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Some non-human friends

The gorgeous Buster & Foxie



One of my first best-friends... Beau

Beau... Ten years later

Sadly, she died from cancer on 22 Feb 1998.


Friends and stuff

Mark, Brad, Leash, and Dean getting quite drunk at one of my parties

Shane (left) & AJ (right), in front of AJ's kombi

Rach, Me, and Emma at my goin away party

Brad & I - this one was also taken at my goin away party - I think I was kinda drunk??

Everyone at the year 12 formal...

The guys all dressed up before our yr 12 formal

Guys at the formal -- I'm in the red 3rd from the left - Brad is the next one along...


My Car

A nice recent photo of my car - who let them drive it though?!

*Oops!!* Did I do that??


Festivals and stuff


Big Day Out 2002

I managed to get a lovely front row view of Garbage playing at BDO '02... it was unreal!!

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