CHOPCORE is five men brought together by the common love of making music and the adrenaline rush of playing live shows. Influenced by many forms of music, CHOPCORE blends together elements of punk, hard-core, metal, shred, rock and even The Beatles to form their own sonic assault. Refusing to follow the current trends or what MTV says is cool they have produced their own original sound.

Formed in 1998 the band went through necessary lineup changes to arrive at what they now describe as a "family unit." Vocalist John Paoline, formerly of South Jersey's Gore Grinding Lunatics Mortal Decay brings CHOPCORE to everyone's attention with his intense, deranged stage presence and unique vocal persona. Running around, flailing about on the floor and cutting his head open with the mic he truly bleeds for his music. Guitarists Brian Keeley, and newly added John Hartman, also from Mortal Decay fame, bring the brutal tones and riffs and mixes them with some very uncommon, shimmering, clean “flavor crystals” that help add to the original sound of CHOPCORE. Rounding out the band’s solid steel backbone is the rhythm section of new drummer Dan Jefferson (we will miss you Jim Cawood..keep your eyes open and hands on the wheel brother) and bassist Rich Cusato. Who together blend beat and rumblings bringing this full frontal assault of music to fluidity.

Aggressively dominating their local South Jersey/Philadelphia area scene, CHOPCORE has opened up for such acts as Pro-Pain, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Internal Bleeding, Dead Orchestra and Mastermind. Live shows along with local radio airplay are steadily spreading the CHOPCORE message….HARDCORE TILL THE DAY I DIE!

September 2001 not only was America under attack but so was the underground music industry. When John Paoline achieved his long time goal of getting CHOPOCORE on a record label. Europe's own Metal Age Productions offered to release Chopcore's debut album "Bloody Little Mess" Now available in select retail outlets, online at,, the band’s website, and at shows.
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