July 2002

The guys in CHOPCORE are sad to announce that July brings the departure of CHOPCORE's original drummer, Jim Cawood. Jim is off to better things and we wish him the best of luck. Stepping in and taking over for Jimmy is Dan Jefferson of Force Of Nature. Also added to the line-up is John Hartman on 2nd guitar. Everyone knows who Hartman is and now we're gonna sound even sicker. Keep an ear out.

March 2002

Be on the lookout for Chopcore being on the DRI Tribute album along with bands from Relapse and Victory Records. Chopcore was asked personally from DRI, and those of you that know Johnny also know he's like the only idiot shooting 30 with DRI posters on his wall still!!

January 2002

Chopcore is getting ready to release there debute album Bloody Little Mess due out this winter, and they're also in the process of booking shows to support the new album.

July 2001

The Band's top notch promotional street team (themselves) went into high gear to get ready for Ozzfest 2001.  No, they didn't headline the show...yet. Instead they mingled with the commonfolk and gave away over 500 copies of their new CD, Fuck That Noise. The hopefully new CHOPCORE fans were very receptive of the CD and a few put the CD right in and started jamming right there. Exactly what CHOPCORE was hoping for.

In other band news, CHOPCORE played the Relapse Records Show at The Balcony Bar in The Trocodaro on July 20th opening for Burnt By The Sun and Deceased. The show went great and we wanna thank all the CHOPAHOLICS who came out........Ninth Hour, Mortal, Suppa, Force Of muthafuckas rule. Thanks alot to Gordon from Relapse for the hook-up.

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