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About False Aircraft and Real Aircraft


The Real 9/11 Truth Rising is the 9/11 TV Fakery Evidence!

A Memorial Update: 4th of July, 2008.

Last news related to the C-20 Gulfstream flying over the Pentagon at the moment of its 9/11 "attack":

Read an early document on how Zionists planned and executed such black operation: 9/11, "Stranger Than Fiction"

Specially now that "the same systematic liar" is trying to scare America again with his: "We live in a dangerous world... and we need a president who understands the lessons of Sept. 11, 2001: that to protect America, we must stay on the offense, stop attacks before they happen and not wait to be hit again" Bush invokes false flag event, 9/11, one more time to justify continuation of interventionist foreign policy.


Footage of deception was aired at the Republican National Convention (00:35 - 00:51) Fotoage taken by Mossad Zionist Scott Myers

The fake CGI Holo plane was obscured at the TV networks, here, Olbermann speaks in a fake puritanism on his desire of not showing 9/11 footage on TV (No, Olbermann, just the opposite: Let's carefully analyze EVERY 9/11 footage to fully track the deception): As aired by MSNBC


Is Sarah Palin just another totally deceived person like "all of us were on 9/11"? UNTIL we started doing research on it!

It is very sad to see that Both Candidates and their VP's support the official story of 9/11. On the 4th of July, 2008 week, also Obama refreshed his support on the "War on Terror" in an Interview with the Master Mockingbird of the Zionist Mossad controlled Mass Media, Bill O'Reilly: So, will we endure more of the same Zionist rule for the upcoming years? I think only God Eternal is able to help us!

"Any government that could bomb its own citizens in the major city of the country could do anything...." Daniel Hamburg. Former Congressman.


In memory of all those lost by their own U.S. (shadow) government�s agenda (the Military-Industrial-Media Complex).

Chris Bornag




Now that they are trying really hard to remove every Online evidence (i.e., YouTube) it�s when you need the most to save all the original footage for the proper Indictments, for justice to be made.


Hear the statement of Lieutenant Robert Medairos, introduced as the "first incident commander at the scene" after the Pentagon's 9/11 attack (also his full statement in the "more info." on that video):


Check the updates on the investigation of the most advanced aircraft flying before, during and after the 9/11 attacks:


Hear the voice of Billy Graham and his concerns, since the 1970's, of the Zionist domination of America:

9/11 Billy Graham Concerned for the US (there, also read the video information and its links on Obama - Rahm Emanuel - Apparently: "No �Change� In Israeli Manipulation Of U.S. Foreign Policy Under Obama")

Hear the voice of ex-Zionist Benjamin H. Freedman denouncing the Zionism in America:

9/11 Zionists Described by Benjamin H. Freedman:

See how the Mossad - Zionists - Israel are in control, not only of the mass media of the U.S., but also of all their communications systems

9/11 Amdocs Comverse Odigo Zionism Controls Communications

Hear the warning words of John F. Kennedy:

Kennedy's voice over the Pentagon self inflicted attack.

Hear the warning words of Eisenhower:

Ike's voice over hereisnewyork pictures depicting some of the military guys posing on 9/11.

Even an old Bible scholar, Ethelbert W. Bullinger knew about the outcome of the Zionists since 1905:

E. W. Bullinger. "Signs of the Times: Jewish Signs: The Zionist Movement in Relation to Prophecy. Things to Come", Vol. 11. March, 1905. p 34.


The U.S. went to war over fake cartoon airplanes shown by ‘the world’s mass media’ as ‘reality’ hitting the WTC towers (mostly hitting WTC2) while using the most advanced aircraft flying around the ‘9/11 Operation’ to secure the ‘success’ of the operation (and at least in the short run they ‘succeeded’), specially to pull down the WTC2 and WTC1 with the most advanced and secretive military technologies of destruction. There were no planes hitting WTC1, WTC2, the Pentagon or the Shanksville bare hole. By the other side, there were lots of advanced military and classified aircraft flying on 9/11 on the four sites selected by the ‘intelligence’ criminals. These seem to be the blueprints for the real 9/11 Chronicles.


