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This page is only the stepping stone to where you will be awed at the vast amount of pages I have created over the years. It seems to be some sort of addiction to me, but I love it. I am looking forward to working here to make this my best page ever. *S* I dedicate this page to all the great friends that i have made over the years on the internet. So many that our Christmas card list has more than doubled *S* and I feel like a lot of these people are family to me.
Please come back soon and visit me.
When you click on the cottage you will be taken to my first main page that i made. By clicking on the banner you will be taken to my latest and best ever i think main page.


Find one of my many pages by highlighting here and then *jumping* to it *S*

WebTech University - Free HTML and PSP classes.


I recently signed up for some computer classes for Paint Shop Pro. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
I am so proud to have received my diploma.
Thank you to my wonderful teacher, who had such nice things to say about me.

Congratulations Heather, on a job well done.
You were also the first to graduate in both of my classes.
Good luck to you in your graphic making. *~HUGS~* Ginny

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