Eve Mini Skirt

Simplicity, adaptability, functionality... Gish skirts fulfill the desire for these necessary traits. The secret is the velcro®closure allowing you to 'scooch' the size of the skirt a bit in or out depending on the day. Designed with an uplifting classic spirit, ease of movement, fit, comfort and adaptability and most importantly fashion forward in mind, gish skirts are created for the ultimate slimming effect for all body types featuring a slight dip in the front, with the adjustability to conform to your social and emotional needs. We all have days where our delicate size mysteriously changes overnight.

Gish skirts are fantastic travel pieces, some utilizing crush resistant and quick dry fabrics and the same 'scooching' feature for true comfort while sitting for a long time. Gish also relates to the terms of pregnancy before, during and after when we gloriously blossom and find the way back into our closets.

Juniors and misses alike enjoy the sophisticated yet vibrant prints, as well as functional sports inspired quick dry fabrics geared towards the swim, golf and tennis enthusiast introducing two silhouettes of a wrap around mini and mid length skirt as well as functional skort taking you from play to work and back again.

Our goal is to create skirts that translate into all walks of our lifestyles, looking fabulous along the way.

ONG Design