Ronna Choi
Concepts For A Digital World
November 18, 2008 Presentation Comments
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I am a student in the Fall 2008 Concepts For A Digital World, (CFADW), course at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I am enrolled in the Business Administration - Marketing Program B108.
I am taking the CFADW course due to a couple of reasons.  In today's world technologies are evolving rapidly, newer hardware and software are constantly available to businesses, as a future user of these new tools it is important to understand how to utilize the tools.  Also, people are relying more on technologies to communicate with others from around the world, which is another reason why I am taking this course.

Information technology is one of the best inventions humans have ever invented.  Almost everyone rely on information technology these days to complete some of their daily chores, for example online banking, emailing, and online shopping.  I am curious in the speed and amount of information that can be transfer back and forth through computers in a short period of time to complete the activities mentioned above.  The information technologies that I am interested in are the computer and the internet.

In high school and college I have attended some courses related to computers, such as Computer Science and Business Computer Applications, where I learned to create simple programs using Visual Basic and webpage using HTMLs.   Often I am responsible for fixing the computer when problems arise, which allows me to explore the Window and learn to solve the problems; or I have some friends, who are more experienced in computers, teach me how to resolve the issues.  Also, I like spending my time surfing on the Internet and during work I have to use different computer database programs.  Those are most of the computer experiences I have gained since I started having a computer.