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Welcome to Choice Discus Thailand!

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Thank you for visiting our web-site. Let me give you a short introduction of Choice Discus.
My name is Ivan Choi. I am a chemical engineer and moved to Thailand from the US fifteen years ago on an overseas assignment. After completing a few chemical plants I decided to retire and live in Thailand. In addition to golfing, I started raising Discus as a second hobby in 1999. My love of Discus traces back to my childhood where I grew up in Hong Kong. I saw the first pair of Discus when I was 12 years old. The memories of the beautiful fish reminded me to go back to re-visit. I spent 6 months to collect and read books and to visit discus farms in Asia. Taking the good points from the experts, I set up a small hatchery of 34 tanks with water quality control and convenient operations. I started to collect high quality Discus of latest popular varieties from Hong Kong, Penang, Singapore and Bangkok and raise them as pets. Now the hatchery is established and I want to use this web-page to introduce myself to the Discus community.
Now, the fish farm has been expanded to a middle size venture with over 100 tanks. My partner, Mr. Sisira is in charge of developing high-end varieties as well as business and exporting activities.

If you have any ideas or feedback please email me.
Ivan Choi