Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday! It's a season that lasts for a whole month! I love Christmas because we celebrate Jesus's birthday, the decorations go up, the Christmas tree, Christmas Movies, Carols, parties and teas, special events, dressing all festive and pretty, making or buying presents for people, getting presents, being together with my family and friends having Christmas, Christmas projects, AND the joyful, Christmas Tingle (the joy of Christmas).

I love this Holiday for many reasons as you can see.

I also love it when it snows at Christmas time. That rarely happens a lot now though, because we live in a valley. People who live in the mountians are the ones who get snow at Christmas. But it does snow sometimes, and I'm hoping it will this year.

At Christmas time, I guess you could call me a Christmas girl. I really get into Christmas everywhere I go. Just about every day I dress all Christmassy.

Why don't you have a egg nog latte while you're visiting.

I'll be working on this page all through Christmas so keep checking back for more Christmas joy to spread!!!

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!!!


Don't be shy, send me a letter! I'd love to hear from you! especially at Christmas!

Here's a Christmas link to one of my pages of things that I'm a fan of.

Merry Christmas Mr. Grinch!


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