We recommend placing anonymously on the internet evidence of the real criminals of September 11, 2001 as a testimony to open the eyes of more and more people. Please pass this information to your colleagues. Please reprint. We have less than a year for the real culprits to be properly judged and punished, so that while we walk on this earth, a fraud of such a magnitude could not be repeated. That is my prayer and my heartfelt recommendation.




Why exposing the TV 9/11 Plane Fakery is the center piece for every serious 9/11 researcher?

Reynolds answered it:

Here is the big picture: the blood libel that young Arabs hijacked specific flights and crashed them into U.S. landmarks fuels the war on terror, a.k.a. the world domination project. Preserving the plane fiction is the perpetrators' Maginot line. Once we breach this fortification, a complete rout will swiftly follow. The public will find out that the beloved leadership of corporate media were accessories to mass murder


Media are the enforcement arm, psy-ops, of the powers-that-be, the mind control engine, the propaganda matrix.


Once their deception and treasonous collaboration come into bright sunlight for all to see, an unprecedented wave of anger will be unleashed against the killers, their media mouthpieces and their paymasters. The traitors will be "drowned" and America's reinvention will begin. This explains the intensity of the no plane debate."


For more, see:


"... regarding the false assertions that jetliners impacted WTC1,2:

a) Complete, nearly intact penetration of the jet liner image into each tower and disappearance from exterior view, nose to tail (length of the aircraft) and wingtip to wingtip (width of aircraft);

d) No significant deceleration as each jetliner entered a tower. In particular:

i) Flight AA 11, according to NIST, hit WTC 1 flying at an estimated 443 mph yet its tail section disappeared (767 length = 159 feet) with 0.25 seconds, implying a minimum average airspeed of 434 mph traversing the initial 159 feet within the building, an insignificant drop of two percent despite massive resistance from a steel/concrete building. A real jetliner would have encountered massive steel walls and steel floor pans-trusses-reinforced concrete floors immediately, as well as the dense steel core within 60 feet, drastically slowing the jetliner;

ii) Flight UA 175 hit WTC 2, according to NIST, flying through thin air at an estimated 542 mph yet its tail section disappeared in 0.20 seconds, implying a minimum average airspeed of 542 mph traversing the initial 159 feet inside the south tower, that is, airspeed did not decrease despite resistance by the steel/concrete building. A real jetliner would have encountered steel walls and concrete floors immediately, as well as the dense steel core within 37 feet and slowed drastically.

Video showing exactly what Morgan Reynolds is talking about: "Killtown: Air vs. Skyscraper"


We all know that the perps used a lot of false witnesses on 9/11 with a complicit media airing lies and deception. Now, even more and more experts are realizing that "planes hitting the WTC" were works of deception, like Joseph Keith, Ret. Aerospace Engineer explains here:


Kai Simonsen, as Devin Clark and the other perps., are the ones trying to blur things by saying that there is people that thinks 9/11 never happened, that's a subtle way to ridicule the whole TV Fakery research. We know that 9/11 DID HAPPEN, but NOT by the means and purposes scripted by the government and the media.


False Aircraft:


The aspect that has been despised by many, presumably fueled by the perp controlled �9/11 Truth movements�, is the military handling of the attack on the twin towers on television on September 11, 2001. We see that the "flight path" of the "plane" that struck the second tower, the south tower, has a mismatch between the different videos. For example, in CBS a trajectory presents the "suicide airplane" as if proceeding from the top of the smoke descending in a curve ("dive bomb shot"), while in other tracks the "suicide airplane" moves far below the smoke (aired by the same CBS (a Devin Clark �production�, as exposed by "911 Amateur part 1" and others), and a film by Brian Gately, a film by Naka Nathaniel, a film aired by "The Learning Channel", etc.) The same applies to other stations, for example at CNN we see that Park Foreman captured the "suicide airplane" flying below the smoke describing a horizontal path from left to right (from this shot there is a TV aired version and the stored file version) while Devin Clark presented it at the same station as if describing an angle of 45 degrees. The angles of descent of the "suicide airplane" among other televised versions of this attack also vary (for example, the NBC different versions of the size of the hitting �plane� and of the angle of descent, the original NBC airing presented an almost invisible, translucent object approaching the WTC2, then NBC colored it to make it more evident in their stored material, altering the original historical deception). Moreover, in several videos by Gamma Press - FOX (�amputee� plane, loses its wing and tail-wing) WNYW - Fox (the film by Kay Simonsen), PAX-TV, and CBS again (the film by �Tina Cart�, Cart for �Cartooneer�), we see the nose of the "suicide airplane" emerging on the other side of the tower, but the photos of that event at the NIST site show no exit hole one, only some wear by the explosives that did not reach to break the iron beams. The same video shows one of the wings of that plane as if it suddenly disappeared.


