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With the return of Nadia Bjorlin to Days, if there is anyone with WEB DESIGN EXPERIENCE who would like to maintain/update this site, please email me at chloephilip (at)

This page was created and maintained by Victoria & Christina who shared an obsession over the Days of Our Lives characters, Chloe & Philip. We do not own any of the characters from Days of Our Lives, nor do we know Nadia Bjorlin or Jay K. Johnson. This site was created simply for the enjoyment of fellow Chloe & Philip fans. If there are any problems please e-mail the webmistresses at All pictures were taken from various Soap Magazines (SOW, SOD & SOU) unless otherwise noted on the picture, and captures were donated to us by Grinlit. All artwork and fanfiction are copyrighted by their various designers and authors, and all articles found in the Biography and Lovestory section (unless otherwise noted) are written and copyrighted by Christina. This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer. A warm and grateful Thank You goes out to Mamie for her help with the photograph on the front page, and Grinlit for her amazing amount of assistance with HTML, screencaps and so much more! The name "In Your Eyes" may NOT be used on any campaigns without prior consent from Christina via the official e-mail account at yahoo.

"In Your Eyes" September 4, 2000