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November 18, 2007
I am very excited and pleased to announce that Travis has released a SoulFly Connection for BuzzenV2! :) He takes great care with his work, and it shows. The SoulFly connection is very easy to use, stable, fast, and filled with many options.

The SoulFly connection gives you the option of seeing users colors or not. It allows you to change the nicklist colors, scan profiles, auto rejoin all the rooms on your idle list, choose to hear whisper sounds only once, or after each whisper message etc. It also provides nice whisper harassement protection, and the option to block all notices, messages (including away and returns).

Scripters will find countless tools to help them develop their own personal scripts. Room managers will find options to help them manage their rooms, and chatters will find numerous benefits that help keep them protected from harassment.

SoulFly also has some rather unique and fun options such as games, a KISS and a BUZZ. SoulFly users can send other SoulFly users kisses. These kisses deliver a special message, and a kiss sound along with it! SoulFly is also set up with buzzes, which do the same as the kisses, only they send a message and buzzing sound.

For those of you familiar with the old MSN scripts, SoulFly includes an auto updater similar to the one GuardDog used to have. It makes updating as simple as a click of a button!

In addition, your old MSN addons should all work with SoulFly. Addons such as the biblebot.mrc file, the bible trivia, !songs, games etc. Just place the folders/files into SoulFly and load them by typing in: /load -rs FileName.extension For example: /load -rs biblebot.mrc

To date, Alien-Soul is the first full script released, which uses the SoulFly connection. Hybrid with the SoulFly connection is also very soon to be released!

You can join the SoulFly website and forum to download the SoulFly connection: SoulFly

I hope you enjoy using the SoulFly connection!

September, 2007
Im happy to announce that buzzen is de-cloning. :D

Sometime in the fall of 2007 buzzen will move over to their own supported chat system, a system that is NO LONGER dependent upon the msn ocx. That means Buzzen @ will be LEGAL.

This is great news in the chat world, and I am happy to offer congratulations and support to Jay/Buzzen, in their desire to grow and develop as their own [LEGAL] and unique chat network!!

Good job to Buzzen and Jay. I've talked hours with you now, Jay, and FINALLY completely understand your political and chat postion in the world. Odd as it may be...after a whole year of clone war--You're alright! -- All the best :D !

My home continues to be, and I love it there :D

For those how have emailed to ask for a CE script for buzzen v2 :) I wish I had the time to write another script!! I would love to write another script! ... BUT, I have a psych final to write aug 31st and another one the end of sept--so maybe after that. :) Look for the SoulFly name though--Travis is an amazing scripter! SoulFly

March 28, 2007
I'm happy to announce that the SoulFly script, by Travis, has been released! If you enjoyed using GuardDog scripts on msn, you'll love SoulFly! SoulFly is now available for download at Techgear: Download SoulFly Please visit the official SoulFly Webpage and Forum for future updates, information, and help.

Travis has done an amazing job on this script! It comes with all the standard script options, several nicklist color options, an auto updater like GuardDog used to have, plus it has a Translator, which makes it easier to communicate with the international people at VSIXc Chat.

I hope that you find SoulFly as easy to use and awesome as I do! You've done a great job Travis!

March 9, 2007
ChristianEthics VSIXc v 4.4 released today. It includes a bunch of updates and some fixes. Download CEv4.4

February 15, 2007
I have found a website, which has information regarding the Clone issue.

It is called Wikipedia. There is a write up on all the Msn Clones there.MSN Clones on Wikipedia

January 30, 2007
I continue to have people tell me that they know of people who update the old CE script and use it on the msn clone chat sites, such as buzzen and phreik.

I have requested in the past that people do NOT update and use CE at the clone chat sites. It bothers me a great deal, and I feel it is disrespectful of people to use CE at clone chat sites, especially after I have specifically requested that people do not use it there. I do not want all of the hard work I put into CE being used to support illegal clone chat sites. Please understand that, and respect it.

ChristianEthics is proud to be a NON-Clone supporter. I am happy to chat at a legal chat site, which has worked very hard to do things the RIGHT way. It is great to see so many christians willing to support VSIXc for doing what is right!

VSIXc has taken time and energy to do what is right by making their very own chat software(ocx), instead of illegally using someone elses.

VSIXc has spent time and money on providing a stable and secure custom ircx pro server, which has signficantly less downtime and none of the bugs that the clone seem to struggle with.

VSIXc does not clutter our screens with excessive and annoying google ads, because they are more interested in providing a clean chat environment for people, than they are in collecting money from the google ads!

Vsixc also offers permanent registered rooms for FREE.

VSIXc are continually able to update their chat software so that people never have to worry about chatting on an obsolete ocx. Things like multi-room joining with same nick, ascii nicks, 150 new avatars, 20 emoticons, forums, and new website layout are all being worked on. VSIXc just provided us with a small update to give us 3 new emoticons ahead of the big update, because alot of us were asking for those emoticons.

VSIXc has also provided us with a christian radio station under their v-radio, because they care about everyones chat experience. :)

I continue to pray that more christians will support VSIXc in doing what is right. VSIXc is a chat network worth supporting!

What is sad though, is that some christians have decided to support clones in doing what is wrong. Clones have illegally and unethically used msns copyrighted chat software instead taking the time and money to make their own. Worse yet, some of the clones are trying to take advantage of the situation and charge people $$ to for permanent registered rooms. It is sad to see some christians support the clones not only with their time, energy, and presence, but also with their $$. What the clones have done is not right, and supporting them is not right either. I continue to pray that people will choose to do what is right, and support legal chat sites, instead of the illegal and unethical clones. Yahoo, Paltalk, and VSIXc are all legal chat sites.

January 18, 2007
ChristianEthics-VSIXc 4.3 released today. It contains several fixes, but not too many new options, although there are a few new things. :)

November 20, 2006
The history of Buzzen is known by many, and many others are not aware of it. Buzzen was started by a group of xMSN trouble makers, and they originally used the names nsm and xmsn. Three years ago MSN shut them down for using those names and along with the MSN butterfly. They persisted in their unethical and illegal net behavior, changed their name, slightly changed their butterfly, and returned as we know them today: Buzzen. Currently, Buzzen is an illegal MSN Clone Webchat service.

As some of you know, I am strongly against illegal MSN clone webchat sites. These sites include: Buzzen, Phreik, Sparkpea, and many others. MSN clone webchat sites illegally use the MSN chat software to run their webchat service. It is not only unethical of Clone sites to ignore someone elses copyrights, but it is also illegal for them to use that copyrighted software without permission.

Please contact MSN if you would like to verify this personally, or contact Buzzen Admin_Jay(but be prepared for misleading and unclear responses, and you might have to tip him upside down to shake the truth out of him), or take time to read the following techgear forum Buzzen topics ( ( Buzzen Topic on Techgear, Buzzen Topic 2 on Techgear, Buzzen Topic 3 on Techgear, Buzzen Topic 4 on Techgear, I don't recommend that you contact Buzzen help desk staff, instead talk directly to Admin_jay, as such ridiculous lies as 'buzzen owns the copyright on MSN software' have been told at the help desk by at least one staff to convince a lady to register her room. Other equally ridiculous lies have circulated about Buzzen renting server space from MSN, and MSN owning Buzzen. (sigh) very sad situation.

Also, I forwarn you to provide un-used and non-personal email addresses on your Buzzen registration forms, along with false names. I give this warning because Buzzen haphazardly handed out my email address to at least one other site owner. Thankfully that site owner came and told me about it. I don't know how many others recieved my email address from Buzzen. Buzzen apparently handed it out in an attempt to track down who exactly I was, because I was telling people in the religion section at Buzzen, that Buzzen is an illegal MSN Clone, and encouraged people to move to a legal webchat site.

Further, Buzzen being on the same footing as all other MSN clone sites in illegally using someone elses chat software, goes further than other clone sits...for Buzzen collects 'donations of $50.00 per registered room' from their illegal and unethical behavior. At least none of the other clones collect finanical gain from their illegal and unethical behavior, like Buzzen does. (at least not that I am aware of).

As much as we may not have liked subscription chat, MSN took the time and financial burden to develop that chat software, and as we all know, MSN attempted to implement subsription chat as a way to make money. Most did not agree it was right for MSN to charge subscription fees, but it was well within MSN's right to do so, seeing as how they developed the chat software. MSN recently shut down chats, claiming they had a decrease in subscribed chatters. Now.. who is going to pay to use the MSN chat software at MSN, if they can go to buzzen and use the same chat software for FREE? Now instead of MSN making money from their chat software, buzzen is making money from it. Sadly Buzzen(previously nsm and xmsn) justified their cloning by saying charging for chat was WRONG and UNFAIR. Now Buzzen staff claim it is impossible to run a mass chat service for FREE, and thus Buzzen has now started asking for a 'donation fee' to register chatrooms. The only thing wrong with this, is that Buzzen is using someone elses copyrighted Chat software, and not their own to provide webchat services with!

