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Thank you for visiting my site. This is my first attempt at a webpage, so please excuse the unprofessional look. My main purpose of this site is to post my list of music to trade, which you can find right below this text. I also would like to give you a little information on my shows-.

All shows rated on an A through F scale with A being the best. Any setlist is available upon request. All shows labeled CD, audio (cassette), or MD. Shows with (**) indicate no copy shows, which are not for trading. Shows on CD or MD can be put onto cassette. MD shows can be put onto CD. For CDs, CD to CD is easier to burn directly, but just ask me if there is something specific you are looking for/at.

Email for info on no copy shows. Sorry if there are some shows with no grade, as I have just gotten them and haven't had a chance to grade them yet. Feel free to email for questions, comments, or suggestions.


You can see my full list or break it down into different groups- Bob Marley (BMW), other reggae, and all other music. You can click these links to see any of them. Please check the "My List", as this will be the latest updated.
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All Other Music A-K

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All Other Music Q-Z

Thu August 16, 2001

I have only been updating My List (full list), so please see this. (Click the red text)
***if looking at full list, keep scrolling down to see all other music after reggae.*
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