Welcome to Chocolate Corner!!!

Welcome to Chocolate Corner!

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Welcome to Chocolate Corner!!!

irst and foremost, welcome to Chocolate Corner, a place where you can find all your needs about chocolate.

hanks to the Italians in the early 17th century for sharing the secret chocolate concoction to the rest of the world, chocolate has since then been one of the most common obsession for mankind (and womankind).

ust in case you are curious about the author of the website, we're (yes, there's 2 of us, a guy and a girl :)) college students from Malaysia and this is our assignment which is worth 10 marks. ;) We hope that you will enjoy your visit here at our website.

lso, do remember to sign in our Chocolate Corner's guestbook. If you have any ideas or comments, please send us an email at chocolatecorner@ilovechocolate.com. We will try our best to answer any questions or help you with your problems. :)

inally, feel free to indulge yourself in a mug of hot chocolate or any other chocolaty substance while you're browsing our site. It helps a lot. ;)