Thankyou To:

*God, Creator of heaven and earth, and giver of every good gift. Thank you.

*Erich, for encouraging me to 'get a whole bible'...see what you started!

*Family and Friends, for all of your patience and willingness to test and try and answer many questions.

*Texasgal and SeekingTruth, thank you both for being such wonderful and patient testers. Thankyou also for coming up with such great ideas. Michael and Carl, thankyou also for joining the testing team and helping to track down errors and make suggestions. All of your help has been much appreciated.

*Zahakiel for doing the new Bible files, extra bible facts, the !song, Apocrypha, notify and clock/alarm modules. It was so nice to know that you were taking care of them!! You have done a great job.

*Warrior124, for all of the time you took to help me and answer my many questions. I've learned alot from you. Thankyou also for ScriptureBot, it is a wonderful tool for God. Thankyou also for posting the Nick Kick Counter code on the techgear forums.

*eXonyte, for the Vincula script and Ch-BibleBot and also for your friendlness. Keep shining for Jesus.

*Hybrid for the advertisement dialog, it works great.

*Wyatt & Brandan from Christian Command for the original !trivia questions and !answers, they were a Godsend.

*James for ChristianEthics free web site hosting from Feb/03 - July/03. Your email and amazing offer were an answer to prayer. Thankyou also for all the work you put into the old web site, I was sorry to see it go.

*Gencore for providing †ChristianEthics with free file/ftp space from Feb03-June03. Thankyou beyond words, your kindness touched my heart.

*Techgear007 for hosting the †ChristianEthics Script and also the Bible Files.

*LightFox and Zahakiel for the new 1000 questions that go along with the new Full Bible Trivia Game, amazing work!

*Tat for the full bible trivia game original script and Zahakiel for the modifications that make it work on mIRC/msn, it works great.

*Ryan for providing 10 new bible versions! (AKJV, ASV, RSV, YLT, HNV, BBE, WEB, ACV, Darby, Rotherham) Thankyou so much for putting them into the format that CE uses, your help has been amazing!

*Koz|cal, err0r, IRCTech-DJV[HizPower, Tanker] for their Vincula File Edits.

*IRCTECH-DJV for the nifty EZ vincula name. I love it!..though now its EZR :) Thankyou also for faithfully updating the CE versions for download at Evolution Scriptz!

*Vexation for the ClearMSN and Nuclear connections. Great job! Thankyou also for the help on the 'show users colors glitch' and automating the userrole updater for vincula EZR.

*GateKeeper for the work on the new BibleBot v2 system[originally by CyberHawk] and re-doing the 22 bible version files to work with it.

*zBrute, Tyrant, Chris and The Gate Keeper for the subscriberinfo updater in EZR2.3

*Soul_on_fire for all your help in writting and testing the new flood protection pack, it was great fun and you were an awesome help!

*X-Fusion for part of the Clone Logger and Nick List Colors code. I really love the colors! Thankyou also for being around to answer questions and offer help.

IRCx for the basic mIRC-VSIXc script, which was the foundation for me learning how to update CE for VSIXc, and also for being around to answer my countless questions. I appreciate all of your hard work, and VSIXc chat Network is awesome!

*Travis for the font stripper and replacer codes along with soo many other ideas, and suggestions that are just too numerous to list here, such as the kiss, showing parts/joins in whisper windows, changing the mirc color pallet to show my favorite color etc etc etc. Thankyou also for writing the auto updater script (which will be released in CE v5.0), and for providing the webspace needed for the auto updater, and custom chatrooms. It is a blessing that you are in my life. You are a great friend, and I'm happy to be apart of SoulFly. You've done an amazing job on it. :) I love you.

*Thankyou to everyone who has used ChristianEthics and has offered feed back, or let me know about errors that needed to be fixed. You've all been a great help!

*Thankyou also to everyone on the eXtreme team message boards and techgear007, you've answered many questions and given much information.

I pray that God blesses each one of you,