Currently MSN is investigating these clone sites, and have stated that both buzzen and phreik are illegally using the MSN ocx(chat software). Large investigations like this one, which includes many many cloned chat sites, takes a significant amount of time to complete. Also, MSN has 3 years from the last day a clone site uses their ocx to file charges, so I don't suspect MSN is in any big rush to file charges. And really as far as damages go, time is on MSN's side, because the more $$ buzzen makes, the more MSN can potentially collect from buzzen in damages. At least the other clone sites are not attempting to make money from their illegal behavior, but buzzen has crossed yet another line, and is collecting donation fees for registered buzzen rooms. (sigh).

In addition, many saw the buzzen being advertised on MSN. These ads were NOT officially sent by MSN, rather they were sent by an MSN_Sysop using his position wrongly to support buzzen by sending those fake ads. Alot of people were tricked by this, and rushed to support buzzen, thinking it was an MSN endorsed chat site, and it is NOT an MSN endorsed chat site. Buzzen went so far as to offer misleading statments about this, saying those MSN ads were real. (sigh). Is this the type of behavior God wants Gods people to support? Some people say: 'its only chat' well to God all things are important, God simply does not support illegal activity, nor does God want christians supporting illegal behavior. It looks terrible that so many christian rooms are there using the services of an illegal webchat site.

Because of this, I will NOT update CE to work on buzzen or any other clone chat service, and I request that no one else does also.

I also encourage christians to find a legal webchat service to use: paltalk, yahoo, and vsixc are some examples of legal chat services. VSIXc ( is a great Non Clone chat network!

Personally I do not like Paltalk because of all the ads, and yahoo does not allow user created rooms. I have been chatting at VSIXc since Aug, and love the service there, plus the Admin is very set against ads. He does not like ad cookies on his computer, so he refuses to put them onto other peoples computers. The atmosphere at VSIXc is whole some, and uplifting. The server is stable and reliable, and the admin are friendly, helpful, and always working on neat new updates for their system. Further, there are alot of perks at VSIXc, for example room flooders are auto disconnected by the server, and room registrations are FREE. VSIXc was at 500 members in Aug, and now it has about 10,000+ members. It is growing quickly, and attracts decent people, who want to chat on a decent chat network.

I hope to see some of you join us at VSIXc :) VSIXc is a Non Clone chat network! We have a very neighbourly and supportive religion category there, which is growing each day. All room owners and hosts in the religion section are invited to help owner and host our Religion category community room, to help re-inforce our supportive environment, and help prevent the competative and mean spirit that seemed to exist so strongly on MSN. Permanent registered rooms are FREE, and VSIXc even provides us with a christian radio station under V-Radio. :)

November 15, 2006
Please E-mail Me, if you would like help with a VSIXc custom chatroom.

November 13, 2006
The latest VSIXc Chat Network ocx update enables people to create customized chatroom pages for their MSN groups and personal websites. These custom chatroom pages allow people to directly join VSIXc chatrooms from virtually anywhere on the web!

VSIXc custom chatrooms are easy to create, and very simple to add to MSN group and personal website pages. Here is the VSIXc Custom Webchat Page Generator, which is provided by the CCSCript group.

And here is an example of an Custom Webchat Page, in the VSIXc style, provided by the CCSCript group.

*There are many webchat page styles to choose from, and CCScript group also provides the option to host your custom VSIXc webchat page, and providing you with a direct link to the custom webchat page, so that you can simply add the link to your MSN group or personal webpage.

These custom VSIXc webchat pages can be registered at the VSIXc helpdesk for FREE, so that they remain open all the time. You can then add a list of hosts and owners to your access list.

**If you are experienced with html coding, you can create your own unique vsixc chatroom page using the VSIXc-SDK Tool, available on techgear.

November 9, 2006
ChristianEthics website has a new section called: VSIXc Chatrooms These links are examples of the VSIXc-SDK html custom chatroom creation option that VSIXc Chat Network now offers. Here is also some MSN Group Examples of how these custom VSIXc chatrooms can work in your MSN groups.

If you would like Chatrooms in your MSN Group or on your Webpages, you can download the VSIXc-SDK Tool at techgear, or ask at VSIXc help desk or lobby for help using it. *There is also a tool bye CCScript group, which allows you to simply enter your chatroom info, and then choose from several chatroom page formats. This tool should be released shortly.

I've also got examples of the custom chatrooms on an msn group: MSN Group Chatrooms You can create a Chatrooms documents folder and upload the html code directly into that, or link to the html code on another website. :)

These chatrooms allow people to join the chatrooms directly. A small login box opens up, allowing the chatter to login with a VSIXc registered name, or to sign in using a customized guest name. The whole system works great!

November 8, 2006
VSIXc has some exciting updates scheduled for later this week. An html room joining option will be offered, which will allow people to add VSIXc chat rooms directly to their webpages, and msn groups etc. :) I've tested it out, and it works great! The login system allows people to join the Chatroom directly from any webpage or msn group, with either a registered nick or with a customized guest nick.

A 2nd VSIXc update is also expected shortly, which will include some extra webchat tools. These tools will allow webchat(browsers) to do many of the same things scripts can do, for example room modes, access list entries etc.

A 3rd VSIXc update(the largest) is also scheduled for January, and it is expected to include the option for webchat(browsers) to be able to join more than one room with each nick(bot users can currently join 5 rooms with each nick). In addition VSIXc webpage revisions and updates are being worked on, as well as forums and much much more. :)

VSIXc Admin likes to hear feedback, so if you have any suggestions for future options please stop in the Lobby or Help Desk and let IRCx know! :)

By the way, VSIXc Chat is totally FREE. You can even register your chat rooms for free! VSIXc is growing fast, with new rooms and chatters joining every day. When I joined VSIXc in August it had 500 members, now VSIXc has over 9000 registered members. :)

Most people who are looking for a friendly and stable chat service love VSIXc. I know I do! :) Plus the server is already set up with excellent options which allow webchat(browser) people to change room passwords, topics, etc from their browser. In addition anyone who attempts to flood a room is auto disconnected from the server. :) It makes chatting a pleasant experience again!

November 5, 2006
ChristianEthics V4.2 has been released. Fixes the action text (/me) and the potential for hug wars.

November 3, 2006
ChristianEthics V4.1 has been released. Includes updated font support, with lots of new colors and styles. Updates the trivia, wordfrenzy, and biblebot to colored messages. *Please note that the old versions of CE will not strip out or replace these new color codes, so make sure to update!

October 16, 2006
ChristianEthics V3.5.3 has been released. Includes info on mIRC Notify List, adds flood protection to alert and buzzer options, fixes CE time, and adds msntv to script detector settings. CE now comes with Special Agent VRGirl, and Agents Cami and Merlin.
Techgear Downloads
Immortal999 Downloads

October 13, 2006
UPDATE: msnTV, msnTV2, as well as webTV are able to join VSIXc chat now, but it seems msnTV people join slighly differently than other webTV people.

msnTV instructions to join VSIXc Chat:
1. Register your nickname at
2. msnTV use the 'my chat' option
3. Enter server:
4. Enter the rooms: [category][language]Name
*For example: [xx][xx]Lobby or [xx][xx]HelpDesk or [rl][en]zztestg

Regular Webtv instructions to join VSIXc Chat:
1. Register your nickname at
2. Use the 'goto' or 'advanced' button, located on keyboard or top right of every chat screen.
3. Enter server:
4. Click on a room link from the list provided, and enjoy chatting.

September 21, 2006
ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V3.1b From Techgear

*Webtv users CAN chat at VSIXc Chat Network.

Below are the NEW easier instructions for Webtv chatters to join VSIXc chat:

1. Register your names at

2. Use the goto or advanced button found on keyboard, or also at the top of every chat page, including the msn chat home page.

3. Enter Server: and click on a room link from the room listings page, and enjoy chatting. :)

**Please note these instructions are ONLY for WebTV. Currently msnTV and msnTV2 do not have the capability to join irc links/chats. Unfortunately MSN removed msnTV's ability to chat outside of MSN. We hope to find away around this, and encourage msnTV users to pressure msnTV to restore their irc access. :)

**Webtv can also still use the old method to access VSIXc Chat, if they know the exact room they wish to join:

1. Register and then use the goto or advanced button. 2. A box will open up, into which Webtv users can submit the server, port, and room name they wish to join. The server, port, and room info is as follows:

Room Examples:

**Here is a VSIXc Webtv Room listing link, but we are not sure if Webtv can click the links to join, of if they will still have to enter the above info into their 'goto' boxes:

September 17, 2006
ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V3.1 has been released: ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V3.1
ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V3.1 From Techgear

V3.1 completely updates ChristianEthics to work on the VSIXc Chat Network.

September 13, 2006
ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V2.2 has been released: ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V2.2

V2.2 adds in an owner/host sign beside messages, fixes the sound option and Roman font error. It also removes the vsixc kicks which don't work very well, plus updates a few more small things.

September 12, 2006
ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V2 has been released: ChristianEthics-VSIXc-V2

ChristianEthics_VSIXc-V2 fixes several errors, and adds in some new features. It should also be on techgear shortly.

September 7, 2006
ChristianEthics-VSIXc Transitional Script has been released: ChristianEthics-VSIXc

*It should be on techgear by tonight or tomorrow.

This version of ChristianEthics has been updated to work on the VSIXc Chat Network. VSIXc Chat is a free Chat Network dedicated to providing excellent chat services.

