What is Ra Sheeba?

Ra--means--- The source, from the center of the Great Central Sun.

Sheeba--means---Sexual, creative, joyful, expression of Love, the feminine "part" of this column of Universal Healing Energy which leads straight to the Source.

The Sheeba shows the way to Ra.  Only through Sheeba can we access Ra and find true path home.

The Ra Sheeba healing works directly on your Chakras.  It also changes your DNA and electro-magnetic self.  

Who can be attuned to Ra Sheeba?

Reiki Master of any Healing Modality.

What does the attunement do?

It changes your vibration.  It changes your soul colors and opens the way for love to flow within your being.

Why do you have to be of Masters vibration?

It is considered that Ra Sheeba energy to be very intense and powerful that only members who are at a master level can handle it and use it.

How is it passed down?

It is done via three attunements done 1 hour apart all done on the same day.


Ra Sheeba Level I--------$45.00 US Funds

Ra Sheeba Level II--------$45.00 US Funds

Ra Sheeba Level III--------$45.00 US Funds




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