Another phenomenon that confirms that all these videos of "suicide airplane" crashing into the towers are a deception, is that the shots from the front of the buildings being hit, the aircraft penetrate the towers as if the "plane" were made by butter (look for the video of the first hit the Jules Naudet attack, and for the second attack see: Michael Hezarkhani, Luc Courchesne, Pavel Hlava, etc..). Multiple analysis of this information and its fraud on the Internet (YouTube) under the headings "September Clues" (a ten part series) "911 Taboo," "911 Amateur," "Foxed Out", "Nose Out" �9/11 TV Fakery," "2001 Fake Odyssey", �911 Octopus 8�, etc. David Handschuh, who was just below the south tower did not see any plane, and like him, many others who were initially interviewed.

[Images of False Aircraft: Discordant trajectories at CBS, NBC (similar to the fraud by Devin Clark broadcasted by CNN, ABC and CBS), by PBS NOVA, also aired in 2002 by "The Learning Channel".]


The projection of holograms, since before 2001 was in a state so advanced that it is feasible, as John Lear thinks and as a military document shows since 1996, plus the fact that there were many helicopters flying around the twin towers on that day. Also, Ace Baker shows how they may have done the video animation of �planes� hitting WTC1 and WTC2.


For his part, Jeffrey Hill (Jeff from Canada, a member of Pilots for Truth, and of has been devoted to call each of the people that supposedly filmed the "suicide planes" as well as to the alleged witnesses of the crashes (which have proved to be actors, see actor Gary Welz). When we hear calls from Jeff, one reaches the same conclusion: that the events of "planes" crashing into the towers were a fraud of the largest magnitude. Jeff has also called on the people of Shanksville, finding that the first ones who came to the "plane" crash site did not find any evidence of it. Jeff has also called experts in engineering and demolition, which contradict the official story of 9/11. Jeff�s calls enable us to appreciate that these attacks using planes to New York in 2001 were optical hoaxes using the most advanced visual technologies (holograms, computer-generated images CGI, etc.). Actually, that was an attack by the most advanced and classified military technologies of destruction to destroy these three buildings (WTC2, WTC1 and WTC7, the latter demolished at 5:20 PM in the same September 11, 2001). The courageous calls by Jeff bring out what the mass media haven�t done. The mass media rather have lied to the American people and to the entire world.


The criminal perps are so bold that even brag about their media control for military purposes: (Report to Congress, 27, July, 2001 !!!)


Real Aircraft:


The most modern technology was visible on 911, unknowingly sponsored by the tax dollars of the American population and worst, a black program even unknown by Congress: The Hidden Advanced Aircraft of Bush's Black Operation 911:


In mid-2006 I saw Rick A. Siegel �911 Eyewitness�. Since then I began to look for videos related to this incident, from documentaries to news of the event.


I decided to focus my attention on everything flying during that tragic day. In a documentary related to the incident at Shanksville (Flight 93. The Flight that Fought Back), aired by the "Discovery" channel and narrated by the main artist of the series "24", there is a clip of the side view of a white plane flying quite low near the White House in Washington, D.C. I immediately did put that three seconds short snippet on the Internet; soon, many 9/11 investigators began to identify it. The group "Pilots for Truth" on their former Blog concluded that it was the E-4B, an advanced military aircraft, which flew around the Pentagon before, during and after the attack on the Pentagon (currently that group for some absurd reason decided �not to have an open to everybody to read� debate anymore). This was not the only aircraft flying around the Pentagon, also flew at the same time over the E-4B a C-130 aircraft piloted by Steve O'Brien. The producers of the documentary indicated that the rights of the E-4B clip fell to FOX TV, however Fox have denied having the E-4B 9/11 clip.


[Images of True Aircraft: The E-4B flying around the White House and Lt. Col. Steve O�Brien, pilot of the C-130 following the E-4B.]


