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To: Christians Interested in Leading the world around them to a better quality of life in Jesus

Christian Leadership Training Institute is

Learning to Lead - Anywhere, Anytime - an excellent opportunity for you to take courses right from your own home, over the Internet with a staff that is here to serve you, answer your questions and make this a wonderful learning experience for you and it's FREE.

I have to tell you i just started yesterday and
am all ready blessed by the course, and also
challenged, and have had to search myself, it is great
thanks God Bless Mark

This program is designed to provide Christian Leadership Training for any Christian in any ministry.  This 'any ministry' can be something as simple as being a Christian Parent or ass complex as a Pastor of a future Church plant.  Maybe your interested in Adult or Youth ministries; then we have training for you.  Maybe you just want to be a Christian Friend or maybe you are considering "the Great Commission"/missions and how you can relate to it; well then we have training for you.  Maybe you want to be a better leader in the secular world or in the spiritual world (e.g. Sunday School teacher, Small Group Leader, etc.), there is training for you.

OK, maybe it might be of interest to me, but what does it cost me?  Well first it is going to cost you a commitment to improve your life, your Chrisstian relationships, your ministry, what ever it may be.  Second it's going to cost you, a vulnerability of looking at yourself by yourself and with others; along with being a member of a class, helping each other.

What are the benefits of attending these courses?  Well to start your relationship with God and those you relate to, will be improved.  Second your ministry will be improved.  OK, I guess I am interested, how do I proceed,  Well you start by looking over the information on this web site.

Our Mission

We are here to support Christians in working with the exciting area of communicating the Christian faith's practice in everyday life to the world through FREE, online, Christian Leadership training.  We provide quality education in a format (Internet) and location (your own home) and time (at your convenience) which allow students to choose educational options which further their life long learning goals in accordance with their mission and goals within God's plan for them.

As you will learn/or have learned, Jesus' world, like ours was in deep trouble.  He reached out, and provided a message of how the people of his day could clean up their act and live a life that would bring glory to their God.  Can we in our generation, do less.

We need to reach out to the community, both individually and corporately, to show them how the "Good News" of God's word and the "Joy" and "Peace" in our hearts can be theirs.  We need to reach out to Troubled Parents, Parents without Partners, Confused Singles, Lonely Seniors and Hurting Unemployed, etc..  We need to show them how their "Quality of Life" can be improved.

Our Goals

To provide students with high quality educational alternatives to the on-campus classroom setting.
To explore and implement ways of delivering education which are accessible (at home), affordable (FREE), and current.
To expand Quality Christian Leadership by offering alternatives to on-campus study that are positive and beneficial learning experiences.
To enable and support students to become life long learners.
CLTI will provide Bible based education enabling Christ-like integrity in life, thought and service.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions continue reading

  1. I want to be where the action is, How?
  2. I want to get out of my "box," away from daily routine boredom, How?
  3. I've gotten a lot of help.  Now it's my turn to repay, How?
  4. I feel called by God?
  5. I'll waste my time if I don't commit it to something, What?
  6. Christian Service is something I desire to do.

Why Should I?

It sounds like fun.

What they are doing is very important.

They really need and want me.

It's a chance to learn new skills.

It's a chance to learn things that would help me get ahead.

The visibility could help me on my job/life.

It could help me with my personal/spiritual life.

It's a critical need; I've got to do my part.

I'll have a chance to really influence what happens.

It would be a new world, an adventure.

It will fit in with the hours I have free to give.

I'd make new Christian friends.

Sample Benefits and Targets

Maybe you have never taken any classes beyond high school.  Or maybe you have a full time Job/ministry, or maybe there is no local college campus - Internet Learning is for you.  You will have direct contact with your instructor, through E-Mail; and you can work at your own pace.  There are many options to pursue upon graduating with a CLTI certificate.  It is a great tool to use to minister in (family, church, mission fields, etc.).  It is also very practical as a tent-making position in ministry.  But it is not limited to leadership work or as a ministry training tool; the training you receive in improving the Quality of Your Life is very valuable.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world could:

...get World Class Christian Living guidance for Christians
...get God's word interpreted with a Practical flavor to non-Christians

This Training Program connects people to Christ and each other for world class Christian living.  We provide training that can be taken as a complete 4 year program leading to a certification as a ordained minister;  or a 2 year program in ministry leadership including Christian Parenting, group leadership, board membership and other leadership positions. Or you can use this site as a reference/continuing education tool.  You can take only what you need, from dealing with addictive life styles to church finances.  Could we ask you to provide your time to be trained to assist in this mission.  If you feel that there is such a need for World Class Christian Living Support and you would like to receive training on it, please continue by selecting  Christian Leadership training or continue reading below.

Let's Get God's Word and Way of Living out to the Community.

We believe that:

Each person is uniquely created and gifted.
The wise use of our God-given gifts and talents is our responsibility.
Interdependent relationships are the way we use these gifts.

God needs you to see how special you are:

(Psalm 139: 13-14)
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

God expects you to acknowledge His right to be Lord of your gifts and talents by presenting your life to Him.

(Romans 12:1-2)
"I urge you... in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies (gifts and talents) as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-which is your spiritual worship.  Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will."

In Matthew 25:21-30 God expects you to accept responsibility for wisely using the gifts and talents entrusted to your care.

In Genesis 2:2a God expects you to invest your  life in purposeful activity.

In 1 Corinthians 15:58 God expects you to use your abilities to meet His agenda on earth.

In Matthew 6:33 God expects you to put mission at the center of your life.

