Fix-it Section

Below is a list of fixes for some common problems. If you do not find a fix for your specific problem please visit the Help Board or E-mail me.

ChristianEthics-VSIXc 4.3
Jan 31/07

On 4.3 if the action text (/me) does not post it is an easy fix:
1. Hold down ALT + R to open scripts editor..
2. Go to remote tab..
3. Then go up to 'view'..
4. View the vfs.vsixc file.
5. Then use the 'find text' button on upper right hand side to find:

on *:INPUT:#: {

Just below that line you will see:

if (/ == $left($1,1)) { halt }

*Change the word halt to return

*Now close and save your changes--you are finished. :)

**I am not sure why return in that command causes some computers to double post the action text, while other computers single post it fine. In the same breathe, I am not sure why the halt causes some computers to single post it fine, and other computers to not post it at all.

ChristianEthics-VSIXc 4.1
Nov 4/06

To stop the action text (/me) from double posting, go into the vfs.vsxic file and search for:
on *:INPUT:#: {
if (/ == $left($1,1)) { return}

*Change the word return to halt

(you can find the vfs.vsixc file in the Scripts Editor (Tools, Scripts Editor, Remote Tab, View, vfs.vsixc file. Just use the 'find' button on upper right corner of scripts editor.)

ChristianEthics-VSIXc Transitional Script
Sept 7/06

If There is an error in the [Add Color To Messages] part of the help file. Here are the VSIXc color messages instructions:

1. Open up the CE control panel and use the topic button (under the settings tab)
2. Hold down ctrl + K and choose a color, then type your message.
3. This works for setting the topic, welcome, or just your own message to screen.

ChristianEthics-VSIXc Transitional Script
Sept 7/06

If your messages look like this:
-ti2 #[RL][EN]zztestg Gwen:

Use the CE control panel 'font/Snd' button to change the font from Arial black to another font, with color. Then turn the color on. Your name and message should show up correctly then.

Script Kick Re-fixed for WebTv.
May 4/06

This fixed copy of Script Kick is set so that it shouldn't kick webTV users anymore. Please let me know if you still have problems with it. Fixed Script Kick

Customize Mode color and /botcolor
April 25/06

Fixed a couple more bugs in Vincula EZR: now you can customize your mode color (view..colors...) and it adds in some info on MSN Screen Colors vs Bot Screen Colors /botcolors. Vincula 5.032ce or Vincula 5.032p

Quick fix is to search the vincula file for :RAWMODE: and take out the 15 that is between the two boxes. This will allow the mode color to reflect whatever you have chosen in the mIRC color box under View-->Colors..

The addition of /botcolor info is a slight change in the setup dialog and the /botcolor echo info at the bottom of the vincula file.

Show users color unsetting
April 23/06

If you are using Vincula EZR 5.02 or 5.03 you can just download the fixed vincula file. Make sure you download the CE version if you are using ChristianEthics, or the p version if you are using another bot. Vincula 5.031ce or Vincula 5.031p

Or you can simply make the following changes in your existing vincula file:

1. Open your bot and go to Tools..Script Editor..Remote Tab..View..Vincula.mrc.

2. Use the 'find text' in the upper right hand corner and find: docolor Change all of the docolor to audocolor2

Most of them are already changed, but I missed a couple, and that is what was unsetting the 'show users colors' option.

The next fix is also small..find the following text in the vincula file:
else %r = $+($chr(37),$chr(35),G_,$right(%r,-2))

Now Exchange those last 5 lines of code with these new ones

if (?#G_* iswm %r) %r = $+($chr(37),$chr(35),G_,$right(%r,-4))

else %r = $+($chr(37),$chr(35),G_,$right(%r,-2))

if ($sock(rc.look.comm)) sockclose rc.look.comm

rc.LCcomm | sockmark rc.look.comm %x

;else { rc.LCcomm | sockmark rc.look.comm %x }

That should fix the two bugs that I've found in Vincula EZR 5.03.

Groups Not Registered Error
April 11/06

*Vincula EZR 5.03 fixes this error--so that you can have both the Nickname and MSNREGCookie filled in at the same time.

This error is caused by having BOTH the Nickname and MSNREGCookie parts of your vincula passport filled in at the same time. To fix ths error simply delete the information in one of those areas. [/msn.setup - Passport tab - Edit].