CNN has in its archives images of the same E-4B plane, but not aired until September 12, 2007. There was no station in the United States to air live the side view of the E-4B on September 11, 2001 or in the days immediately to the tragedy. Mark H. Gaffney has published an article on the Internet related to this E-4B for the "Journal of 9/11 Studies" and is working on a book about the same to appear on September of this 2008 year ("The 911 Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America"), also David Ray Griffin will include aspects on the E-4B in his current book published on march 2008 �9/11 Contradictions�. Videos with white jets filmed flying around the Twin Towers in New York were also captured, as well as testimonies of a white plane flying around Shanksville, Pennsylvania. These are real military aircraft that were flying on September 11, 2001 before, during and after the event. Also see Appendix A, below.


Reynolds wrote:


�Further, team 8 through FOIA has obtained radar evidence that "the Flight 11" (note: unscheduled, probable E-4B or Decoy Plane, or both being the one and the same) was 9.6 miles west of WTC 1 at 8:47 a.m., 20 seconds after the alleged crash.�

"The same chameleon plane could have appeared at all three incidents: 9:03a at WTC 2, 9:32-9:37a at the Pentagon, and 10:06a at Shanksville." "Such a plane might have taken off from Stewart Air base in Newburgh, NY, the alleged crossover point of the flight paths of Flights 11 and 175... The plane would time its "switch to invisibility" at the south tower with nearly simultaneous ignition of internal charges in the tower. It would all happen within the space of two seconds, stunning everyone and convincing many that they just saw a crash..."


We think that the more people voicing out their 9/11 findings at the Internet and at the Courts will be a bigger pressure, so much necessary before the real criminals escape away with their 9/11 operation in few months from now.


Real aircraft flying on 9/11 included a lot of helicopters, choppers, flying around the World Trade Center (WTC), like those �NYPD� ones:


Here we can see a compilation of declarations by Hayes and Walsh as well as NYPD Choppers flying very close to very advanced survey devices (technological orbs) without reporting that, and flying very close the attacks to both towers and the controlled destruction of them.


Please ask Tim & Pat:

1- Why the "NYPD" chopper approached the rooftop "if they knew" it was sealed? Patt Walsh says that "at that time" they could not rescue from the rooftop... didn't they knew as NYPD choppers that supposedly the rooftops were sealed since 1993?

2- Why Lt. Glenn A. Daley declared that at chopper # 14, were only four (4) officers: Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, & Maier
While Hayes declared that there were 6 (six people) in his chopper?
flatly contradicting his own "boss".

3- What were they really doing?

4- Why the extended version of their film only appeared in a Zionist TV station?


5- Why the voice of one "chopperer" is superposed in different places by History Channel & A&E in "The Anatomy of September 11th" & in the apostate Israeli TV station vs. BBC - Horizon 2002 by executive editor John Lynch.

It seems that those choppers were not rescuing people but assuring the Zionist prescribed & Bush approved BlackOp 9/11 went as planned.

6 - Tell NYPD that they should release all their footage taken by all their choppers flying around the WTC on 9/11, with no editing!

Choppers that were at the WTC on 9/11 include: NYPD Unit #3: Officers Schub and Kelhetter; #6, Detective Semendinger and Officer Ciccone; #12, Sgt. Rowley, Detective LaGarenne, Officers Diaz and Jordan (we can see his helmet in some NYPD footage); and #14, Officers Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, Maier, and _____ and _____ (ask Hayes to fill-in the blanks). Lt. Glenn A. Daley declared that he: "helped coordinate the response from the NYPD Aviation Unit Operations Center".*

7 - Ask NYPD "chopperers" what they meant with: "they knocked the whole freaking thing down"...
Who are those "they" according to NYPD? Caveman Osama & "stinky" fellas? We rather think that you, Zionist Mossadian Sayanims did 9/11. You are destroying America!


And please, give up the Zionist attempt to wiretap every computer, that's a sick and wrong plan!


* This was on the Internet and has been removed:


"Where credit is due

As a guest speaker at the recent SAR 2001 conference in San Diego, California, I had the honor of addressing attendees and relating the airborne law enforcement response to the World Trade Center disaster. Specifically, I outlined the role of the NYPD Aviation Unit and the difficult situation facing the responding aircrews. However, at no time was I airborne during the morning of the attacks.

