Hello everyone... Welcome to Sit Boo Boo Sit! Cool title, huh? This site is all about my best friend and sometimes pain in the butt, Boo! First, here is little about my pride and joy We saved her from our local animal shelter(CVAS.org) when she was just a pup. She had a sister that also went to a good home. Her Birthday is Halloween ( she's four years old) and as far as we can tell pretty much a mutt Not that being a mutt is bad!) She is very, very playful and she loves to swim (just check out the photo gallery.)  Lets just say she's a huge ham for the camera so, my picture gallery might take a couple of minutes to load because there is a ton of pictures on there ( it's worth the wait, I think) Oh, before you surf on, please signBoo's guestbook and tell us what you thought of our site!.
This was a gift from Willie Girl, Ozzie McMutt, & Joy Lynn (Thanks so much by the way!) Click on it to meet other cool dogs that were adopted just like Boo!
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Do's & Don'ts of having a Boo Boo!~ It's a funny page
Boo Boo's Grandma makes Hand Quilted Pillow shams, Wall Hangings, and Hand-Lined Baskets. Check them out above.
This is a site I made for my uncle's 50th birthday. He hasn't seen it yet so, hopefully he takes the joke well!  Stop in and sign the guestbook with birthday wishes.
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