For custom nicks delete the MSNREGCookie and fill in the Nickname area, and to use the default passport name, delete the Nickname area and fill in the MSNREGCookie.

Manual Passport Updates
April 11/06

CLICK HERE for the Renderchat Manual Passport Udating Instructions.

V9.1 Script Allow Fix
March 11/06 Evening

Warning: The vincula menu kicks now conflict with MSN. Using the vincula menu kicks now cause the entire access list to be wiped out.

I have provided a set of instructions to fix the vincula kick coding, or you can just use the ChristianEthics kicks instead, they still work correctly.

Download The Vincula Kick Fix Instructions

V9.1 Script Allow Fix
August 30/04

Here is the fix for the 9.1 script allow list.
Download Fixed File

V9.1 Timed Kicks
Updated July 4, 2005
June 27/05

9.1 timed kicks fix. (24 hour, 1 hour and 15 minute kicks) Download Fixed File

V8.9b !trivia on/off
October 27/04

8.9b trivia's off also turned alot of other things off, this new popup file fixes it and also the remotes and backups doing the same thing.

This Download Fixed File

Updated! v8.9b Away Back Message
November 01/04

The biblebot unsets the back message, so it does not post the message correctly. To fix this error:
1) Go into the ChristianEthics 'files' folder and open the file named: awaybackmessage
2) Then search for the 4 places it says: bbackmessage
3) Change those 4 bbackmessage to abbackmessage
4) Turn away/back messages off and back on to reset changes.
5) In the ChristianEthics main folder(where the blue,yellow and red mirc icon is located), find the file named: popups
6) In the pop-ups file, using the 'find or search' option under the tools or edit button..find all the 'bbackmessage' and change them also, to abbackmessage
7) Close the popups file and open Ce and it should now work.

V8.9 profanity kick
October 08/04

A fixed profanity kick file, edits a bit more and fixes the kicks happen on words such as despise etc Download Fixed File

V8.9 mode-warn, mode-lock sounds
October 08/04

If the mode-lock or mode-warn being turned on along with the passport flooding room limit changer is annoying you with the constant mode-warn sound going off when people join or part..these files will solve that.

This Download Fixed Files

V8.7 !files
October 01/04

!facts !songs !wisdom !trivia !answer with requesting specific number fixed. Work with clearmsn and vincula and show users colors.

This Download Fixed Files

V8.4 Room Limit Changer
September 29/04

Fixed file for Room Limit Changer/ Passport Flood Protection. It works correctly now..and is compatible with GuardDog..sets limit to +3 instead of +5.

This Fixed(again) File will set the limits to the same as GuardDog uses to avoid conflicts. Let me know if you come accross any other conflicts and I'll update files for 9.0

Download Fixed File

V8.2 and 8.2.1 !options
September 18/04

ChristianEthics 8.2 and 8.2.1 !options Fix.
To fix the !facts !trivia !wisdom !songs not working in 8.2 and 8.2.1 turn off the 'show users color' option in the Vincula setup box, under the options tab, or Download This Fix

This fix also fixes the biblebot preventing the /access /channel /help etc commands from working.

V8.1 Pre-Release Connecting Trouble
September 3/04

ChristianEthics 8.1 Pre-Release Connecting Fix.
To solve the Connecting troubles in 8.1 download this fix. It will also fix the previous troubles non-subscribers had in using group chat in previous versions. Download This Fix

V5.5.2 PassportFlooding/Room Limit Protection February 11/04
If you downloaded ChristianEthics V5.5.2 before February 12, 2004, an error may occur when using the PassportFlooding/Room Limit Protection as an owner. If you are an owner and another owner leaves or changes a mode, it may auto set the room limit to 2 people.
It will also turn the feature on and off after a kick.
These errors are quickly and easily fixed by downloading This Fix

If you dowloaded ChristianEthics V5.5.2 AFTER February 12, 2004 you won't need to use this fix.

V5.5 BibleBot
February 6/04

If you notice that the Bible Bot in V5.5 won't work, try turning each bible version on individually (instead of using the All On button)

Also be sure that you have downloaded the bible version files..they are a seperate download and check that you have put the bible version folders into the biblebot folder

Subscription Chat and Group Chat fix
November 21/03 (updated November 28/03)

ChristianEthics v5.4.1 and newer automatically contain this fix so you don't have to download it if you have the new version of CE.

