Co-operative: Home Options In Childhood Education

C:HOICE homeschoolers' support and play group

CHOICE is a consensus-run homeschooling support and play group in London, Ontario, Canada. CHOICE is open to all who support its groupwork principles and practices, regardless of religion or educational method.

A matter of choice

The right to freedom of education means the right to provide home options in childhood learning, if you so choose. The resistance to such a choice from school boards and other "authorities" accentuates the need for a support group. C:HOICE supports your choice to homeschool, and provides you with the means to connect with like-minded others, in a co-operative environment.

Homeschoolers' support and play group

C:HOICE is a support and play group in London, Ontario, created for homeschoolers and prospective homeschoolers who want to meet for the following:

  • play and social contact for kids, teens and parents
  • group rates and field trips
  • sharing of resources and information
  • support

Open membership, collaborative organizing, and respectful interaction

C:HOICE is open to all, regardless of religion or educational style -- we embrace our diversity! There is one thing we do need to have in common, though: a willingness to work together in the ways outlined in our members' agreements.

Homeschooling itself remains the private affair of each family, but the gathering of families is a group venture. It's important that members feel comfortable with the style of group they're in, so it's important for prospective members to know what style of group C:HOICE is. C:HOICE was created as an alternative to network-style groups of independent organizers. We organize, instead, as a team, through collaboration, consultation, consensus decision-making, and respectful/caring resolution of disagreements.

All members who wish to be involved in the planning of any event are free to do so, knowing that their concerns will be addressed with patience and respect. Full members are also involved in group decision-making about policies and ongoing services. Anyone can become a Full Member -- there are no elections, it is entirely a matter of personal choice. Some members participate in activities but prefer not to be involved in any organizing or decision-making.

C:HOICE online

The purpose of this website is to introduce C:HOICE to prospective members and offer ideas and information to prospective homeschoolers.

We also have an e-list for our members at, which all members are expected to join so as to remain connected and in the loop about activities, events, and forwarded communications from others. (Those who have no email can check in by phone on a regular basis to find out what's going on.)


Technical and content-related concerns and comments can be forwarded to c-hoice@ (add to complete the email address)


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