What is Tibetan Reiki?

As what is passed down to me from my master, Tibetan Reiki is as follows:

"The symbols presented herein are not from the Tibetan Sanskrit language, but the spiritual information of each is similar to that found in many Eastern philosophies. But, non-the-less, it is a system of energy, complete with symbols, that help to bring energies into harmony and balance, thereby making it possible to assist in the healing process that is so needed by the human condition."

"......healing technique existed in ancient Tibet, and that it was similar to the Reiki of today, has seemingly given license to call any healing method Tibetan or Reiki."


Tibetan Level I--------$45.00 US Funds

Tibetan Level II--------$45.00 US Funds

Tibetan Level III--------$45.00 US Funds




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