d.o20/m.o8/y.o2 - Two new faq's.
Hmmm, well we got two faq's up now thanks to wolfspider64, he has done TONS of work for us. I'm still thinking of an award for the quiz PLEASE if you have ANY ideas that are reasonable for an award, just e-mail them to one of us, or please leave a message on the forum. Thank ya. - Mod Asy

d.o16/m.o8/y.o2 - Getting lots done.
Well at this point we have gotten lots done on the site, I just have to finish off a few more pages, and the quiz and we will probably go public and start advertising and posting our URL and addin to search engines. We will continue to update and finish of some of our sections while getting more ppl to the site. ps dont forget to tell your friends about us :D - Mod Asy

A Cool little ScreenShot that I got of Magus and Alfador together once again ;)

d.o7/m.o8/y.o2 - The Begining
This site was created today. - Mod Asy