Welcome to Chris and Jos

25th Wedding Anniversary





A Celebration Of A Life Of





Follow the links to some memorable Moments



It Started with Some Chatter



She Had Her Say



He Had His Say



They Squared Off



For Some Serious Face Sucking



In Front of The Gathering Crowd



Emotion Filled Tributes Flowed



Mother-in-Law Dusted Off Her Robe



The Bridesmaid Flew In From Far Away



And Some Left the Surprise to On the Day



They Provided Some Novel Entertainment



That Was Enjoyed Heartily By Some



But Not By All



After A Session On His Knees

(It to late for prayers mum)



He Swept Her Off Her Feet

(Ahh! the stunt double at work)



And the Out-laws Joined The Fleet

(of foot)


Some Bopped the Night Away



Others Serenaded



Others Invoked The Gods Of Old With RocknRoll



While Some Looked After Others



A celebration of a life of LOVNLUST





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