Instructions and fixed vincula file that works with the November 20/03 MSN updates to group chat and subscription chat. To download the updated Nov 28 fix, click Here

Subscription Chat and Group Chat fix
November 7/03

ChristianEthics v5.4.1 and newer automatically contain this fix so you don't have to download it if you have the new version of CE.

Instructions and fixed vincula file that works with the November 6/03(group chat) and October 14/03(subscription chat) MSN changes. Click Here

V5.4 Trivia Games
October 16/03

The ChristianEthics V5.4 Full Bible Trivia and Trivia by Hybrid may not be working correctly for some of you. If you are having troubles with them, click Here

Subscription Chat Fix
October 15/03

To download some instructions and the editted vincula file to fix ChristianEthics for paid chat click Here

V5.4 Whispers Not Working
October 15/03

If whispers are showing up on the main screen then you can follow these instuctions to fix it.
1) Open ChristianEthics
2) Click on 'View' from upper menu bar
3) Choose 'Options'
4) Click on 'IRC'
5) From the right hand column, uncheck the 'Queries'box
6) Click 'OK'
7) Your whispers should now work correctly again.

Joining Community Chat Rooms
October 13/03

Use this format to join Community Chat Rooms: G_CommunityName

1) Use the Join Room-Groups button
2) Use the 'room name' option (NOT url)
3) Type in: G_ before the community(group name)
4) If the community(group) name has more then one word, do NOT put spaces between the words.

For example: Our community(group) is called:
7th Day Adventist ChatRoom
To enter our community(group) chat room, you would enter:

Note that the Join Room-Groups by url is not working properly.

Also, when creating a room in your Community(group) do NOT check mark the 'group servers' box.

If you are interested in learning how to make ChristianEthics (or any script using vincula) gold in a Community(Group) Chat Room Click Here
God Bless each of you!

V5.3.1 Silent-Disconnect + Bans Not Banning
September 22/03

If you have found that the Silent-Disconnect and Disconnect custom bans and permanent bans are not adding the ban to the access list, then follow these instructions to fix it:

1) Open up the main ChristianEthics folder
2) Open up the file named: popups
3) Click on the [Edit] button inside the file and use the [find..] button
4) Find the words: Silent Disconnect
5) It should bring you to an area of the file about part way down..
6) Now in sentences that start with:
Silent Disconnect + Ban
Silent Disconnect + Permanent Ban
Disconnect + Ban
Disconnect + Permanent Ban
you will have to replace a few of the words....
7) Locate all the # in those 4 sentences and replace the # with $chan
8) Locate all the $address in those 4 sentences and replace them with this: *! $+ $$ial($1 $+ *,1).addr
9) Then close the file and re-start ChristianEthics for the changes to take effect
:-) Gods Love on you

V5.3 Full Bible Trivia causing freeze-up
August 10/03

This is caused because it is trying to read the wrong file. To fix this problem follow these simple instructions:

1) Open the ChristianEthics folder.
2) Locate the file named: bquestions
3) Rename bquestions to questions
The Full Bible Trivia Game should now work properly.
**This problem was corrected in V5.3.1.

451*you have not Registered Error Message
August 7/03
If you are recieving this error message it is because Msn made some changes on the evening of August 7/03 that affect the ability of scripts/bots to connect using passports.

Msn now requires the MSNREGCookie part of the passport to be updated as well. To fix this error and connect again follow the instructions below:

Fix 1 ( Vincula 4.8 ) (ChristianEthics V5.3)
1) Type /msn.getcookie in the status window ( vincula 4.8 ).
2) This should get all 3 cookies and fill them in automatically.
3) When you join the room, you can't make your nickname custom, because it'll base it off of your webchat nickname.

