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  I Bring the word of God through music, & poetry, along with my personal experiences to reach and impact the lives of youth & adults across the nation.Showing the youth hope while helping them to grab hold of that hope by         
1.) Installing vision.2.) showing that thay can be save and have fun, 3.) building foundation of Word
The scripture God has given me is found in the book of Jeremiah Capt.  1:4-10. I know that God has chosen me for such a time as this & before I was born I to was set apart; to go to everyone he sends me to, and say what he commands, God has appointed me to uproot fear, tear down the walls which divide us Christans, to destroy strongholds, and to overthrow falsehood, by building up believers & planting seeds into the lives of the unsaved through the words God has given me.
                                                                                      God Bless-CBG
For Booking & Info CAll: (253) 228-4908 or (253) 267-0260
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