Rather, I helped coordinate the response from the NYPD Aviation Unit Operations Center. My recollection is that I made this clear at the conference.

Consequently, the responding aircrews deserve the proper recognition: NYPD Unit #3: Officers Schub and Kelhetter; #6, Detective Semendinger and Officer Ciccone; #12, Sgt. Rowley, Detective LaGarenne, Officers Diaz and Jordan; and #14, Officers Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, and Maier.

Responding to the events of 9/11 was difficult enough for these aircrews, without giving credit where credit is due.

Lt. Glenn A. Daley
NYPD Aviation Unit
New York, New York"

Other Very Well Known Details:


All the concrete and pieces of steel of the twin towers were pulverized, while more steel was burning for several days, when cooled it became the "meteor" of 9/11 (groups of about four levels of the twin towers compacted in a single mass). The lungs of the first persons who came to try to help probably contain evidence of the materials used to destroy the towers. On the other hand, how could the "pulverized" third aircraft (Pentagon) and fourth (Shanksville) have been able to provide almost the entire DNA of its passengers, the same that �has been identified�? The DNA does not stand more than the structural materials that made the aircraft. As Morgan Reynolds wrote:


�Such �vaporizing� heat was selective enough to preserve sufficient fingerprints and DNA to identify victims. These miraculous results were courtesy the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, the government�s �trustworthy� producers of autopsies from Waco, TWA flight 800, etc. The chain of custody for these human remains is unspecified.�


Anthrax attacks, which occurred shortly after the September 11 were also part of that operation, as it was discovered that the strains used were of the most concentrated, high-tech process only possible in the military installations at Fort Detrick (USAMRIID), where the genome of that strain of Anthrax "Ames� was also obtained, as demonstrated by the team of Paul Keim of TIGR, who published their findings in the journal "Science". The first victim of these Anthrax attacks in letters was the photographer and journalist from Florida Robert (Bob) Stevens, who took pictures of the Bush daughters intoxicated/drunk. Others who received emails with Anthrax were reporters critical of Bush, like Tom Brokaw who hinted that Bush came to power thanks to the help of his brother Jeb, who as governor of Florida in the election days, contribute to the victory of �dubya� (George W. Bush). Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle also received letters with Anthrax and both opposed the unpatriotic "Patriot Act" that Bush and his cronies wanted to be approved as soon as possible. The White House began taking the antibiotic Cipro against Anthrax one week before the attacks began. In addition, although Bush and his people tried to eliminate the largest number of scientists involved with the knowledge of the genome of Anthrax, they could not stop them all, and finally the origin of the bacteria was discovered. Since then, the press has remained silent on the "research" related to Anthrax in the mail, investigations that are stagnant (check at the words: anthrax learning channel).




With the videos of these "planes" crashing into the towers like butter, lacking of any single coherent trajectory of the "plane" that crashed into the twin tower south (WTC2), one is able to realize that this is a visual deception. Critical investigation of the videos of September eleven 2001 allows us to conclude that there were no planes crashing into the twin towers, the Pentagon or on Shanksville. In contrast, most other real aircraft aerial vehicles of the most advanced American military forces were covertly flying both before, during and after all the events of that day; it appeared as if they had been orchestrating all that happened on September 11.


How can we support NAFTA and the "American Union" (Canada, USA and Mexico) if the leaders of the United States are capable of killing their own people through the most advanced military technologies and biological weapons in order to promote political projects both internationally covert (wars under fictitious reasons) and locally (the removal of the rights of its citizens by alleged "Patriot Acts" authorizing having intercepted communication lines of the citizens (wiretaps) as well as the removal of firearms and the push for the overall identification or "Real ID" (heading to the "microchip"), operation led by Michael Chertoff, a Zionist director of the �Homeland Security�, agency created after 9/11)? The false premise was that the USA was attacked by a group of madmen from the Middle East. Evidence indicates that Zionists copulated with the media and the government, with banks, with the military-industrial complex, as well as with the 'intelligence' agencies of the United States (CIA, FBI, NSA�) and the World (see the video: "The War Party" on YouTube: 1, 2, 3, 4).



