Info on Praying and Prayers

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Prayer is communicating to God, what you think, feel and want. You can prayer whenever and wherever and don't need a special occassion to pray. God wants you to pray all the time, to seek his will and trust in Him. Jesus prayed too (John 17).

Our prayers can include the following:
Adoration--praising, thanking, honouring, worshipping God.
Confession--confessing your sins to God, the Holy Spirit can help you to reveal unconfessed sins.
Thanksgiving--thanking God for the good and bad that has happened, we are thankful for God who gives us strength and hope when trouble comes our way.
Supplication--praying for yourself and others regarding their needs and wants.

There are some reasons why prayers don't get answers:
1. You're praying with the wrong intentions
2. God has something better for you
3. It's not time yet for the prayer to be answered
4. Unconfessed sin in your life
5. It's not God's will

Things you can pray for: church events, friends, family, safety of people, doing well on exams, guidance, strength, blessings and anything else you can think of.
Be specific when you pray because you'll be more effective that way. An example is, "Heavenly Father, I pray that my friend will get at least 70% in his/her English class."

Prayers do get answered but it's all about God's timing and on God's terms. And that's the reassurance one may need because everything will turn out for the best as we have a God who loves us very much and knows our needs.



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