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Animal Rights & Vegetarian related links
Triple J & Music related links

Below I have listed some of my favourite sites, sites I have found useful and sites I regularly visit - hope some of them can prove useful to others too... Please note that all animal rights & vegetarian related links as well as all triple j & music related links are contained on seperate pages (see link above).


Really useful sites

This is fun little site which can act both as your personal internet journal and also as a series of message boards or livejournal communities... It's a great place to post your thoughts and have interesting discussions with people of similar interests. I visit here a few times a week when I can... The only problem is that it is a free, non-profit site, that doesn't use advertising. Therefore to obtain membership, you need to know someone who uses it (and don't ask me because I have no more 'memberships' to give away), or you can choose to pay a small fee for the service.

One of the internet's best reference resources. It's basically a whole heap of organised links to hundreds and hundreds of the internet's best reference sites. It's also got things like 'link of the day', 'quote of the day', etc.

This is a great auction site that allows you to [fairly] safely buy & sell various items over the internet. It's very cheap to put items up for auction, and of course it is free to bid on any item (of course you have to buy that item if you win though). I've sold hundreds of dollars worth of stuff on here - you usually get a LOT better prices over here than you would at Cash Converters or a pawn broker!! And if you're lucky enough to be able to afford to buy things then you can find great bargains on here too.

An Australian online CD & music retailer. Prices are often quite reasonable - especially if you buy a few CD's at once and save on postage costs... I've bought a few CD's from here before and saved a fair bit... you can also find CD's on here that might be extremely hard to find in other CD shops.

Quite a useful resource for people living in any of the various major cities in Australia that it lists. It's basically an interactive yellow pages combined with maps, event lists, etc... I planned to make something like this a few years ago, but of course I never got around to it, and Fairfax corporation beat me too it and will probably make a bit of money out of it (like they need it!!) pfft. :-/

The Spark
This is a great fun site - lots of interactive surveys that give you results - a good way to waste time. Lots of other fun little things like that on there too... It's also got some handy notes for secondary school students...

Dr Karl
Dr Karl is a very interesting & knowlegable person. He does talk-back on triple j on Thursday mornings as well as other radio appearances. His web site is packed full of interesting stuff too - well worth a look if you're the curious scientific type...

Petition Site
Participate in any of an enormous number of online petitions, or even start your own...


Chat & Instant Messenger Applications

For details on contacting me using any of the software below see contact page.

Definately one of the most popular multipurpose messenging applications... I've been using it for many many years - its user base has now grown into the hundreds of millions and was bought a year or two ago by AOL TimeWarner. This is still probably my preferred chat/messaging program.

Microsoft's messenging program. This one is also extremely popular - a lot less functions an ICQ, which also means it is a lot simpler and stuffs up less. A lot of people prefer this to ICQ for having a chat because it is in many ways quicker & easier.

Two of the other most popular messenging applications include AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and Yahoo! Messenger.


Security Information & Software

Many people overlook the importance of security on the internet. Below are some sites that I recommend everyone MUST look at.

Lavasoft Ad-aware
A great little program that safely removes advertising 'spy-software' and web-bugs that you probably didn't know were even on your computer and spying on you for the purpose of advertising. If you don't know what I'm talking about then that's even more reason for you to visit here to find out more!

TINY Software
One of a couple of places on the internet where you can download a free personal firewall to help protect your computer & data...

TomCat Internet Solutions
A useful site with lots of information about security and so on. This site is a must visit for all Windows based internet users.

Norton AntiVirus
One of the best & most popular AntiVirus software applications. It does cost money to purchase however (although I'd say it is probably worth the money), but there is a free trial available. An up-to-date (recent update) good anti-virus application is a MUST for all internet users.


Other Superb Personal Homepages (of friends & others...)

If you've got a personal homepage that should be linked on here please email me or use the suggestion box at the bottom of the page!

A regularly updated site with message board, discussions, news, info & links, etc... Well worth a look! Topics include politics, music, art, animal & human rights, and more.. I recommend bookmarking for regular revisits!

I really like her pages -- quite original & artistic... she's got a few different pages - worth checking out

Info about the amazing person that is denise, as well as some great quotes and other stuff :)

Another original & artistic in both design & content - includes artwork, poetry, etc.

I love her homepages! Original, neat & organised, artistic, regularly updated -- she does great little graphics. Not that much up here yet though but definately worth keeping an eye on!

A great personal homepage with lots of music related stuff (gig & cd reviews, top 100, etc.) but it hasn't been updated in a few months...

Lots of stuff here - photos, info, jokes - its got the lot. :)

Nice clean, professional design - has personal details, recipes, photos, etc.

Nice personal homepage - photos, poems, friends and stuff... I don't think it's been updated in a while though...

A personal homepage packed full of photos and stuff...

Well it's kinda getting built as I'm writing this but it'll probably have stuff on it by the time you read this, so why not have a look...

I like this page - basically just links & ramblings and stuff but there's something further about it I like? Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in over a year though...

Hasn't been updated in agggeess. Has some photos of friends & austin power pics.

I don't know what happened to this page - it kind of like has nothing on it now - maybe it'll change again one day soon?


Helpful Homepage Tools that I use

A fantastic WYSIWYG HTML editer. Allows you to edit the source code without the software screwing around with it (unlike previous versions of MS Frontpage for example). Easy to use and gives you great control. It is also quite popular - used by a large number of web designers & home users. Of course, this software application is quite expensive - so do the sensible thing and burn it off a friend - (legal note: that is a joke and I am not recommending illegally pirating software - of course :-p )

Paint Shop Pro
A very useful graphic manipulation tool. It costs a bit, but you can download a free evaluation copy. I'm not sure if the latest versions are the same, but the evaluation copy used to have full functionality or close to it, but expired after a certain number of days - of course, there are special patches or 'cracks' on the internet (if you know where to look) that allow this evaluation period to go on indefinately - again, I'd never recommend such an illegal thing of course! :)

Not my favourite - but it's the service I've been using for many years (long before the Yahoo! Geocities days) - it's policies, ads, services have gotten worse over the years, but I haven't been bothered changing yet - mainly because of the hassle in changing links. However, it is an easy & free place to host your personal homepage if that's all you need...

Xara 3D
A great, simple to use application for doing fancy colourful 3d headings (like mine :-)) It does cost money, and the free trial version only has very limitted usage.

This is a really cool site. It lets you get your own domain name for free! Of course, like I did, you can pay a small fee to actually have that domain registered in your name and get rid of Namezero's advertising.

Message boards, guestbooks, etc. This is another one of those services that is not the best one of its kind on the internet - but its easy & free, and its what I've been using for quite some time... Have a look around on the net and you can find many other [better] sites that provide these services...


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