. Together, Merrick & Rosso are the funniest pair of people you are ever likely to see on radio. There's some more info on Merrick and Rosso on the Rage guest programmers page. Also see a recent interview - On Life.

 Costa Zouliou - Presents the "3 hours of power" on Friday nights.


And some of our much loved and missed former j people...

Jane Gazzo (24) - Jane left triple j at the end of 1998 to "try other things, and maybe return to full-time media work in 2000". It'll be interesting to see if we do see her back! She can be heard occasionally on triple j, live from London giving updates on what's happening in the music scene over there.

Paul McDermott - Born: 13 May 1962. Best known for Doug Anthony Allstars and Good News Week series. He made many guest appearences on triple j, and you may remember him from "Captain Pants" - the whacky radio drama last year on the Breaky show.

Helen Razer - Very popular on the drive show before she left in early '98.

Mikey Robbins (38) - Born: 8 December 1961. Left triple j in 1999. Was very popular on the brekky show during 1998 with Sandy and Jen. He recently married. Has come back once or twice to do the odd shift so lets hope we can hear some more of him in the future.

Judith Lucy -


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