Fix 2 (Manually Get MSNRegCookie ) (ChristianEthics V5.2.1 or before)
1) Download the TechGear Grabber
2) Save File to your desktop
3) Run the TechGear Grabber
4) In the "Email:" field you need to enter a valid email
5) In the "Password:" field enter the password for the email you entered
6) Click the button below that labeled "Get!"
-Now in the field below that it is labeled "MsnRegCookie". You need to copy this.
-If you are using Vincula version before 4.8 you need to go type in /msn.setup and click on "Passport" tab. Highlight the passport you updated and click "Edit" and Enter the value you copied before in the field labeled "MSNREGCOOKIE" and click "Ok" Then Click "Ok" again and vincula options are closed now you can join a room again, but it will be the registered Nickname.
-If you are not using Vincula you need to open your passport options on your connection and find the area for "MSNREGCOOKIE" and enter the value you pasted there.
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BibleBot Fix for 'Verse cannot be found'
June 24, 2003

If you recieve the following error message (Verse cannot be found) when trying to use the biblebot then try the suggestions below.

1) open up the ChristianEthics folder named: biblebot.
-inside the biblebot folder there should be 4 other folders named:
(if the folders say bible-kjv or bible-nkjv etc..then open them up and place the inner folder named: kjv or nkjv or niv or nasb into the biblebot folder. The only thing that should be inside the kjv, nkjv, niv, nasb folders are individual txt files. This is often the cause of the biblebot not working correctly. :-)

2) If that did not help, open ChristianEthics and type in: /msn.setup
Then go to the 'options' tab and check to make sure that the option: 'show users colors' is NOT check marked. Having this option check marked causes the biblebot to not work :-)

3) Go to the Download Zone and located under files you will find Replacement Bible Operational Files. Download them and follow the insturctions inside.

If none of these things help, please feel free to email me.

Gods Love on you!

De-Hosting After a Kick
Tuesday, June 24, 2003

If you are having trouble with ChristianEthics dehosting itself AFTER a kick, it is most likely the 'sleeper/porn kicker' causing this.

What the sleeper/porn kicker does, is 'hides' as a participant and waits to pick up 'porn whispers' If it recieves one, it will then auto host up and auto kick the spammer, and then de-host itself again. The same goes for some profanity etc. Not all the auto kicks work on sleeper/porn, so if you are using the sleeper/porn kicker, you may want to bring in a 2nd copy of ChristianEthics and keep it as a regular host also.

(The ChristianEthics folder can be copy and pasted to a 2nd or 3rd location on your computer and renamed something slighty can then open it and run it completely seperate from the original ChristianEthics...thereby allowing you to have two in the room at the same time. )

(Also, you may have noted that you can re-click on the ChristianEthics mIRC icon, and it will open up a 2nd version....this also allows you to have two copies in the same room..although because the 2nd copy is running from the same file as the first, the settings will be the same...that is why its a good idea to copy the whole ChristianEthics folder to a 2nd that you can run two copies with completely different settings.)

God Bless you :-)

Vincula Update - Passport Not Updating Properly
May 04, 2003

For those of you having trouble updating your passport....

MSN has made a slight adjustment to it's logout addy. It has changed from to

This is the fix you can try for vincula. Open up your vincula.mrc in remotes(from top menu bar choose Tools, Remotes, View, Vincula.mrc). Then do a search for logout. You should see the addy about...change the logout to uilogout.. do another search from there for logout the same as ok and try to update your cookies. This is for those that have been having a problem....The old link should redirect to the new one but if you have alot of trouble doing it then try what i have stated. Hope that helps you.
Posted on Techgear007 by err0r

Cute Replys V5.2
April 23, 2003

If you find that the cute replys file is not working correctly, or that some of the commands work and some do not....

Then try removing the following from the cute-replys file:

on *:INPUT:*:{
IF (!sub isin $1-) { /msg # $calc($2-)
elseif (!add isin $1-) { /msg # $calc($2+)
elseif (!hug isin $1-) { /msg $chan ((((f) Hug for $nick (f)))) God Bless you also.
Once you have removed this part, you will not longer be able to self command cute-replys( meaning it won't respond to itself, only others) but it should help stop the quirkyness of this file from working fine sometimes and not working at all other times.

Gods Love,

Kick-ads and Spec-ads V5.2
April 23, 2003

If you find that ChristianEthics is kicking participants for saying words such as:

It is the www. and the .com causing it. It won't kick for awww or compost or complete, but if you add the dots in there, it will cause a warning and then auto kick to occur.

