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Page Last Updated: 10/24/03
   Welcome All To aLoTTa LiNkS & PaGeS!! This Is My New Personal Website All About Me...  
Site News
   Not Much Going On Today:(09/07/03) Yesterday Actually... LoL, I Just Finished Adding My Newly Updated Doll Links Page... And I Just Corrected The Old MSN Members Profile(Profile 4) Link To Where Now This Won't Ever Expire, Not Unless I Kill The Addy(Which Won't Happen!).. So Stay Tuned Cauz I Am Now Gonna Be Working On My New BMX Home Page Which Will About Nothing But The Local BMX Riders I Ride With, And Will Have Pics Of The Track And Each Rider That Wishes To Have Their Pic On The Page, Also The Jump Area. Even Pics Of Some Wrecks, Spills And Thrills.. So Check It Out Ya Might Enjoy The Page Once Its Complete.. Plus I Added My HOT or NOT Pic, And My Face The Jury Profile(Profile 6).. Today:(09/08/03) I Added Two More New Sites For Computers With Downloads For MSN Plus and mIRC's And Alot Of Other Stuff.. Also I Just Changed The Pic In The Center, Hopefully It Will All Load Faster.. (Click The Pic To See A Full Sized Version..) Its An Older Pic Of Me Too, Like Last Year Around This Same Time, When I Kinda Had Long Hair And Befor I Cut It Really Super Short.. It Was Dyed Another Color Too. A Very Special Person Made It For Me, Who Will Always Be More Then Just A Friend.. :) <3 Ya June!! Plus I Just Recently Built And Added A Voting Post Where Ya Can Tell Me What Ya Think Of My Page, And What Ya Think It Needs (Down At The Very Bottom..).. Then There Is Also My Instant E-mailer If Ya Wish To Write Me An E-mail While Looking At My Page, Instead Of Writing An E-mail In The Mail Area... So Now Ya Can Do It While On The Page(It Is Also At The Very Bottom Of The Page, Underneath The “Lil Bit About Me” Section.. So Maybe I'll Be Hearing From Ya Soon, Who Knows? LoL, Ohh Well Hope Ya Enjoy It All..


A Lil Bit About Me
Hey whats up all its me Chris and heres a link list that includes all of my homepages and will take ya directly there enjoy them ...  Ohhh and by the way incase you were wondering or forgot already..  I am a 29y/o male from Marietta Georgia... A little bit more about me...  Well I'm bout 5ft, 7in, 145lbs, w/brown hair hair green eyes that have small orange star bursts in the centers of them..  If ya wish to contact you may do so my e-mail addy is ,  Thankz:) Which you'll find out more about me if you decide to keep going through and deeper into my pages...

Welp thats all I have to say here, hope ya like the rest of my sites....

Later and once again thankz for visiting...


Write me an e-mail here...