august 26, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


sons of freedom                       the criminal                              sons of freedom

janes addiction                         strays                                       strays

dears                                       lost in the plot                          no cities left

singapore sling                         road kill                                   the curse of singapore sling

raveonettes                              that great love sound                chain gang of love

woolies                                    who do you love                      nuggets box set

flashlight brown                        ready to roll                             my degeneration

alexisonfire                               44 calibre love letter

wire                                         nice streets above                    send

constantines                             young lions                               shine a light

frank black & the catholics       everything is new                      show your tears

guided by voices                      my kind of soldier                    show me your tears

detroit cobras                          he did it                                   life love and leaving

patti smith                                gloria                                       land

motorhead                               ace of spades                           no sleep til hammersmith

billy talent                                this is how it goes                     billy talent

mars volta                                inertiatic esp                             deloused in the comatorium

paw                                         dragline                                    jessie

black rebel motorcycle club      stop                                         take them on

fountains of wayne                   little red light                            welcome interstate managers

minatures                                 haunted heart                           a mood of  a room

scott b sympathy                      it won't change                         neil yonge street

hawkwind                                silver machine                          road hawks

nina hagen                                new york new york                  fearless

clash                                        radio clash                               radio clash e.p.

deadly snakes                          oh my bride                             ode to joy

jersey                                      generation genocide                 generation genocide

matt mays                                downtown                               matt mays

snitches                                    pinkie standing                         star witness

rancid                                      red hot moon                           indestructible

kills                                          fried my little brains                  fried my little brains

superchunk                              the majestic                              cup of sand

datsuns                                    fink for the man                        datsuns

star spangles                            the party                                  bazooka!

television                                  friction                                     the blow up!

hawksley workman                  anger as beauty                        lover/fighter

*westminister park                   still your man

propeller heads                        velvet pants                              decks and drums and r&r

hot hot heat                              talk to me, dance with me         make up the breakdown

dears                                       don't lose the faith                    no cities left