To help prevent this, you can add the following halt command into both the kick-ads file and spec-ads file.

if ( isin $1-) || ( isin $1-) || ( isin $1-) || ( dot com isin $1-) || ( www.. isin $1-) halt

Place the above code after this line:
if ($nick isop $chan) return

Then turn your kick/spec ads off and on again to set the new changes.
Thankyou to SeekingTruth for tracking down a fix for this.

God Bless you,

Script-Detect V5.2
April 14, 2003

If you find that the V5.2 script-detect all of a sudden just starts giving false script alarms...(based on ping), then its just a matter of changing your script-detect file around.

I'm not sure why this starts to happen, but for some reason all of a sudden each person who comes in sets the alarm off as a [No Ping. Script User] This glitch does not seem to affect the script-kick.

To fix this:
1) open up your Script-detect file (located in the Files folder)

2) find the following 2 lines:

on *:CTCPREPLY:*ping*: { /unset %scriptping [ $+ [ $nick ] ] | /unset %scriptreping | /unset %scripttimee [ $+ [ $nick ] ] | /unset %scriptretimee
on *:CTCPREPLY:*ping*: { if (ping isin $1) { /unset %scriptping [ $+ [ $nick ] ] | /unset %scriptreping | /unset %scripttimee [ $+ [ $nick ] ] | /unset %scriptretimee }

3) move these 2 lines up in the file a just above the line that starts with: on *:CTCPREPLY:*2002*:

4) Also, delete the end of each of these lines, so that they now look like this:
on *:CTCPREPLY:*ping*: { /unset %scriptping [ $+ [ $nick ] ] | /unset %scriptreping }

on *:CTCPREPLY:*ping*: { if (ping isin $1) { /unset %scriptping [ $+ [ $nick ] ] | /unset %scriptreping }

5) Close your script-detect file and turn script detect off and then on again to set these new changes.

Hopefully there will be no more false ping alarms :)
Gods blessings,

* /sockopen: 'msn.look.main' socket in use
April 11, 2003

If you recieve the following error while using ChristianEthics or any other script that uses vincula4.7.1

* /sockopen: 'msn.look.main' socket in use
* /sockopen: 'msn.look.comm' socket in use

ChristianEthics then fails to establish server connection and you are unable to join a room.
To fix this type in the following:

wait for a few seconds and then type in

This will re-register your ocx file and your server connections should establish again quickly.

Joining a room and disconnecting right away
April 11, 2003

If you find you have trouble joining a room..and seem auto disconnect as soon as you get is most often caused by the room name being too long, or containing to many !!!!!!. It can also occur if the room is sending several long welcome messages.

The best way to combat this is to turn everything off and then join the room. Once inside you can turn your options on again. Personally, I've found that its most often my welcome whisper that is responsible for this on-join flooding, and keeping that option off prevents me from disconnecting as soon as I join.
Gods Love and Blessing on you,

Access List Disconnecting
April 11, 2003

With the increase in the pornbots some people are noticing trouble with their access list....mostly that is will auto disconnect them when they try to open it.

This is caused by having too many ban entries in the access list..over 200 generally starts to cause troubles. Clear some of the old bans and you should be able to view your access list again.

Hope this helps,

V5.1 Help Desk
March 19, 2003

If you find that your help desk is NOT turning off..then type the following into your mIRC screen.

/unload -rs files/whisper-helpinfo.txt
/unload -rs files/whisper-help.txt

Type this in each time you want to turn help desk off.

bible versions quoting error Monday, March 17, 2003
If you bible versions are not quoting check a couple of things first.

1) (This is the most common cause of bible versions not posting)
on your mIRC screen type in: /msn.setup and look under 'options'
If the option 'show users colors' box is checked, uncheck it.
If the 'show users colors' box is checked you will be UNABLE to use
the biblebot options. (for reasons unknown, its a glitch)

2) Check to make sure your files are all in the right spot. The folders
named 'kjv' 'nkjv' 'niv' 'nasb' should be in a folder called 'biblebot'
the files named 'chkjvbbl' chnkjvbbl' chnivbbl' chnasbbbl' 'bible'
should all be in a folder named 'biblefiles'

3) If this does not help, your program files may be damaged, this somtimes happens in zip or unzip or copying them to a new location...simply download the small replacement files on this page. (note these replacement files are different then the optional bible versions.) These replacement files are the files that make the optional bible versions quote.

