Chios Rooms


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This impressive late 19th century mansion adorned with balconies and views of sea harbour and beyond, has the prime location on the southern corner of the Chios harbour, recognisable from afar by its distinguishing surroundings of palm and eucalyptus trees.

"Lovingly restored by proprietors Don (New Zealander) and Dina (Greek)" quote Rough Guide Travel "this beautifully decked-out neoclassical place is a real find "quote Lonely Planet travel guide "where a kind and helpful staff" quote Rough Guide do their upmost in regard to the visitors well-being and enjoyment.

Having resided 20years in Chios their enthusiasm for this fascinatingly interesting and beautiful island is something which is willingly shared with visitors, hopefully exposing some of the islands well kept secrets, such as the numerous village festivals throughout the summer period, where traditional dance and music, are the accompaniment to plenty food and wine, seldom winding down before sunrise.

Complimentary to this, is the openness and vitality of the local community, who’s island has fortunately been off route to mass tourism, and maintains a true Chiotic fragrance, be it life in a medieval village or water-front cafetarias sipping ice-coffee.

The town of Chios boasts in an abundance of facilities, recreational, commercial and academic, and serves the island as a whole, the 5th largest in Greece.

Chios is an island of seafarers (Christopher Columbus visited before his historical voyage taking on crew and gaining knowledge of the seas beyond the Mediterranean shipping magnets, fishermen, scholars and agriculturists, where historical influences are seen in the remnants of Ancient Greek temples, Venetian fortresses and architecturally unique is the Kambos area ,where centuries old mansions tower above a sea of citrus orchards and elaborate gardens on the route south to the fortified medieval villages (Genoese) the focal centres of the mastic growing. Mastic is unique to Chios and has been recognised since ancient times for its medicinal qualities, as a seasoning in Greek and Middle-east cuisine and more recently cosmetics.

Chios is an island of unspoilt beaches, crystal clear seas, and a nature that offers seasonal delights, from springtime blossom and wild flower glory, to autumns reds and okras offset in the blues of the aegean sea and sky. An island of fragrances and tastes-Chios jasmine, mastic, rosewater, mandarine, wine, ouzo. Not only these impressive number of characteristics and the islands complex personality makes Chios a unique destination,but also the close proximity to Turkey, Lesvos and Samos makes Chios an ideal location for trips and excursions to discover the north eastern Aegean Sea.