* Easy to use with lots of on-screen instructions

* 22 Bible Versions and Apocrypha Module

* Bible !trivia, Bible !facts, !wisdom, !songs

* Rotating timed advertisement feature

* Message Centre and Notify Module

* Remote Commands for other room hosts.

* Mode warn/lock, Deop, Owner Pass, Change Kick etc.

* Profanity ads scrolling caps kicks/specs with or without ban

* Away-back, Join-leave, Sleeper, Time, Ping Kicks

* Script Detector and Kicker

V9.3 Additions
*Released April 15/2006

* Updated to Vincula EZR 5.03ce-fixes room creation 100%, fixes the 'not registered error', fixes the show non-subs so that it doesn't auto set +v in moderated(+m) rooms.

* Fixes !trivia, !songs, back messages, auto room re-joiner, and adds in auto stop for hybrids trivia, by SeekingTruth4.

* Adds access protection for hosts and owners who are opted in room.

V9.2 Additions
*Released April 12/2006

* Updated to Vincula EZR 5.02ce to connect after the April 8th MSN server changes.

* Updated to mIRC 6.17 to accomodate the new passport updating system.

V9.1 Additions
*Released April 27/2005

* last fix-it pack for CE

* updated to NuClear MSN 602

* fixed the ctcp time ban button

* fixed the away back ban button

* fixed away back messages to keep the back message from erasing itself

* fixed the Mode Warn/Mode Lock on off message

* Room Knocks status(on off) message fixed

* updated version info

* scripturebot option should work if you download the scripture bot file from: http://ca.oocities.com/ChristianEthics_downloads

* fixed the webtv host commands

* pdated script detector/kicker so it doesn't kick ping's so quickly

V9.0 Official Additions
*Released March 15/2005

* full re-write of ChristianEthics

* udated to vincula EZR 4.9

* added info on script kick list

* away/back notes fixed

* hybrids away system updated

* auto make fixed. use /make or /make2 or /make3 now

* guest flood protection one minute ban fixed

* to turn off the +v mode when people join, right click on screen and use: the vincula menu..Extra EZR Options..show non-

*subscribers in nick list

* non-sub kick fixed

* finder system fixed

* the forgotten ban button for script kick added back in

* !songs !trivia !facts quirk that plays a song, I was unable to track down the problem and so no fix is made.

*script kick minutes(s)) changed to minute(s)

V9.0 Beta Additions
*Released February 28/2005

* full re-write of ChristianEthics

*lots of new options including full control panel (type in /open to open it)

* new faker detector, faker kick, non-subscriber kick.

* new flood protection package.

* a new history module by ozzy.

*updated script detector and kicker.

* webtv hosting ability commands, that lets you give your webtv hosts the ability to operate your script remotely and kick and ban people etc.

* new profile scanner.

* new finder which shows which rooms the joiner is chatting in, when they join.

* selective no host option added.

* most up to date connections: clearmsn5.4d, NuClear 600 and vincula 4.9 ezr 4.7ce

V8.5 and 8.9 Additions
*Released October 3/04

* Updates to Vincula EZR 3.8 and ClearMSN 5.2a and fixes the !files edits the profanity kicks etc

V8.2.2 Additions
*Released September 18/04

* Fixes the !facts !trivia !wisdom !songs full bible trivia and hybrid trivia to work with 'show users colors'

* Fixes the new biblebot to work with /access /channel /help etc

V8.2 Additions
*Released September 5/04

* Fully automated passport updating sytem.

V8.1 Additions
*Pre-Released September 2/04

* New Theme which looks more like browser.

*2 Connections: Vincula Neo 49 EZR2 and ClearMSN 5.01 Both auto update userrole and subscriberinfo numbers.

* New BibleBot system - which has 22 avaliable Bible Versions. This new system does not work with the old Bible files so you will have to re-download new ones.

* Added a Lock Down Mode to help secure room from flooders.

* General updates to help manuals and files.

V7.1 Additions
*Released August 24/04

* Updated color theme

*Editted Vincula Neo49EZR to help make updating SubscriberInfo and Userrole numbers easier.

*Other small general fixes and updates.

*Released February 10/04

* Added in "Show Non-Subscribers" in Nicklist. It helps show who is a paid chatter and who is a spectator

* Script-detect/kick no longer requests time and ping replys.

* Fixed PassportFlooding/Room Limit Protection glitch

*Released February 9/04

* 3 More New Bible Versions. ACV, Darby, Rotherham. Thankyou to Ryan for providing them!

* Editted Vincula to auto join group rooms

* Auto-unspec set to correctly show non-subscribers on nicklist

* Added MSNREGCookie to drop down menu

* Added instructions to the input boxes for subscriberinfo and userrole

*Released February 5/04

* 7 New Bible Versions. AKJV, ASV, RSV, HNV, BBE, YLT, WEB. Thankyou to Ryan for providing them!

* Updated welcomes, auto kicks etc to request a message be set when the feature is turned on

* Added in the GuarDDog room joiner thankyou David!

*Released October 13/03

* Work with Subscription Chat

* mIRC 6.12

* Vincula 4.9

* Reorganized menu options

* Added Moffie(disconnect)Protection

* Added New Music System with more choice

* Added Host/Owner Away Deop

* Added Away/Back Messages

* Added an Away System

* Added a Kick Counter

* Added Hybrids Trivia File(works with the 1000 bible questions) So now there are more !trivia commands avaliable

* Added in some background effects

* Fixed Passport Flooder kick (its now located under room protection)

* Fixed whisper hosting

* Fixed a script kick and script detect glitch (thanks to 777 for letting me know about it)

* Updated join-part flood kick

* Updated away-back flood kick

V5.3.1 Additions
*Released August 11/03

* Fixed the Full Bible Trivia Game Freeze-up Error

* Fixed a braket mismatch in menu bar. hankyou to Ozzy10
for finding this and letting me know

* Added some info on the August 7/03 msn updates and how
it affects the passport updating

*Released August 8/03

* Updated to Vincula 4.8

* Auto updates the MSNREGCookie for

* Added in a new full bible trivia game with 1000 questions

* Updated e-mail addresses and web page links

* Re-set some of the full owner protection options to help
prevent flooding out when using this option

* Added extra instructions and updated welcome message

V5.2 Additions
*Released April 9/03

* Room Protection completely re-done.

* Owner/Host Locks

* Owner Access Protection (basic and full)

* Deop & Password Change Kicks improved.

* Clone Detector added in.

* Nick Kick system, porn/spam, kick list, silent disconnect list

* Script detector and kicker updated

* Random gate ban system

* Passport flood and clear screen flood kicks added in.

* Cute-Replys (like bot talk)
* Clock/Alarm Module by zahakiel

* Auto knocks

* Many features, such as welcomes, now require you to have
host status to work