Connection Error sockopen:msn.look.main socket in use
Feb 2003

This is a possible, and easy to fix error that may prevent you from connecting properly.

If you are using ChristianEthics V1.7 to V3 you may recieve the following error occassionaly. (version 1.4 uses the old patched ocx and does not experience this glitch)

* /sockopen: 'msn.look.main' socket in use
* /sockopen: 'msn.look.comm' socket in use

ChristianEthics then fails to establish server connection and you are unable to join a room.
To fix this type in the following:

wait for a few seconds and then type in

This will re-register your ocx file and your server connections should establish again quickly.

V3 error: 'auto user list' feature
Feb 2003

I made a mistake on the popup menu... Lol

If your 'auto user list' function is not working then follow these steps.

In your mIRC upper tool bar click on Tools >> Popups >> view >> menu bar

This is a the list of your popup commands :)

Scroll about half way down, until you find this:

.&Auto user list
..Information: echo $color(other text) -at Auto User List Information. | echo $color(notify text) -at -This will save the names and gate numbers of users who enter your room to a file called 'users' which is located in your main ChristianEthics folder.
..on: /load -rs /files/autouserlist.txt | echo $color(List text) -at The auto user list is now on. You are now saving the names and gate numbers of users who join your room.
..- /unload -rs /files/autouserlist.txt | echo $color(List text) -at The auto user list is now off. You are no longer saving the names and gate numbers of users who join your room.

now simply remove the slash in front of the word /files so it should now look like this now:

.&Auto user list
..Information: echo $color(other text) -at Auto User List Information. | echo $color(notify text) -at -This will save the names and gate numbers of users who enter your room to a file called 'users' which is located in your main ChristianEthics folder.
..on: /load -rs files/autouserlist.txt | echo $color(List text) -at The auto user list is now on. You are now saving the names and gate numbers of users who join your room.
..- /unload -rs files/autouserlist.txt | echo $color(List text) -at The auto user list is now off. You are no longer saving the names and gate numbers of users who join your room.

V3 error first four kicks
Feb 2003

I found another error in the popups.
If your buttons to turn the first 4 kicks all on or all off is not working, then use this simple fix.

In your mIRC top menu bar, go to:
Tools >> popups >> view >> menu bar
Scroll about two thirds of the way down and replace these lines with the ones below.

.First 4 Kicks all on: /load -rs files/kick-ban-profanity.txt | /load -rs files/kick-ads.txt | /load -rs files/kick-scrolling.txt | /load -rs kick-caps.txt | { allowedcaps.set } | echo $color(Listbox text) -at Profanity, Advertisement, Scrolling and Caps kick are all on.
.First 4 Kicks all off: /unload -rs files/kick-ban-profanity.txt | /unload -rs /files/kick-ads.txt | /unload -rs files/kick-scrolling.txt | /unload -rs kick-caps.txt | echo $color(Listbox text) -at Profanity, Advertisement, Scrolling and Caps kick are all off.
.First 4 Specs all on: /load -rs files/spec-profanity.txt | /load -rs files/spec-ads.txt | /load -rs files/spec-scrolling.txt | /load -rs files/spec-caps.txt | { allowedcaps.set } | echo $color(Listbox text) -at Profanity, Advertisement, Scrolling and Caps spec are all on.
.First 4 Specs all off: /unload -rs files/spec-profanity.txt | /unload -rs files/spec-ads.txt | /unload -rs files/spec-scrolling.txt | /unload -rs files/spec-caps.txt | echo $color(Listbox text) -at Profanity, Advertisement, Scrolling and Caps spec are all off.

Now these two buttons should work again.
If you have any other questions, please email me,

God Bless,

V2 and V3 !facts
Feb 2003

If you are using V2 or V3 and the !facts are not working, this will fix them.

In your main ChristianEthics folder is a folder named: 'biblefiles'
Inside the 'biblefiles' folder are two files named 'chfacts'
Cut the chfacts file (that looks like a note pad) and paste it into the main ChristianEthics folder.
Leave the other chfacts file (that has what looks like a pen on it) inside the 'biblefile' folder.

So now you have chfacts.txt in the main folder and chfacts.mrc in the biblefiles folder. And your facts should work again :-)
Thank you to Ted for letting me know the !facts weren't working :-)

God Bless you all,

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