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Why Debate?

A question I often hear from non-debaters is, "Why should I debate?". Although their parents usually do not need to be convinced, they are often hesitant to "take the plunge". Here are three valuable reasons that I debate. 

The first reason is for communication skills. Debate allows me to practice communicating to many different types of people. In addition to telling them the facts, I am also required to try to convince them of my opinion. This helps me become the most effective communicator I can be. 

Secondly, debate teaches thinking skills. Doing research, writing briefs, discussing the topic and actually debating are just a few ways to exercise your brain through debate. Debate also helps you learn to think quickly and to organize your thoughts. 

Finally, debate is fun! Although this may seem like an oxy-moron, debaters actually have fun! In debate rounds the fun is trying to refute your opponents arguments. However, the real fun is going to tournaments and meeting people who also have a passion for debate (or at least can intelligently communicate with you about a topic). (Notice how the first two benefits snuck in! ) Making new friendships and even debating, soon become an enjoyable and anticipated experience. 

So, why should you debate? (Besides the fact that your mom and dad want you to?) You should debate so that you will become a better communicator, think more clearly and have fun in the process. 

So, what are you waiting for?, Let's go debate!!!

A speech by Jonathan Wolfson

By no means are these the only reasons to debate.  Learning to take notes, research, and think critically are all quite valuable both now and in the future.  The numerous benefits of speech and debate can be gained individually in other venues, but debate offers a means to acquiring these skills in one comprehensive approach that will impact the life-long education of those who participate.

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