*VSIXc Chat Network is a new FREE chat service, dedicated to providing quality chat services. It's membership has doubled in two days, and it continues to grow steadily. VSIXc is NOT an MSN clone chat service, which means that VSIXc uses it's own chat ocx, not the official MSN chat ocx like some of the other MSN clone chat sites use. *This means MSN cannot shut VSIXc down :)

*Register your nickname(s) for free at before you try to use ChristianEthics.

*You can also register your chatrooms for free on so that they stay open 24/7, even if no one is there.

*At VSIXc Chat you can change the owner and host pass from your browser by typing in: /ownerkey password or /hostkey password People can then use the /pass password to host or owner themselves in your room.

*AT VSIXc Chat the moderated room option works again, so you can use the spec options.

**Please note, currently VSIXc only lets you use your nickname in one chatroom at a time when you use a browser, but you can use a different nickname in several browsers to chat in different rooms at the same time. *If you use a script, such as ChristianEthics, you can sign into many chatrooms at once.

**NOTE: If you chat at VSIXc Chat in a browswer, yes you can remove those pictures by peoples names, under the chatroom options...choose no advatars. You can also change your picture in your profile area if you like.

**Chatters can also use the VSIXc-mIRC basic bot to chat at VSIXc, which will allow them to join more than one room. They can download this baisic bot at: VSIXc-mIRC Basic Bot

September 5, 2006
I am updating ChristianEthics to work on the VSIXc Chat Network. You can register your names and room names there.

**Note: you must register your names and join chat at with a browser to download their chat software before you can use a script there.

**Techgear supports VSIXc Chat Network and it is an excellent server and chat system.

Also, if you register a room name on your room will remain open 24/7 even if you are not there. You can also change owner/host passwords in bot or browser. /pass also works to owner/host people. In addition the specs features work again. It's a great place to script and chat.

ChristianEthics-VSIXc Transitional Script should be ready in the next day or two for download, and it will be on for download. There might be some less used options that don't work, so please let me know if you find any that don't work, and I will try to get all the options working again before MSN officially closes down.

August 7, 2006
ChristianEthics 9.4 has been released.

It has lots of changes and updates, including new CE control panel and msn.setup box updates and tab features. Other new featuers include a colored nick list option, debug window, wordfrenzy, passport scanner, clone logger, and lots more. In addition the kicks and other features such as web tv commands have been updated.
Download ChristianEthics 9.4 fr. Techgear007

Download ChristianEthics 9.4 fr. the CE Download page

August 7, 2006
DJV has released Vincula EZR 5.04se. It is a special edition release. It can be downloaded from: or

Wednesday April 19, 2006
DJV has

Sunday April 23, 2006
Check the fix-it section for fixes for the Vincula EZR show users colors option, and room creation.

Wednesday April 19, 2006
DJV has agreed to work on the Vincula EZR project, and will hopefully take it over completely. EZR was actually inspired by Vincular49EZ by DJV, and he was gracious enough not to complain when I snagged the name EZR and added onto his idea. Look for updates on his site, and techgear, and I'll still provide download links for the CE version of his EZR here.

Saturday April 15, 2006
ChristianEthics 9.3 has been released. If you already have CE 9.2 just use the Service Pack 9.3 to update. Fixes !trivia, !song, auto-rejoiner, back messages, and adds in an auto stop for hybrids trivia, by SeekingTruth4. Also updates to Vincula EZR 5.03, which now creates rooms 100% again.

If you don't have ChristianEthics 9.2 you will have to download the full version of ChristianEthics 9.3 or ChristianEthics 9.3 from Techgear

Vincula EZR 5.03ce and Vincula EZR 5.03p have also been released. They fix the room creation 100%. Vincula EZRp should be available on techgear soon also.

*Remember to use Vincula EZRce if you are using it with ChristianEthics.

Thursday April 13, 2006
ChristianEthics 9.2 and Vincula EZR 5.02p are available on techgear now. You still have to download Vincula EZR 5.02ce Here.

Thursday April 13, 2006
Vincula EZR 5.02 has been released, and it is set up to work with mIRC 6.16 and 6.17, as well as the various windows versions.

If you don't want to wait for ChristianEthics 9.2, you can try downloading the EZR 5.02ce, it will probably get your current CE going again.

**If you are using ChristianEthics, make sure to use the ce version of EZR, as EZR 5.02p will conflict with some of ChristianEthics options. Other scripts, besides CE, make sure to use the EZR 5.02p [public version].

ChristianEthics 9.2 should be available within the next 12 hours on techgear and from DJV.

Wednesday April 12, 2006
I have finished ChristianEthics 9.2, and have submitted it to Techgear--it should be posted in the next day or two.

In addition, I have updated Vincula EZR to version 5.01. It only works with mIRC 6.17 though. I have also submitted it to Techgear, and will post a link on the CE download site tomorrow.

Tuesday April 11, 2006
Note: To join MSN group chat you must have either the Nickname part or MSNREGCookie part of your passport empty. If you have BOTH of those spots filled in, you will receive a 'not registered' error message when you try to join groups.

To use your default profile name, use the MSNREGCookie and leave the Nickname area blank, or to use custom nicknames, leave the MSNREGCOOKIE area blank and fill in the Nickname spot.

CLICK HERE for updated Renderchat instructions.

Tuesday April 11, 2006
Some of you might have heard that Gate Keeper at GuarDDog has an updater that works with ChristianEthics Vincula EZR. While it does work--you have to be running mIRC 6.17 to use it.

ChristianEtics is currently set up on mIRC 6.16, so unless you upgrade your copy of CE to mIRC 6.17 Gate Keepers updater will NOT work for you. If you do upgrade your CE to mIRC 6.17 you might experience some glitches and features that no longer work, or you might not.

We are still working on an updater for mIRC 6.16.

Sunday April 9, 2006
**To manually update CE you need to UNCHECK the box that says: "Automatically update passport every -- hours." It is located in the /msn.setup box, under the passport tab. This applies to all CE users, who are using the vincula connection, and Vincula EZR users. ClearMSN is not currently responding to manual updates.

Currently there are no passport grabbers available, so you will have to manually update your passports, using the renderchat. It is really very simple. CLICK HERE for updated Renderchat instructions.

Sunday Morning April 9, 2006
At this point, it looks like the MSN changes are not going to be too difficult to fix. Once MSN is totally finished changing we will have a better idea of what all needs to be fixed.

HERE is the latest news from Techgear.

I am planning to update the CE vincula file, but look for the Techgear grabber first, as I have a final this week so I'm not sure if I will be able to get the vincula fixed and posted until after the 14th.

Saturday Evening April 8, 2006
MSN is making some changes again, and the majority of bots are unable to update their passports or join chat.

My personal version of CE is still updating and joining with no problems, and I'm trying to sort out which changes I made to that one, as compared to the official release which I can only get to update, but not join.

Once MSN is finished with their updates, we will have a better idea on what all needs to be fixed.

Techgear is planning to update their grabber as soon as msn is finished updating, so keep an eye out on Techgear.

I'm not going to be able to work on any public releases for CE until at least May, unless they are very minimal. Until Techgear releases their updated cookie grabber, the manual system for grabbing cookie infomation, using renderchat, is still working.

Saturday Evening March 11, 2006
A significant problem has been discovered with the vincula menu kicks. For some reason, the vincula kick coding is now conflicting with MSN, and causing the entire access list to get wiped out when you kick.

A set of simple instructions have been added to the fix-it section, and they should enable you to fix the vincula menu kicks.

Please note, this problem does NOT affect the CE kicks. This problem is only happening when the vincula menu kicks are used from the very bottom of the nick list menu.

If you do NOT want to fix the vincula kicks, then simply continue to use the CE kicks. The CE kicks are located about half way down the nicklist menu, directly above the 'Owner' button.

Saturday Evening Feb 11, 2006
I have had a request for new bible trivia questions. If anyone has made new ones, please e-mail them to me, and I will post them for others to use.

If anyone is interested in writting more, please do so. I can help you format them so that they work in the bot correctly, and then we can post them for others also.

Updated Monday July 4, 2005
Monday June 27, 2005
A small fix has been added to the fix-it section. It is for the timed kicks (24 hour, 1 hour and 15 minute kicks). (File was updated from 9.0 dialog to 9.1 dialog on July 4, 2005)

Wednesday April 27, 2005
ChristianEthics 9.1 Released. This is the last scheduled ChristianEthics release.
To download it, or read more information Click Here.

ChristianEthics 9.1 is also avaliable for download from TechGear.

Tuesday March 15, 2005
ChristianEthics 9.0 Officially Released.
To download it, or read more information Click Here.

Tuesday March 8, 2005
ChristianEthics 9.0 Beta Version Known Bug List: Please let me know if you find any others.

1) +v mode doesn't seem to go off
2) Flood Protection 1 min guest ban not working
3) /make option not working
4) away/back messages not working
5) !songs !facts !trivia quirk of playing a song
6) non-sub kick not working
7) finder system not working properly
8) missing ban button on script kick

Monday February 28, 2005
ChristianEthics 9.0 Beta Version Released

This Beta Version is the 2nd round of testing on the ChristianEthics 9.0 and the Official Release will follow by March 15 2005. Please feel free to download it and let me know if there are any errors that require fixing prior to the Official Release.

Download ChristianEthics 9.0 Beta Version Here.

With that said, after the 9.0 Official Release I will be officially retiring from actively working on updates for ChristianEthics.

In the past the number of christian based room protection and bible bots with bible trivia was very limited. Now, many of you have learned how to write your own scripts, and there have been several christian scripts released for public use. This is good to see and it removes the need for me to actively remain up to date on this project.

I will continue to leave the ChristianEthics download page open until the connections become unusable, but I will no longer be actively working on updates.

Gods Love and Blessings on each of you,

Thursday November 25, 2004
MSN Messenger BibleBot Service(free)

Now you can request verses from 21 versions of the bible 24/7 through your msn messenger.

Just contact or add to your MSN Messenger. Instructions are provided when you open a conversation window.

Wednesday November 24, 2004
An updated version of the Genesis Script has been released by pap, its avaliable from the guarDDog site and the techgear site. Nice job on it pap. :-)

Wednesday November 17, 2004
Updated to Flood Pack 8 with guest kick and non-subscriber kick. Download Flood-Protection 9 Here.

Also..ChristianEthics 9.0 is coming along nicely. There is just the kicks tab to finish coding on the control panel and then the testing. All protections and detections and kicks have been re-written in sockwrite, so they are faster, and the script detector and kick is more up to date, catching even the more stealth scripts that don't give bot tags.

It should be released for full beta tesing in a week and a half, and then released for public use a week or two after that.

Friday October 29, 2004
Updated! 9.0s Command Center for Webtv hosts/owners version 2 released for beta testing.

If a Script running room owner/host uses this package, it will enable webtv hosts/owners to host or unhost, kick/ban add/remove guest bans, webtv access, and change some room modes etc..

*If you are a webtv host or owner, tell one of your script running owners about this new package and they can download it and run it, so that you can do these things in the rooms.

Download WebTv Command Center.

Friday October 29, 2004
Updated to pack 7..I think that should be all the 'fixes' now..ty to everyone who let me know where the problems were.
I forgot a bracket pair in the nickflooder file. So you are probably seeing 'Lock Down Over: invite only mode has been removed.' after each join or mode change. Sorry, re-download this new flood protection file, it fixes it...this also fixes the room knocks not coming back on error also. Download Flood-Protection 9 Here.

Thursday October 28, 2004
Beta(test) version of the new 9.0 trivia control panel is released. Download it Here.

Please let me know if there are any problems with it so I can fix them for 9.0.

Wednesday October 27, 2004
Thursday Oct 28 Notice: after additional testing I've re-vised the files a bit them if you've downloaded them prior to this notice.

A new and tested flood protection package is avaliable for download. It is a very aggressive package against the nick changing flooders, guest flooders, passport flooders and also the join part flooders.

It now shows check marks beside the options you have turned on.

If you find it too aggresive let me know so I can edit the code for the 9.0 release of it. Download Flood-Protection4 Here.

This package includes the non-sub and guest kick package below, with some updates. If you are using the kick package below, replace those files with these new ones.

Monday October 25, 2004
(fixed) 9.0's New Non-Subscriber and Guest Kicks released for testing. Download Them Here.

They will add buttons at the bottom of your drop down menu's.
1) The Guest Kick can be set to kick all guests or just non-webtv guests.
2) The non-sub kick can be set to kick all non-subs or just guest non-subs.

Sunday October 24, 2004
Another new nick-name changer flood protection has been uploaded, the previous ones didn't kick correctly. It should work for the flooders who enter your room and begin to change their names:
[ 02:16:19 ] * >4452 is now known as >6555
[ 02:16:19 ] * >6555 is now known as >1476
[ 02:16:19 ] * >1476 is now known as >288

Download Nick Changer Flood Protection and Kick

Wednesday October 20, 2004
Vincula EZR 4.1 released.
It just fixes the * /timer: timer .rrjoinerr.1 not active message

Tuesday October 19, 2004
Please let me know if there are new options you would like to see added into CE 9.0

Also, if anyone is a whiz at doing dialogs, and would like to help me finish coding the 9.0 control panel, please let me know. It would be great if someone could take on the kicks section, or even part of it. Please let me know if you are interested.

Tuesday October 19, 2004
ChristianEthics users interested in updating to the Vincula EZR 4.1.. Download It Here.

Then unzip the folder and place the vincula file into the ChristianEthics Connections Folder. Choose yes to replace the current vincula file. [or you might want to remove your current vincula file and save it in another location in case you don't like this new vincula] Then open CE and choose to use the vincula connection from drop down menu.

If you aren't using CE then please download the public version of Vincula EZR 4.1 Here.

Sunday October 17, 2004
GuarDDog 4.2 has been released and is avaliable for Download.

I'm currently downloading it and look forward to trying it out. Keep up the great work Gate Keeper!

As Gate Keeper mentions on his site, CE and GuarDDog work well together and we don't expect any conflicts between the two in managing chat rooms, though if you do find an area that they conflict, please let us know.

Also, there have been several people stop in and talk to me, and some of you have mentioned a few other Christian scripts. If you e-mail me the links, I'll add them onto the links area here.

Thursday October 14, 2004
Vincula EZR 4.0 released.
(ChristianEthics users be sure to use the ChristianEthics verion of EZR 4.0 everyone else use the public version)

Fixes the room creation for both subscription and group rooms, fixes the error of creating a group room named -c if passport was not updated.
UserRole management system added in and lots of other updates.

Friday October 08, 2004
Update - Ozzy sent me a kick that should work for these nickname changing flooders..
Download Nick Changer Flood Protection and Kick

News - A differnt type of flooder is active on msn.

It joins room and then begins to change nicks..sending onto the screen a flood of nick change messages.

I've not seen the code for it yet, and thus have not been able to get a proper protection written for it.

....But after seeing it in action tonight, I hope that this protection will work for it, though I haven't been able to test it for lack of having a copy of the flooder myself to test with, sorry.

Download Nick Changer Flood Protection

It does seem to use guest nicks, so you might want to turn guest ban on if you don't normally have alot of web-tv users chatting in your room, and also make sure the passport flooder room limit protection is turned on.

Please let me know if this new protection does or doesn't work on this flooder. Thanks and Gods Love on you, Gwen

Sunday October 03, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.9 Released. Updates to Vincula EZR 3.8 and ClearMSN 5.2a and fixes the !files edits the profanity kicks etc

Wednesday September 29, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.5 is being uploaded to include these fixes/changes and it also re-set flood protection properly, thanks chaos-light for the heads-up.
And... CE 9.0 ended up being fully coded and won't be ready till late hopefully 8.5 will be usable till then.

A new Cute-Replys File now has a !hug soandso command. ie !hug Gwen
ty to michael for the request!

And, a new Fixed(again) 8.4 Room Limit Changer/Passport Flood Protection file has been uploaded to fix-it works correctly now, I promise, and its set to work with guarddogs also, both now set +3

Sunday September 26, 2004
A Fixed File is in the fix-it section to help with a compatability conflict between ChristianEthics and GuardDog's roomlimit/passport flooding protection options. Will be in the 9.0

Late Late Saturday Nite September 25, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.4 released. Has a pre-view of the november ce 9.0 control panel.

...Includes the newest vincula EZR 3.4 the new 5.2 ClearMSN and the latest mIRC version 6.16
...and it fixes all the bugs in the last versions, and this is the last update until the full update in late please download it and let me know if you find any problems so they can be fixed for the full release in late october.

Late Saturday Nite September 25, 2004
Vincula EZR 3.4 released. It fixes all the bugs in the automatically update passport option and adds in a bunch of new stuff.
Download Vincula EZR 3.4

I'll put out an updated version of CE tomorrow, with this new EZR and also updates on all the files so they will (fully) work correctly with clearMSN 5.2. ..also some fixes to some kicks on some words such as kjv and dickens etc..please download it and test it all out, so any bugs can be fixed for the late october release.

Tomorrows update is the absolute last update until late october when the full blown new CE is scheduled for release.

Friday September 24, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.3 released.
It updates to the new Vincula EZR 3.2.1, ClearMSN 5.2 and mIRC 6.16.

Nothing else really new, except it has part of the upcoming 9.0 theme. (9.0 sheduled for release in late october and it will contain a new full control more drop down menu)
Gods Love and Blessings,

Saturday Nite September 18, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.2.2 released. It just fixes the things listed below. If you currently have a 8.2.1 you can save yourself the larger download and just download the fix instead of the full 8.2.2

Saturday Nite September 18, 2004
(sorry) :) I forgot to update the !songs !facts !wisdom and all trivia files to work with 'show users colors' ...Here's the fixes for ChristianEthics 8.2.1 and 8.2 !songs !wisdom and !facts and all trivia as well as the biblebot conflict with /access and /channel etc. Download the fix Here

If you don't want to download the fix, then turn off the 'show users colors' option in the vincula setup box, under options. That will restore the !facts !trivia !wisdom etc, but not fix the biblebot.

I'm working on a full update to ChristianEthics 9.0, it will have a full main dialog instead of the drop down menu, updated to the newest mIRC 6.16 and fix the ClearMSN conflicts. Should be ready by 1st or 2nd week of October.
Gods Love on all of you,

Sunday September 7, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.2.1 and Vincula Neo 49 EZR 2.5 have both been released and are avaliable for download Here and at Techgear.

Not alot new from the previous release, just added another passport updating option that was requested: [Update Passport(fast)]

ChristianEthics 8.2 users can just download the Vincula EZR 2.5CE file and it will update you to a ChristianEthics 8.2.1

Sunday September 5, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.2 and Vincula Neo 49 EZR 2.3 have both been released and are avaliable for download Here and at Techgear.

They have a fully automated passport updating no more cutting and pasting those subscriberInfo and UserRole numbers!
Gods Love,

Friday September 3, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.1 officially released and avaliable for Download.

Friday September 3, 2004
Vincula Neo 49 EZR 2.1 released.
This is a modified version of vincula, ChristianEthics 8.1 official release will contain this file. For details see the Main Download Page

Friday September 3, 2004
A Fix for ChristianEthics 8.1 Pre-Release Connecting Problems is avaliable for download Here.

Thursday September 2, 2004
ChristianEthics 8.1 Pre-Release is avaliable for download Here.

It has a new biblebot system which no longer works with the old bible versions - you will have to download new ones. The new system has 22 avaliable bible versions to choose from.

It also has 2 connections: Vincula Neo 49 EZR2 and ClearMSN 5.01 both of them auto update userrole and subscriberinfo numbers.

V8.1 comes with a new theme - making the chat room screen look more similar to a browser.

And, :) lots of other new stuff.

Tuesday August 24, 2004
ClearMSN 5.0 a new connection file for msn has been released and is avaliable for download from Techgear. For those of you familiar with scripting, you might want to unload the vinculaEZR connection file in ChristianEthics and try loading this ClearMSN 5.0, Great job vexation! So far it works excellent and I'm going to test it for a while and plan to release it into the next ChristianEthics version.

Tuesday August 24, 2004
ChristianEthics V7.1 has been released.

Its avaliable for downloading from the Download Area. and also from Techgear

V7.1 new features include an editted vinculaEZR file which makes it easier to update the SubscriberInfor and Userrole numbers. Also a new color theme and some general fixes and updates.
Let me know if you find any errors.
Gods Love and Blessings on each of you,

Monday August 2, 2004
I've recieved lots of e-mails, thanks to everyone who's written with suggestions, ideas and fix it lists, comments and encouragement. :-)

Its summertime here in canada, and seeing as how our summer season is soooo short :-) I spend most of it outside. In September, God willing, I hope to get back into things and update ChristianEthics to the new mIRC version and do some of the fixes and additions some of you have well as start updating this page a little more regularily again.
Gods Love and Blessings on each of you,

Thursday March 18, 2004
Click here for my thoughts on 'The Passion of Christ' by Mel Gibson.

I feel that the movie is not inspired by God - except for a few of the short flash back scenes. The movie has the potential to do alot of harm and little good, though we can give thanks because God is great enough to work for the good even in things such as this.

Monday March 1, 2004
His Children
With a vision to bring Albanian children off the streets, teaching them, in the process, the Christian faith and bringing them into a personal relationship with Christ that can be one un-changing thing in their lives.

Tuesday February 10, 2004
ChristianEthics V5.5.2 has been released. Its avaliable for download from the CE Download Area

V5.5.2 works with all 14 new Bible Versions and it includes a new feature called: "Show Non-Subscribers" so you will be able to tell who is a subscriber and who isn't. It also fixes some of the v5.5.1 glitches.

Monday February 9, 2004
ChristianEthics V5.5.1 has been released. Its avaliable for download from the CE Download Area

V5.5.1works with all the new Bible Versions and also with all the past msn updates. Its set up to help make it easier to join subscription chat and group chat rooms.

Friday February 6, 2004
Gate Keeper has released a new version of GuarDDog v3.6

Ryan sent me 3 more bible versions (avc, darby, rotherham). I'll upload them next week and release ChristianEthics V5.5.1 to work with them.

Thursday February 5, 2004
ChristianEthics V5.5 has been released. It is avaliable from CE Download Area.

V5.5 works with all of the New Bible Version Files which were made avaliable by Ryan(thankyou!) (AKJV, ASV, BBE, HNV, RSV, WEB, YLT)

V5.5 is still a temp version directed at making it easier for users to enter the subscriberinfo and userrole numbers required to for subscription chat, though you still have to grab these numbers manually. GuarDDogs room joiner is included.

Monday, February 2, 2004
Some of the download links have been temporarily disabled as I'm re-doing copyright/distribution permissions for 3 of the bible versions.

Also :-) there may be several new bible versions avaliable in the near future(thankyou to Ryan) :-)

Once the new bible version details are organized, I'm hoping to release ChristianEthics V5.2 to accomodate them, as well as some other more permanent solutions to the MSN updates.

Monday, December 1, 2003
ChristianEthics V5.4.1 is now avaliable from the CE download area.
It is a temporary version directed at making it easier for users to enter their subscriberinfo and userrole numbers.

Friday, November 28, 2003
The Nov 21 fix seemed to cause some problems, so if you are experiencing troubles, try downloading this updated fix. Sorry about that :)

To download the updated (Nov 28) fix click Here

Monday, November 21, 2003
MSN made some more updates last nite, and for the most part, scripts/bots have been unable to join subscription chat or group chat.

To download the fix click Here

Monday, November 10, 2003
Warrior124 has made a neat dialog - It allows you to copy and paste your SubscriberInfo number into a box and will auto update your passport with it. To download it click Here

Saturday, November 8, 2003
lol MSN made some more changes :) To download instructions and the fixed vincula file that works with the Nov 6 group chat and Oct 14 subscription chat msn updates click Here

The fix is also listed in the 'fix-it' section. Download it and follow the instructions, :) it just seems more difficult then it is.

For more details click Here

Also, you might have to run the 'connection fix=' which is located in the drop down menu of CE, its under the system crash? Emergency reload options. This will reset the ocx again.

Also, just a reminder that the subscriberinfo number sometimes changes and you may have to re-grab it and re-enter it into CE.

Also the userrole number for the group chat rooms is different for each group chat room, and it also changes each time a room is re-created, so you might have to grab it alot. :) (yes grr to msn) :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
You might have to re-grab your SubscriberInfo number and re-enter it into ChristianEthics occassionaly. [Follow the steps on the fix below to re-do yours if you are having trouble joining chat]

Also, you may have to update the MSNREGCookie occassionally, you can do that by typing the following into your ChristianEthics screen:

After updating the info you should be able to connect with your bot/script again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
To download some extra instructions and the 'fixed' vincula file to fix ChristianEthics for paid chat click Here

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
A fix is out, which enables vincula users (this includes ChristianEthics) to join chat and talk normally.
It only works if you have subscribed to MSN chat. For Instructions click Here

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
MSN seems to have added a 4th part to their passports, which verify if the user has paid or not..

Due to this (for the time being) scripts are unable to 'talk' while in the Main Chat Rooms.

This does not affect the Community Chat Rooms.

Hopefully we'll have a fix avaliable for it in the near future.
Gods Love on each of you,

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
ChristianEthicsV5.4 Released Today.

The download links are on the top right hand side of this page, though its not yet avaliable on techgear.

Whats New
-Updated to mIRC 6.12
-Updated to Vincula 4.9
-Reorganized menu options
-Added Moffie(disconnect)Protection
-Added New Music System with more choice
-Added Host/Owner Away Deop - Auto Removes the hammer when a host or owner marks as 'away' and returns their hammer when they mark as 'back'
-Added Away/Back Messages
-Added an Away System
-Added a Kick Counter
-Added Hybrids Trivia File(works with the 1000 bible questions) So now there are more !trivia commands avaliable
-Added in some background effects
-Fixed Passport Flooder kick (its now located under room protection)
-Fixed whisper hosting
-Fixed a script kick and script detect glitch (thanks to 777 for letting me know about it) also added the msn-mirc ctcp reply info
-Updated join-part flood kick
-Updated away-back flood kick

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
mIRC v6.12 has been released to address a remote vulnerability found which is capable of crashing your mIRC.

The vulnerability affects versions of mIRC from v6.0 onwards, so it is highly recommended that you upgrade to mIRC v6.12. You can do so by visiting Here

Also ChristianEthics V5.4 is ready for release and will be released later today or tomorrow, provided that it works with the MSN updates that are scheduled to occur at some point today.

Thursday, October 9, 2003
To bring ChristianEthics into a Community(Group) Chat Room, follow these instructions:

1) Use the Join Room-Groups button
2) Use the 'room name' option (NOT url)
3) Type in: G_ before the community(group name)
4) If the community(group) name has more then one word, do NOT put spaces between the words.

For example: Our community(group) is called:
7th Day Adventist ChatRoom
To enter our community(group) chat room, you would enter:

Note that the Join Room-Groups by url is not working properly.

Also, when creating a room in your Community(group) do NOT check mark the 'group servers' box.

If you are interested in learning how to make ChristianEthics (or any script using vincula) gold in a Community(Group) Chat Room Click Here

God Bless each of you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
For those of you following the information on MSN possibly closing some of their chat markets / chat servers..

It certainly does look like the initial information was accurate. It appears that MSN is attempting to make some changes for the better, to help protect children and teens and chatters in general. To read a bit more about it click Here

And as posted on Techgear:
Microsoft's internet service MSN has taken a major step in net safety which could sound the death knell for unsupervised chatrooms.

MSN are closing all their chatrooms in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and most of Asia from 14 October, and changing how others are operated globally.

"As a responsible leader we feel it necessary to make these changes because online chat services are increasingly being misused," they said. Children's charities welcomed the move as "momentous" and see it as a big step towards protecting young web users.

Abusive contact
MSN UK's Matt Whittingham told BBC News Online it was not a decision they had taken lightly.

"We have been concerned about chatrooms for a while and reached a stage where we were no longer prepared to put up with inappropriate communication," he said.

US: Unmoderated chatrooms will be credit card subscription only and bundled with other products

Canada, Australia, Japan: 24-hour moderated chatrooms, with some unmoderated behind subscription

New Zealand and Brazil: 24-hour moderated chatrooms UK and Europe: All chatrooms closing

Middle East, Latin America, Asia: All chatrooms closing

The only chat service available to MSN users in the UK will be the free instant messaging service, MSN Messenger, which is not so open and gives people more control over who they talk to.

Chatrooms on MSN's other global sites will either be supervised - or moderated - by an adult 24 hours a day, or will be on a credit card subscription-basis only.

It means no free, unmoderated chatrooms will exist anymore on any of MSN's global network of sites.

There has been growing concern among experts that the anonymity of net chat means young people and children are being targeted by adults disguising themselves as children.

"We have seen cases where under-16s have been approached by people pretending to be same age, but who are grown adults trying to solicit young people for abusive contact," Mr Whittingham explained.

He added although most messages in chatrooms were not inappropriate, a "small minority" had spoilt chat for people of all ages.
People have also been increasingly targeted by spammers posting hundreds of messages and inappropriate web addresses to chatrooms.

Many have been "mining" rooms for data, finding out users' e-mail addresses to build spam lists.

Instant control?
MSN has admitted some chatters may not be happy about the move. "We regret responsible users will be affected by this move, but we looked at this very carefully and on balance to safeguard customer interests," said Mr Whittingham.

By only making instant messaging available, chatters will be to restrict and control who they talk to because they can only chat to people on their "buddy lists".

People need to ask permission to be a "buddy" and they need to know the user's e-mail address to make a request, which usually means most children only have "buddies" who they know outside the internet.

They will also continue to make MSN Messenger free to users.

Mr Whittingham said all net services offering chatrooms should continue to look at how they can safeguard everyone on the internet, ensuring young people and parents stick to common sense advice.

Young people should never give out personal information online and never arrange to meet someone you met online, in the real world.
From the bbc
23 Sep 2003 by err0r at

Thursday, September 18, 2003
1) Brandon has posted some of the updates included in his upcoming Vincula 4.9 release. Click Here to read about it.

2) ChristianEthics V5.4 will also be released in the near future.
3) As many of you may have heard and have concerns about, it seems that MSN may be making some changes again soon.

I haven't yet been able to verify what all is rumor and what all is fact, but yes, there is talk that MSN may shutting down their MSN-UK chat (EN-GB market).

Please note that this does NOT mean the MSN-USA or other MSN chat servers will be shut down.

If you do access MSN chat using and this is true, then you could continue to access MSN chat by using:

If you live in the EN-GB market, you may have seen the message below. I'm not sure yet on the validity of it, though, the link down a bit further, that gives more information, is verified by myself as accurate.

"As part of an overall effort by MSN and Microsoft to provide consumers with a safer, more secure and positive overall online experience, MSN has decided to no longer offer MSN Chat in this market beginning October 14 2003.
This change is intended to help protect MSN users from unsolicited information such as spam and to better protect children from inappropriate communication online. MSN wants you to enjoy the Internet safely.
Why is MSN doing this?
The increase in abuse of the Internet, such as the massive growth of spam and the increase in unsolicited and inappropriate material, particularly with regards to children, has led us to this decision."

If you would like to read more about the overall effect of some of the MSN changes to the chat click Here

Sunday, August 31, 2003
GateKeeper has created a new Script called GuarDDog. It uses a combination of ChristianEthics and Hybrid Scripts. Nice job :-) If you'd like to check it out you can click Here

Sunday, August 31, 2003
I'll be adding some new links to the Links section shortly, so if you have made or know of other Christian Bots/Scripts or other good web pages please send me the link and I can post them here.

Also, just a note, mIRC updated to a new version - Version 6.1 eXonyte has indicated that the next vincula will be tested with the new mIRC - ChristianEthics will do the same.

Monday, August 11, 2003
ChristianEthics V5.3.1 Released.
It corrects the Full Bible Trivia Game Freeze-ups that occured in V5.3. Its avaliable at
Techgear and the Download Zone

Sunday, August 10, 2003
Fix added to the Fix-it section for the New Full Bible Trivia Game causing freezups.

Friday, August 8, 2003
ChristianEthics V5.3 was released today.
It is set to work with the Aug 7/03 msn updates and should auto update the MSNREGCookie part of the passport. Note that this new way of updating passports takes a bit longer then before.
V5.3 is avaliable Here and should soon be avaliable on Techgear.

Thursday, August 7, 2003
Msn made some changes on the evening of August 7/03 that affect the ability of scripts/bots to connect using your passports.

Msn now requires the MSNREGCookie part of the passport to be updated as well. To fix this error and connect again follow the instructions provided on the Fix It Page

Also, the official ChristianEthics V5.3 will be released later today. You can check for it on Techgear or on
the Download Zone As usual, a small service pack will be made avaliable for those who are currently using a V5.2.1 and just want to update to the V5.3.

Thursday, August 7, 2003
The ChristianEthics V5.3 Pre-Release Service Pack is complete. It is intended to upgrade a current ChristianEthics V5.2 into a V5.3.

This is not the official release...rather its intended for testing purposes, to ensure that there are no major errors or glitches that come up.

If you are currently using ChristianEthics V5.2, you
are welcome to download this V5.3 Pre-Release Service Pack and test it out. Please let me know if any errors come up for you, so that they can be fixed and V5.3 can be officially released.

This pre-release V5.3 Service Pack is only avaliable
for download from the Download Zone (located under files) You must be a member of the community in
order to download it and try it.

Hopefully within the next week the official release
will be made avaliable for general download.

Whats New in V5.3
-Updated to Vincula 4.8[1]
-New full bible trivia game with 1000 questions.
-Updated e-mail addresses and web page links.
-Re-set some of the full owner protection options to help prevent flooding out when using this option.
-Added in a few extra instructions and updated the welcome message.

Saturday, July 19, 2003
eXonyte has released the much anticipated update
to vincula - version 4.8[1]

Please note that if you switch your current ChristianEthics v5.2.1 vincula 4.7.1 file over to
vincula 4.8[1] you may notice some errors or conficts happening.

Some of the ChristianEthics options require the vincula file to be slightly edited.

I'll release ChristianEthics V5.3 with the vincula 4.8[1] edited file. The edited vincula file will include a list of changes that were made to accomodate the ChristianEthics options.

Highlights in Vincula 4.8[1]
-Passport updater should work fine again.
-Should have the socket in use errors fixed.
-Added a new /msn.resetocx command.
-Passport Updater URLs are now autoupdated as needed. The URLs are now in the update checker's .txt file and in vincula.ini.
-Added a new passport updater (/msn.getcookie) that will actually grab your MSNREGCookie, as well as updating the rest of your info. Be careful using it though, because it sometimes grabs the wrong MSNREGCookie.
-Changed the NOOP timer in the msn.server.* sockets, so now you shouldn't flood off quite as easily.
-It now displays the reason people set when they go /away. Thanks to Ziggy for pointing out my overlooking of that.

Friday, July 18, 2003
well :-) the new web page is almost complete. Its located at:

The yahoo download community and message board will also re-main open. Please feel free to post questions concerns or suggestions there. Also, if you are experienced with using scripts, feel free to answer questions that are posted there.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I've just recieved word from James. He is disabling the servers and is pulling all the websites offline. He will no longer be hosting any websites at all, including his own, and expects to be fully offline by 10th of July.

So this means that within the next day or two, the ChristianEthics web site located at:
will no longer exist.

I'll post updates at on the yahoo community, and also see if err0r might post an update for the
location of the new ChristianEthics home page when I find one. :-)

Right now, the update email system for this website is not working, so I'm unable to send out a notice to everyone if you do read this, please let others know what is happening.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

I just wanted to let you know, that although a donation button has been added to the ChristianEthics web page, please do not feel that you must make a donation.

ChristianEthics is provided to help share Gods word and Gods Love with others. Please use it freely, without feeling required to make a donation.

If you would like to make a donation, just copy and paste the link provided below, into your address bar. It will take you to a web page that will walk you through a simple pay pal donation process. All donations come directly to me.

Thankyou and God Bless,
Click here if you want to make a donation

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
:) ok (lol) The ChristianEthics home page downloads are working again. (for how long....I'm not sure) :-) They are uploaded onto a yahoo group, so in order to download you will have to sign in with a yahoo ID.

One of the benefits though, is that there is a
message board there, that can be used for questions/answers/help/suggestions etc.

The downloads are also still avaliable from Techgear and perhaps from another location, which I'll post if they do decide to add the ChristianEthics files onto it.

The current version is V5.2.1. Due to it being summer, I'm not on the compute very much, so Version 5.3 might not be released until August or September.
Sunday, June 08, 2003
Well I'm not sure what happened again, but Angelfire once again deleted the majority of the web pages. At first I thought it was perhaps due to alot of downloads...excessive bandwidth usage, but one of the pages that was deleted did not have any downloads avalialbe on that can't be the reason. They do not provide a reason when they delete the web pages, they just state the page is in violation of their code of conduct. (grr)

So..once again the downloads on ChristianEthics web page are not avaliable. They are still avaliable from techgear though. Thankfully :)

If anyone knows of a good place to upload the files
to, please let me know.

Friday, June 06, 2003
The Bible Version Files (kjv-nkjv and niv-nasb) are
now avaliable from techgear. They are located under downloads, full scripts.

Have a happy sabbath everyone! :)

Friday, June 06, 2003
:) Most of the downloads are working again - the
bible versions as well as the basic ChristianEthics Biblebot/room manager script(bot)

The latest version is V5.2.1 It fixes a couple of
glitches that the V5.2 had. If you are currently using V5.2 it is not necessary to upgrade to this verison. Wait for the V5.3 which should be released sometime next week. It will include a few new features such
as a full bible trivia game by Zahakiel, and a few other things.

Hopefully the V5.2 will be avaliable for download on again.

If any of the links stop working, please let me know :)

I've recieved alot of emails asking when the downloads will be avaliable again. Thankyou all for your patience.

I still have not found an alternate ftp server that would work for the downloads on this page, but Techgear has agreed to host the bible versions as
well as the basic ChristianEthics script, on their site. I've submitted the bible version files to them already...and hopefully they will be avaliable under
the Addons section in the near future.

Copy and paste the techgear url to your address bar:

The bible version files should be avaliable shortly
from the above link, they will probably be located under downloads and Addons in the next few days. Just a note, the bible version files have been submitted as two files, rather then all 4 seperately. One zipped folder contains the kjv and nkjv and the other
contains the niv and nasb files. You can download
one or both of them and then unzip them and add
the inside folders named: kjv, nkjv, nasb, or niv into the ChristianEthics file folder named: biblebot

As for the ChristianEthics basic script(bot) I'm just finishing updating it and will try to submit the
updated version to techgear also, by hopefully it will be avaliable by monday. It will be avaliable from under
downloads and full scripts.

There are not alot of new features, but the upcoming V5.3 will fix a few of the V5.2 errors, as well, it will hopefully have a full bible trivia game by zahakiel. It would be nice to include an updated vincula file, but I'm not sure when eXonyte is releasing the new one.

At anyrate :-) Thankyou again for your patience and all of Gods Love and Blessings on each of you

Tuesday, May 20, 2003
The ChristianEthics Downloads will be unavaliable for the next week or so while I'm looking for a new ftp server to upload the files to.

The basic download is still avaliable from but the bible version files and the update packs are not avaliable from techgear.

Hopefully things will be up and working again in a week or so.

Sunday, May 04, 2003
For those of you having trouble updating your passport....

MSN has made a slight adjustment to it's logout addy. It has changed from to

This is the fix you can try for vincula. Open up your vincula.mrc in remotes(from top menu bar choose Tools, Remotes, View, Vincula.mrc). Then do a search for logout. You should see the addy about...change the logout to uilogout.. do another search from there for logout the same as ok and try to update your cookies. This is for those that have been having a problem....The old link should redirect to the new one but if you have alot of trouble doing it then try what i have stated. Hope that helps you.
Posted on Techgear007 by err0r

Sunday, April 27, 2003
The Profile Kicker by webagent does a great job on detecting and kicking porn bots. It is now avaliable for download on Techgear.
Its called Eye dropper.

Saturday, April 12, 2003
A new Profile Reader - Porn Bot kicker was posted on eXtreme boards by webagent. It works great! :)

Its a seperate little bot that you bring into your chat room, and it automatically reads each joiners profile. You can set it to auto kick for certain key words, such as webcam, ages or anything Thus, it will auto read and kick porn bots who enter your room based on key words you enter.

You can download it from this direct link. Just copy and paste it into your address bar and it will begin the download:

For those who do not want to download a seperate bot to deal with porn, ChristianEthics will also catch and kick porn bots via the script-kicker. Porn bots (so far) are not giving any time or ping replys, so the script-kicker picks them up when they join, and will auto kick/ban them.

Just remember that permant banning is not a good option, as the porn bots change gate numbers often. Try banning for 24 or 48 hours only to prevent overloading your access list. (If you get over 200 bans on your access list, you may run into trouble, and find it is causing you to be auto disconnected when you try to view the access list..)

Friday, April 11, 2003
With the increase in the pornbots some people are noticing trouble with their access list....mostly that is will auto disconnect them when they try to open it.

This is caused by having too many ban entries in the access list..over 200 generally starts to cause troubles. Clear some of the old bans and you should be able to view your access list again.

Also, if you find you have troubles joining a room..and seem auto disconnect as soon as you get in..its most often caused by the room name being too long, or containing to many !!!!!!. It can also occur if the room is sending several long welcome messages.

The best way to combat this is to turn everything off and then join the room. Once inside you can turn your options on again. Personally, I've found that its most often my welcome whisper that is responsible for this on-join flooding, and keeping that option off prevents me from disconnecting as soon as I join.

Hope this helps,
Have a Blessed and Peace filled Sabbath,

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
V5.2 - Released April 9/03
New Features:
- Room Protection completely re-done.
- Owner/Host Locks
- Owner Access Protection (basic and full)
- Deop and Password Change Kicks improved.
- Clone Detector
- Nick Kick system, porn/spam, kick list, silent disconnect list
- Script detector and kicker updated
- Random Gate ban system
- Passport flood and clear screen flood kicks added in.
- Cute-Replys (like bot talk)
- Clock/Alarm Module by zahakiel
- Auto knocks
- Many features, such as welcomes, now require you to have host status to work.

Select 'downloads' from the tab bar on the right to download your version now!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003
ChristianEthics V5.2 has been released today, and the downloads are all up and working again. Praise God it was perfect timing!

Monday, April 07, 2003
ChristianEthics V5.2 is almost complete and scheduled for release by this upcoming wednesday. :) It has lots of new features, with lots of improvements to the old features.

The downloads are still unavaliable, but will be back up by then

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
The ChristianEthics downloads are not avaliable for the next few days.

I recieved an email tonight regarding the ftp server that the ChristianEthics downloads were uploaded onto.

The ftp server is off line for the time being, with no definate date set when it will be up and working again.

So for the time being, ChristianEthics downloads are not avaliable. The download links will still show up here, but they are not linked to any files.

We'll try to get things up and working again, as soon as possible

Friday, March 28, 2003
Well :) The small service pack update planned for this week..has grown a bit larger.. :)

ChristianEthics was originally intended to be just a BibleBot, and then grew into room manager options...

It has now had a complete Re-vamp in the Room Protection area also, and will offer many new features which will help to ensure the safety of your room.
-Owner/Host Locks - prevents room takeovers via backdoors, owner pass being given out, etc.
-New Deop Protection that works very well.
-A new Nick Kicker system that provides a large list of Porn/Spam Bot gate numbers, as well as adds deny access to Random Gate Users, Kicks 'Bad Nick Names' which contain profanity/porn etc.
-OwnerPassword Kick updated.
-Script detect/kick updated and is working very well now.

This afternoon in the test room, a person who is experienced in taking over rooms, dropped in to help me test the new protection features.

They were given the owner pass, then made an owner and then added to access list as owner,

The person attempting to take over the room was unable to do so. things look positive. :)

In addition to room protection features being strenghtened, ChristianEthics has also added several other neat features such as:
-The Clock/Alarm Module by Zahkiel
-Several scripts now require Host Status to work or display the welcomes, kicks, etc.
-Remote options 'ch status' no longer displays status to particpants.
-Along with several other neat things and bug fixes.

V5.2 should be released during the first week of April.

Please let me know if there are further additions that you would find helpful.

Saturday, March 22, 2003
The new script-detect has been uploaded and its avaliable from the Service Patches download area.

It fixes the errors that the V5.1 Script-detect had in it.

Friday, March 21, 2003
Warning :)
ChristianEthics V5.1 script-detector will mistake a time/ping reply and set the script-detect/kick off.

Now the script detect is not set to check time or ping probably not alot of problems will appear, but if you check someones time/ping while you've got the detect or kick turned will cause a script alert and auto kick(if the kick is on)

The new and improved script-detector is almost completed and should be on the fix it page saturday evening. So far its accurately detecting most of the scripts and a fair number of porn bots and other regular bots.

Also :) There have been some requests in for a few other features, so probably by early next week a small update package will be avaliable..and will hopefully also fix any V5.1 errors.

Well :) thats about all.

Please also continue to pray for each other and for those who are living in the midst of more bombings and increased fear. War is never something we want to see, nor live through. Yet despite the troubles of the world, God opens His arms and welcomes us into the comfort and protection that He alone can provide. He fills us with a blessed peace, and the knowledge that soon, He will make all things new. 'He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain' Revelation 21:4
Amen. Thankyou Father.
His arms around all of you,

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
The †ChristianEthics V5.1's are all uploaded and the web site looks great. James has done an amazing job on it! All the behind the scenes stuff he's included has made this web site increadibly user friendly and easy to manage. I love it!

For those of you who are new here, welcome :) and I hope that you'll sign our guest book. Its always nice to find out a little bit about each of you.

For those of you who've returned back to download a new version, welcome to our new site! :) If you've signed the guest book at the old †ChristianEthics site and notice that your entry is missing, then please re-sign this new one. I didn't transfer any of the old guest book entries over.

Also, it would be great to stop around and visit some of you in your chat rooms, so when you sign the guest book please also include your chat room url..or email it to me. My nick is fulfilledinLove†

Lastly :) if you find any errors or glitches in the V5.1 please let me know so that a fix can be put out for them.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
†ChristianEthics † V5.1 has been released! I'm just uploading all of the new files now. The download links should be avaliable shortly. :)

Monday, March 17, 2003
The "What's New" section has been modified. It had the potential to be a big problem and I thought it would be a good idea to elliminate that as soon as possible.

Now, the news items are broken up to show the last three news items, with a paging system, allowing everyone to view all the previous news items, right up to the beginning of the first version of †ChristianEthics.

It will also make editing easier for Gwen, since she doesn't have to create a seperate "Archived" list of all previous updated information.

Slowly but surely, this website is coming together ;)

Mar 16 2003
-Wow :) welcome to ChristianEthics new web site!! James has been busy creating this amazing new site and I've been busy finishing up ChristianEthicsV5.1
-You'll find that most things here are operational, but if you find that a download link is not working, its because there hasn't been time to get everything uploaded yet(slow 28k dial up here.) lol
-Later monday or tuesday of this upcoming week V5.1 will be released, and will include many new room protection options, as well as some new bible options. Script-detector/kicker, time/ping/nick kicks, apocrypha module, along with fixes for the V5 errors.
God Bless each of you,
Gwen :)

Mar 16 2003
- Fixed a special character syntax bug in the new page creator & page editor.
- The mailing list has been completed and added to the tabs navigator.
- Three versions of bulk email send options, email member view list, as well as test send to your own email account. I have configured the colours and server information as well.
- Added the daily scripture call from my website: which will display a new scripture everyday for the rest of the year.
- added an acknowledgements page, which of course you can edit marked as 'credits' in the tab navigator.
- I have activated the website to be live now, and it is up for public viewing, so you can edit it to your hearts content.
- The download section can now be edited and all the forms have been created with form field mouse-over help menu's. There is also the option to add new download items.

Mar 15 2003
- The new design template has been built. It is much more user & administrator friendly. There is no longer a limit to the number of pages that can be added, which was a concern of mine in the beginning.
The email integration has also been added for administrators.

Thanks to Gwen for letting me use her as a test subject for the web builder template manager. I hope you find this a userful tool.

Mar 14 2003
- The main body of the new website is finished. The new page builder has been completed and is functioning perfectly.
- The download zipfile manager is complete.

Mar 09 2003
Welcome, this is the start of †ChristianEthics† new home page.

Mar 07 2003
The †ChristianEthics V5 downloads are avaliable for download again.
* Special thanks to James for hosting †ChristianEthics† free web space!
The new home page should be up and ready by monday.

* Special thanks to gencore for hosting †ChristianEthics† free file space!
Both of you are amazing and a gift from God!
Thankyou both beyond words and God Bless you.

Mar 06 2003 by one angelfire is deleting my web pages for a vilolatoin of thier code of conduct, and I've not been able to figure out what exactly the problem is...maybe the bandwidth usage.? I'm just not sure

Anyway, due to this, I'm looking at relocating all the angelfire web pages to a new location, but its going to take a bit of time...Hopefully things will be up and working by monday or tuesday again.

Mar 05 2003
-ChristianEthics V5 released - mIRC 6.03 with vincula 4.7.1
Lots of new features including:
-ChristianEthics now self commands for biblefiles, links, and remote loading. This means you can type a scripture onto the mIRC screen, and ChristianEthics will now post it.
-Bibles links etc now respond to whisper requests.
-New !trivia !wisdom !song !facts
-Message Centre - Host messages, participant messages
-Participant Help Module
-Away/Back and Join-Leave Flood kicks
-New silent disconnect options.
-New Profanity kick/spec - hosts/owners exempt to eliminate the kicking of other host scripts that auto welcome names with profanity in them. Also now kicks for profanity/porn whispered to ChristianEthics.
-New Ads kick/spec - it now gives one warning prior to kicking
-Porn Detector/kicker added to the sleeper kick.
-Whisper Hosting option added.
-New Owner password kick (warning removed) safety feature to room take overs.
-More remote control options, and they now work in whisper.
-New 'Back-up files' that will notify participants that a feature is off if they try to use it while its turned off.
-After kick message
-New 'view files' feature
-Information on adding color to the msn on-join messages, or topic messages
-lots of new popup Information area's and help/trouble shooting area's
-Nick list additions include ping, version, time, whois etc...

-on join message is fixed.
-on join access is updated to work better, and give fewer error messages.
-auto host list fixed

Feb 13 2003
New NIV and NKJV files have been placed on the Addon page, these have been fixed by zah, so that they no longer quote any partial verses or brakets.

Jan 30 2003
-An updated !facts file with 65 new bible facts has been placed on the Addon page.
-The NKJV and NIV optional bible files have been updated, so that they no longer post any partial verses or brackets. They are avaliable on the Addon page, and are included in V4.
Thankyou to Zahakiel putting the facts together and updating the bible files, that was a big job! :-)

-A new !facts file has been added to the Addon page.
Thankyou to Zahakiel for these 65 new bible facts :-)

-New NIV and NKJV files have been placed on the Addon page, these have been fixed by zah, so that they no longer quote any partial verses or brakets.

Jan 29 2003
ChristianEthicsV3.1 released -mIRC 6.03 with vincula 4.7.1
-This new V3.1 fixes the errors that were in V3.
-If you are currently running a V3, you can use the 'ServicePack1' to quickly and easily upgrade your V3 to V3.1
-V3.1 also has few new options:
-De-op protection, emergency reload, and web window restart, along with several other small upgrades.
-k :-) hopefully this will be the last upgrade for a while (a long while) lolololol

Jan 28 2003
-We have noted a few (easily fixed) errors on the V3, and the fixes are all listed on the fix it page. Within the next day or so, I'll upload V3.1 with these errors addressed. (one should never say this will be the last new release for a while. LOL!!) :-) Other then the errors in the popup menu filing system V3 works very well.

Jan 26 2003
ChristianEthicsV3 released -mIRC 6.03 with vincula 4.7.1
-This will probably be the last release for a while(unless a new and amazing connection script comes out.) As I'm very pleased with the way its running.
-Version 3 has the web window and the fully updated bible files.
-It has been updated from mIRC 6.02 to mIRC 6.03 with Vincula 4.7.1. So that means it no longer uses the old patched ocx.
-It also really seems that this updated mIRC and Vincula are working very well together, and the lag and occassional freezups have about disappeared.
-In addition, the glitch that occassionaly prevented server connections from establishing has also been addressed.
-Version 3 also has some neat remote commands that would allow you to give your room hosts the ability to turn on or off some of the †ChristianEthics† features, such as biblebot options, welcome messages, biblefacts etc..

Jan 25 2003
ChristianEthics V2.1 released.
-V2.1 is petty much the same as V2, except V2.1 has the updated bible file that no longer posts the users name in front of the verse, and it also includes the book or Ruth. In addition, the other bible version files have been updated with the new files that include the correct spelling for galatians.
Jan 21 2003
ChristianEthics V2 released.
-Uses the vincula 4.7.1 connection script(which no longer uses the old patched ocx file.) Thankyou to eXonyte, you've done a wonderful job.
-V2 also contains a web window and updated bible files.
-Note, the web window runs off of the regular chat control.

Jan 20 2003

ChristianEthics V1.7 released
-A glitch was found in the Vincula4.7 connection script, and has been been fixed in the Vincula4.7.1.
†ChristianEthics† V1.7 now uses the new Vincula 4.7.1. If you don't mind using the old patched ocx,
†ChristianEthics† V1.4 using Vincula4.6 is still a good choice, it seems to work great. I'll leave it up as a downloading choice.

Jan 19 2003
ChristianEthics V1.5 released.
-Includes the updated biblefiles and the new Vincula4.7 which no longer uses the old patched ocx.
ChristianEthics V1.4 released.
-Includes significant improvements in the manner that chz-biblebot files post scripture on the screen, along with several other minor updates. Thankyou to Zah for figuring out how to fix the chz-biblebot files.

Jan 16 2003
ChristianEthics V1.3 released.
-It works the exact same as V1.2 with only slight wording revisions to some of the info area's.

Jan 14 2003
ChristianEthics V1.2 released. -Includes the newly released Vincula Neo 4.6 connection script.

Jan 10 2003

ChristianEthics V1 released.