In 1 Corinthians 12:21 God expects you to acknowledge your need for others in discovering and doing work.

Internet Courses

What are Internet courses?

Internet courses are courses offered over the Internet .  Course notes are made available over the web and include text notes, and many other aids to enhance learning.  You will get a real understanding of the issues presented and will feel a lot more knowledgeable about leadership/Christian Quality of Life.  Please note that you only need basic computer/internet skills to follow these courses.

How are Internet courses run?

There are two formats by which students can take courses via the Internet

A "Virtual Class:"

in which several students participate in the same class.  The student participates in a "class" where they interact with the Trainer and other students.  The class is run over the semester schedule beginning in January, April and September.  After registering for the class the student is contacted by the instructor with the class starting date and receives further information.

An "Independent Class"

in which the student works on their own and at their own pace but with interaction with a trainer.  Students may register for these classes at any time.  Once registered the student will be contacted by email with further information.

Discussion Forum

All (Virtual class/Independent Class) students will become a part of an Internet discussion forum where Homework topics and topics of interest are discussed.  You get to know the other students taking the same courses as you and are able to discuss course assignments, Practical ministry assignments, and current issues with your peers.  It is an exciting means of becoming a class without the limits of classroom walls and times.

Independent Studies

in which the student works on their own and at their own pace.   Students need not register, interact with other students/trainers.  No certification is offered for these courses.

Archive Services - 

As you engage in ministry you may access the CLTI archives via the Internet; by clicking on Archive.  Maybe you might need some help on preparing a sermon/Bible study, we are here for you.  We also offer a search option.

Exams - 

Do you have trouble taking exams-no problem.  We use a programmed instruction method where the question and answers are part of the normal progress through the course.  There are no separate exams.  If you have registered for a certificate program you will be expected to complete the programmed instruction questions with answers.  If you do so with a honest effort, you will receive your certificate.  If you have not registered for a certificate program, you need not complete the questions and answers; but may do so if you desire trainer feedback.  If feedback is required, you must include your email address in the programmed instruction responses (answers).

Our instructors will provide feedback and return the graded answers promptly (if a email address is received).  When you have completed all the course requirements (answer all the questions) with at least a "C" grade (based on quality of answers) you will receive a final grade and a certificate will be mailed to certificate registered programs, and it will be placed on your transcript.


Official transcripts are available upon request. The fee for the first transcript is $5, with a $2 charge for each additional one ordered at the same time.  These requests for transcripts should be made through a written request with a check enclosed.

What is the cost of Internet courses?

Tuition for courses via the Internet is Free.  The only cost to you would be any online access charges you would sustain outside CLTI's control.

Internet Courses

The text on the Internet is easy to read, understand and fun to work with.  We promise that using the Internet for your learning will be fun and easy requiring only beginner level computer/language/educational level skills to start!  Check out our demo lesson (1st lesson) to see how it works; by clicking Introduction.

Have you found the world out there, difficult to fulfill your day-to-
day Christian commitment.  Maybe you are a parent dealing with the
stress of raising a family, well we have FREE online support for
you.  Or maybe you are a Church elder looking for training in leading
a small group, well we have free training for you.  Or maybe you are
a pastor looking for a fresh approach to counseling, we have a free
online, at your own schedule training for you.  Or maybe you are a
Christian Manager of a secular business, we have Free Christian
Management training for you.

You can register for a complete course series, or you can just pop in
at your convenience and take a lesson on Bible Study today, and a
lesson on teamwork tomorrow.  You want teacher interaction, well you
can answer questions and submit them to a "trainer"/teacher for
comments.  Like Class interaction, well you can do homework online
within a discussion group and compare/share your answers with others.
You can do this all FREE and at your convenience, online.  Or maybe you
would like to read it offline, copy/print it.  If you have FrontPage
software, you can import it down to your computer and do the courses
offline (no "trainer" responses). 

Or maybe you would just like to do some research on a Christian
subject, you can use our search function and scan for material on the
area you need. 

Maybe you would like to receive training material through the email,
we have a "egroup" for that. 

Or maybe you are a missionary/pastor wanting to train church
membership on leadership we have that provision.

Looking for success in fulfilling your "Great Commission"
responsibilities, we have a volunteer program where you can be
trained, and participate on your own time through various ways (e.g.
FrontPage webmaster, trainer, course tester, etc.) reaching out to
the English speaking world.  And if you are Bilingual and can
translate our course material to other languages, we will set you up
in a ministry that reaches out to that language speaking Christian
world to help and support them in reaching out.

How do I get started?

We suggest you start by visiting our Question and Answer page by clicking on FAQ.  

Or Continue reading below.

Programs of Study

For further information click on "Leadership" or the leadership Button below.  
Or if you are looking for some help on Coaching & Mentoring click on "Coaching" or the Coaching Button below.
Looking for a Bible study, click on Theology.
Maybe there is a interest in in Christian Management, click on Management.
Could you use help with small-groups click on small-groups.
Maybe Internet-Email Ministry is something you are looking at.

Certificate of Quality of Life 

This certificate provides an overview of biblical and theological perspectives geared to students seeking growth in life and ministry.

Certificate of Leadership and Ministry 

This program gives students a broad exposure to our curriculum with a strong emphasis on Adult Leadership.  During the course of study students will have opportunity to apply what they have learned in a practical ministry setting.

Certificate of Church Leadership

This program gives the student a solid, strong emphasis in Biblical studies, ministry experience and general church leadership.  This is an excellent program for the student who wants to pursue both personal and professional ministry goals.


Ready to look at some more information on our course material: Christian Leadership Training 

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