Appendix A:


C.I.T.�s New Findings:


Currently there are eyewitness interviews declaring that there was a decoy plane flying BEFORE, DURING (no plane "hit" the Pentagon) and AFTER the Pentagon attack, following a different pathway that the supposed & non hitting Pentagon �AA77�. That decoy jet may be the same E-4B:

1 - Roosevelt Roberts:

CIT wrote: "there can be no doubt that the plane he saw was AFTER the explosion since he was in his booth hanging up the phone DURING the explosion... Roberts also has an audio interview from 11/30/2001 at the Library of Congress where he claims the same thing that he told us."
"...We have a couple more that we should have locked down soon then I'll put them all together."

2 - Harriet Anderson:


"We first heard there was a fire at the Pentagon and then there was a really low flying aircraft outside our window that nearly knocked out all the glass. It seemed to be heading straight for congress."


3 � Sgt. LaGasse


4 � Sgt. Chadwick Brown


5 � Sean Boger, Air Traffic Controller, heliport at Pentagon


6 � Terry Morin


7 � The CITGO Employee


8 � The Asian Owner of a Store,


9 � Victoria and female cousin Reyes


10 - Some Congressional Aides:


"Some congressional aides disputed Mica's account, saying they had indeed been warned by police on Tuesday morning that a plane was heading towards the Capitol -- but that this was after the Pentagon had been hit, so it could not have been the same plane."


Etc. etc at:


White Jet: and

The Pentagon Flyover - How They Pulled It Off

The witnesses that saw a plane flying low before the attack, a very most important testimony: Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois, John Mica of Florida, and Bob Hunt (who "talked to a number of average people")...


And then "mole": This witness's team leader saw the 757 over the mall. The witness himself saw the e-4..." Then "mole" wrote: "it did circle downtown DC, supposedly looking for a target, possibly the Whitehouse which is not as easy to pick out from the air as the Capitol or the Pentagon, before heading west again, then turning east for its final run at the Pentagon."


And liars, liars:


Mike Walter (from the propaganda machine U.S.A. Today) declared very soon after 9/11 that trees obstructed his view of the "impact" when he was on road 27.


Years later he tries to rewrite his story (through channel 9) saying that the reason for the small hole captured by pictures and videos of the immediate attack to the Pentagon (some 19 ft) was done because the wings folded back and entered in, he even described it at least two times by folding his hands. I think that he was the same one saying on 9/11 "a cruise missile with wings" went and slammed into the Pentagon, even when his view was obstructed. That he was a "propaganda" tool is clear when we compare Walter with another "propaganda" liar piece of...:


Main References:


Killtown�s WTC2 Hit (second crash) Video collection:


Simon Shack�s keen analysis:


Morgan Reynolds�s Articles: (good compilation of current knowledge)


Jeff Hill, channel: (which includes his unique phone calls)


911 Stealth�s Channels:


Rosalee Grable�s Channel (pioneer of the now 9/11 TV Fakery booming Research): (her interview with Harold Channer, a Time Warner production)


Genghis6199 Great Compilation of the TV footage aired on 9/11, and from documentaries:
Here, Genghis6199 is talking about his suspicion that peolpe like the guys of "Loose Change" and Alex Jones may be "cointeling" against TV Fakery, those guys touch everything but the root (the fake "hijacked planes"), which is "the reason" for the bogus "war on terror", a "pre-emptive" action, according to those cynical liars Bush and Cheney, and their shadowy REAL bosses. The media and the government seem to be paying to many people even, probably, to some of those ridiculously noisy and divisive (c'mon, you know who they are) counter-culture "members" of the "mashup porno no-planers" movement (you just need to remeber the 1960's C.I.A.'s sponsored "counterculture" to "stupidize" young people to let alone the Vietnam "business" war), in order to protect the current lying Propaganda Machine, The Mass Media's "big green ass": Chiefly FOX, CNN, ABC, BBC, NBC, CBS, "disinfo" Popular Mechanics, The History Channel, The Hearst Corporation and ALL its newspapers and its diverse "media machine", etc...


More insights in the 9/11 deception:

Go to the previous article:

We found the E-4B, NOW the cointel disinfo guys are using it, as we mentioned, 'cause those spooks, shills and schmucks will use everything at hand to publicly ignore, ridicule, obscure, or hide, the simplest and clear evidence for "the lying root": those "fake planes" on 9/11 "penetrating" WTC1 & WTC2: